Trip Facts
durationTrip Duration 18 Days
regionRegion Kanchenjunga Treks
countryCountry Nepal
groupsizeGroup Size Minimum 2 Person
arrivalArrival On Kathmandu
departureDeparture From Kathmandu
seasonBest Season Spring And Autumn
altitudeMax Altitude 5143M
difficult-icon Difficult Trekking is both moderate and difficult. Altitude you reach is around 4000-5500 meters. Hike about 6 hours per day and requires to be physically fit and acclimatization is required.

Trip Grade

Nepal Trekking Activities
Nepal Trekking
Price per person:  USD $ 2510
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Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Overview

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp trek is a multiple days trekking that extends from Taplejung to Pangpema, a North Kanchenjunga Base Camp. Tracing the waterfalls, streams, ethnic Kirati culture, and sweeping mountain vistas, the trek introduces trekkers to the untrodden Himalayan nature.

This journey to the north face of Kanchenjunga Base Camp is here to make you joyful and content. The trek awaits you in the form of the intact nature and culture filled with wilderness and adventure.

The top point enthralls you with the beauty of unimpeded views. Rustic trails with wood and bamboo bedded bridges over multiple streams and some metal suspension bridges take you up providing a beautiful experience on the base camp of the world’s third-highest Kanchenjunga mountain.

The hike along the off-the-beaten-path trail evinces amazing views leading past small streams and over suspension bridges toward Kanchenjunga North Base Camp.

There is no reason whatsoever to resist the mesmerizing Himalayan beauty divulged during this teahouse Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek. The surreal and inspiring beauty of KBC is absolutely rewarding.

Bordering the Sikkim India, Kanchenjunga lies in the eastern wedge of Nepal. The region is named after Mt.Kanchenjunga(8586m). The mountain was deemed the world’s highest mountain till the year 1852.

Rich biodiversity and the residence of several endangered species on the trekking trail of Kanchenjunga North Base Camp make the trek worthwhile.

Further, the Kanchenjunga region is affluent in the water resources resulting in the place favorable for cardamom farmland. During this trek, you will notice this with your eyes. The trek swivels through the settlements of Chiruwa, Sekathum, Gyabla, Gunsa, Kambachen, and Lhonak 4780m and eventually to Pangpema. The moment you reach the Pangpema, the north Kanchenjunga Base Camp, a beatific smile flourishes your face with charm.

In addition, this adventurous trek also lets you experience cultural fragrance. The region is home to the Kirati Rai and Limbu. The trek to the Kanchenjunga region lets you best explore the delicate lifestyle of these eastern Nepal people.

These ethnic people project different perspectives of life while letting you sense the pleasing vibe. Despite going through several struggles, the people here are living a happy life. Modernization is yet to meet this region, but the trek here makes you feel like modernization is not the only way of life. By interacting with these kindhearted souls you will realize this Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek an enticing one.

In the past few years, only the camping trek was possible in this region. However, today the region though has not seen commercialization, it has curated itself for the teahouse trek. And one can call it the best multi days hiking in Nepal.

If you are faded with the crowded Nepal trekking routes of Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek, a trip on the less populated  Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trekking Trail will be your best decision.

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Permits

Like Everest Base Camp Trek and other restricted area treks, the trek to the north Kanchenjunga Base Camp does not need you to acquire a TIMS card. The required permits for the Kanchenjunga North Base Camp trek are:

  • Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Entry Permit
  • Restricted Area Permit

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Cost

The trek cost for Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek is $2510 which is the same as that of the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek. Once you book this trip to Kanchenjunga North Base Camp with Mission Himalaya, you will notice the cost really genuine. Through our service and hospitality, you will feel more connected with the Himalayan locals and the country in wholesome.

The people who are keen to adventure can also indulge in Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek which involves more cost and time than those separate treks to Kanchenjunga South and Kanchenjunga North Base Camp. The Kanchenjunga Circuit trek includes the trek to both the north and south Kanchenjunga Base Camps.

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Food and Accommodation

Get ready to adjust yourself with a simple Dal and Bhat to enjoy this trek to the fullest. Apart from Dal Bhat, there are other varieties as well for your which are much basic made out of local goods.

In case of accommodation, you will get comfort in Gyabla, Gunsa, and Kambacken at a sheer level compared to other stop points.

What you shouldn’t miss during North KBC Trek?

If possible grant some time for Pathivara Devi Temple’s visit

People from Nepal, as well as the bordering nation India, have a great belief in the power of Pathivara Devi. They have a huge trust in being their wish getting fulfilled after paying homage to the Pathivari Mata. For this reason, while visiting this temple you will see the folks of devotees in this temple ambiance.

Standing proudly at the soaring height of 3795m on the hill of Taplejung, the temple is uttered by Limbu as Mukkumlung or Mundhum. To give you an adventurous vibe, the view of several mountains namely, Mt.Everest, Lhotse, Kumbhakarana, Kanchenjunga, and other multiple ones tenders their best. Further, to give you the astonishing appearance, the distant views of the settlements of Panchthar, Illam, and various parts of India including Sikkim caters the most.

Hike to Base Camp of Mt.Kumbhakarna

Locally called Phoktanglungma by the Limbu peoples, Mount Kumbhakarna though is the official name of this world’s 30th second highest mountain, the mountain is popularly known by others as Mt. Jannu. Situated at the border between Nepal and India, the mountain entirely lies within Nepal’s territory. Further, the mountain holds significant religious value to the locals of the Kanchenjunga region.

Escalating the summit point of the mountain is absolutely a demanding task due to its technical difficulty. However, to savor the adventure and allure of the mountain, a hike to Mt Kumbhakarna Base Camp from Kambachen is a great decision one can opt for during the Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek.

Try Kirati Rai and Limbu Cultural Drink-Tongba

If you are a beverage lover then this trek to the North Kanchenjunga Base Camp provides you with the additional benefit of savoring the cherished locally made Tongba. Tongba is an alcoholic beverage prepared out of millet. Traversing the settlements of Limbu in the eastern Kanchenjunga region, you can see how locals prepare and serve this gem. In Tongba, the amount of alcohol is very low. So, if you are not an alcoholic person then also you can take a sip of this drink just for the taste.

In festive months try to indulge in the celebration of Limbu’s Festival

If you happen to be in the Kanchenjunga region during Ubhauli and Udhauli Festival Try your best to indulge in the Celebration.

The festival of Ubhauli-Udhauli is mainly celebrated by the Kirati Rai and Limbu of the eastern region of Nepal. Where the Limbu people hail Ubhauli-Udhauli as Chasok Tangnam, it is uttered by Rai as Sakewa or Sakela.

Ubhauli is celebrated during the full moon day of Baishak month whereas the day of Udhauli for celebration falls on the full moon day of Mangsir. The locals celebrate Ubhauli wishing for the good cultivation of the crops and keeping them safe from natural disasters. Their purpose for celebrating Udhauli is mainly to offer their thanks to nature for letting them have a good harvest of the crops.

Their flabbergasting traditional attire and Sakela dance which they perform on this festive occasion make your trip to Kanchenjunga North Base Camp rewarding.

If you are an avid adventurer with a strong liking for cultural exploration then the festive time of Ubhauli and Udhauli are the best time for Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek.

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Walking Hours: 30 Minutes Drive

Meals Included: Welcome Dinner

Accommodation: 3 Star Standard Hotel

Max. Altitude: 1350m

Fly to the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, the solely completely constructed International airport in Nepal. Once you land at the airport a member from Mission Himalaya Treks and Expedition greets you with a warm heart before towing you to your concocted destination.

This day does not include any planned activities. So, if you arrive in Nepal early, instead of fighting boredom alone in a hotel room, opt to saunter around the lavish streets of Thamel and nearby Durbarmarg. The lights and music of these places are enough to compensate for your tiredness and jet lag.

In the evening, catch up on the meeting with the official members and your fellow travelers. Afterward, relish the luscious welcome dinner before going to your bed.

Accommodation: Three Star Category Hotel

Devour the breakfast and set off from your hotel room at around 10 am to arrange the special permits which are mandatory for the trek to the restricted region of the North Kanchenjunga Base Camp. As you complete the permit formalities, do the shopping for the trekking equipment and gears that are yet to be shopped. Expect our full help during the shopping and permit work.

Soon after the completion of the permit works and shopping, we will take you for a sightseeing tour inside Kathmandu valley. Due to the limited time, we cannot afford the whole city’s exploration.

The name of the sites that you will probe on this day is Swayambhunath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and Pashupatinath Temple. We try to take you to the Pashupatinath temple in the evening to show you a glimpse of some Hindu cultures. Showcasing the Hindu Crementation ceremony on the one bank, enjoy the daily held aarti ceremony on the opposite bank of the Pashupatinath temple. This scenery promises to give you a sense of spiritual peace and satisfaction.

Enjoy the dinner and have a sound sleep before embarking on a challenging journey to the eastern corner of Nepal.

Max. Altitude: 1820m

Adoring the bird’s eye view of Kathmandu valley and several Nepalese mountains transfer to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu. Normally the flight time is scheduled for the early morning. So expect to reach Bhadrapur before lunchtime. On this very day, drive to the Taplejung for a night stay. Having the GPS location 27 21 19N 87 40 13E, Taplejung is the gateway to the Kanchenjunga Region treks.

Max. Altitude: 1270m

Today morning you will find yourself in the Pungling Bazaar of Taplejung. It is the place from where each trekker set off their foot on the trekking trails of the Kanchenjunga region. Immediately after the devour of morning breakfast, you too will head to Chiruwa.

Crossing multiple swinging as well as bamboo bedded bridges, you are compelled to walk along several streams.

On this first official trek day, what enthralls you on the trail is the uniquely beautiful cultivation land of millet, corn, and rice.

Max. Altitude: 1585m

A trek along the bank of the Timur River hauls you through the ethnic Rai and Limbu inhabited village. At first trek down for around 3 hours until Mitlung. Thereafter, continue the walk to Taplethok. Here at Taplethok, you might have to show your permits at the check post located there. Proceeding the trek via other settlements of Temewa, Hellok, and Ranipul you will stop for this day at Sekathum. Sekathum is around half an hour of walking distance from Ranipul.

If you are not known before, you will now know that cardamom is the jewel for the people of the eastern region of Nepal. Being abundantly rich in water resources, the land here caters best to the growth of Cardomoms which can clearly be experienced during the trek. In every 15minutes of the walk, the cultivating land of Cardamon comes to your sight. The sight of the orange and guava farms is also a sight to be appreciated here. Besides, the people here are engaged in the rearing of domestic animals too.

Max. Altitude: 2730m

Follow the trail leading to the Gunsa River, trek via the Gunsa River. Scrutinizing the Limbu and Rai culture in the village of Amjilosa enjoy the rejuvenating tread amidst the woods of Rhododendrons and Pines. The yak pastureland also creates appealing scenery during the trek. Furthermore, the overwhelming hospitality and winsome manner of every local give you an amazing experience.

Max. Altitude: 3427m

Trekking today is a bit easier and just around 4 hours so you can call it half-day trekking. On the trails, we will pass an enchanting settlement of Tibetans in Phale Village. Phale lies between the middle of Gunsa and Gyabla so trekkers take lunch there. After the Phale, the route is very easy and gradual till Gunsa with pine forest alpine.

Max. Altitude: 4050m

Trekking along the forested trail of Rhododendron, Pine and Juniper forest, you will cross multiple bridges including the bridge at Rampuk Kharka. Like the previous day, the encounter of bountiful waterfalls tremendously brings a beatific smile to your tired face. To add charm to your face, the view of Mt. Jannu on arrival to Kambachen aids you a lot.

Max. Altitude: 4400m

While arriving at Kambachen, since the trek start day, your body has gained good altitude gain. Thus, acclimatization of one day works best to adjust your body to the changing climate and environment. On this day preempt for the Kumbhakarna Base Camp to have an astounding view of Mt. Jannu.

Max. Altitude: 4780m

Be ready for the strenuous jaunt via the large boulders to Lhonak from Kambachen. To overcome the stress of being on the challenging trek route, the views of enthralling waterfalls on the way caters to their best. Between the trek route from Kambachen to Lhonak, you will cross a bridge before reaching Ramtang. From Ramtang, it does not take a long time to reach Lhonak.

Max. Altitude: 5143m

This is the main day of this entire trek. After the morning breakfast, preempt to the Pangpema. Pangpema is the maximum point of the North Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek. Only the Kanchenjunga climber exceed this altitude.

The trek from Lhonak to Pangpema is on a flat surface, but due to the altitude gain, the trek might be daunting. So walk properly maintaining the pace. Upon reaching Pangpema, enjoy the palatial views of Mt. Kanchenjunga’s north visage.

Max. Altitude: 3427m

The views of Mt. Jannu cherish your mood from the very beginning of this day. This day the view of the waterfall might not come to your site but you have to cross several streams on the way. It takes around 3hours to descend to Kambachen from Lhonak. Sometimes descend and sometimes on the flat trail, the jaunt to Gunsa from Kambachen completes within approximately 4 hours.

Max. Altitude: 2730m

Commence the day with the essence of the burned juniper leaves which comes from the praying rooms of most of the locals of Gunsa. You will descend most of the time but, be ready to ascend for some time before reaching Gyabla.

Max. Altitude: 2380m

Wake up with the zephyr of the Himalayas and savour the succulent breakfast. Thereafter, pack your bags and descend via the forest of bamboo until you reach Amjilossa. Continue the trek for some more hours. Now the trail leads you towards the Gunsa river from where you will be witnessing the black cardamom farmland until you reach Sekathum. From Sekathum, Ranipul is just around 20minutes of walk away. Sleep overnight at Ranipul.

Max. Altitude: 2428m

It’s time to say goodbye to the trekking trails of the Kanchenjunga region. The route today tender a drive to Suketar from Ranipul. So, instead of spending extra time on the trekking route, relishing the succulent breakfast, join a drive to Ranipul from Suketar.

Note: Normally the driving to Ranipul from Suketar and vice versa is off-road and operates regularly. However, during the rainfall or other similar conditions, there might arise difficulty in finding the rides.

Max. Altitude: 2428m

The day is subsumed for the condition where you may need to spend an extra full day due to the flight cancellation, health issues or other similar purposes.

Walking Hours: Around 40 Minutes Flight And Hotel Return

Max. Altitude: 1350m

Yow will leave the beautiful and rustic Gurung and Limbu Village back and head to Kathmandu from Suketar via flight.

Note: As the flight from Kathmandu to Suketar does not operate regularly. If such a condition applies during your trek, don’t worry you have the option to drive to Bhadrapur or Biratnagar from Suketar.

Walking Hours: 30 Minutes Drive To Airport

With your revitalized mind, and memory full mobile space you will return to your homeland today. Our member will escort you to the airport as per your scheduled flight.

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Cost

  • Kathmandu Airport to Thamel And Thamel To Airport transportation Services
  • A Complimentary welcome dinner with hard Drinks in Typical Nepali Restaurant With Cultural Dance Show
  • 3 Nights City Centre 3 star Satandard Hotel in Kathmandu with Complimentary Breakfast
  • All Required Treks permits and Kanchenjunga Special Zone Permits.
  • Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project permits.
  • Tea house accommodation during the Trekking in twin basis
  • 3 special Meals During the period of Trekking(BLD) with Hot drinks
  • Free Duffel bag for trek and Mission Himalaya Treks T-shirt
  • Sleeping Bag and Down jacket for Trek (Please return after Complete Trek)
  • A English speaking trek leader registered by Nepal governments and first Aid Trained.
  • Trekking Porters during your trekking in sharing Basis(2 person 1 porter)
  • All members (guide And Porters) Salary food accommodation, transportation and Insurances.
  • Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and Return Flight tickets with guide (airport tax included)
  • First AID Kit Medications with your guide.
  • Bhadrapur to Taplejung/Sekathum and Yamphudin/Taplejung to Birtamod/Bhadrapur by Private jeep or bus
  • Rescue Mediater if Necessary( please bring high altitude covering insurance must cover evacuating and medications)
  • Govcernment Tax(VAT) and Office Service Charges
  • Other private transportation for Domestic flight
  • |Trekking Completed Certificate signed by your guide and Mission Himalaya Trekscompany Owner
  • International Flight fare from your country to Nepal and Return
  • Nepal Visa Cost (US$50 For 30 days)
  • Lunch And Dinner in kathmandu (even you return early fro Trekking)
  • All Drinks(Extra Tea coffee, Coke Beer, Water Beverages, All Soft and hard drinks)
  • Emergency Evacuation cost(Insurance cost)
  • Tips for Guides And Porters (If You take)
  • Meals in trek rather than breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • The other costs Not mentioned Above

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Map

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Map

Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek Reviews

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Trip Facts
durationTrip Duration 18 Days
regionRegion Kanchenjunga Treks
countryCountry Nepal
groupsizeGroup Size Minimum 2 Person
arrivalArrival On Kathmandu
departureDeparture From Kathmandu
seasonBest Season Spring And Autumn
altitudeMax Altitude 5143M
difficult-icon Difficult Trekking is both moderate and difficult. Altitude you reach is around 4000-5500 meters. Hike about 6 hours per day and requires to be physically fit and acclimatization is required.

Trip Grade

Nepal Trekking Activities
Nepal Trekking
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