Village Trekking in Nepal

Intended to endure the Nepalese village residents’ lifestyle, culture, and tradition in its purest form? A trip to one of the most charming villages in Nepal essentially allows you to see how people enjoy village life. Village Trek in Nepal is a fresh and intriguing trip alternative that is increasingly gaining popularity day by day.

Village Trekking in Nepal lets travelers be enthusiastic to explore the scenic hamlet tour and local cultural experience in a single trip. Visitors will undergo cozy lodging, delectable regional cuisine, and pleasantness whilst staying with a local family.

Himalayan country, Nepal is not only meant for going trekking around the high altitude. The backpacker should also taste the other fantastic trekking option i.e. Popular Village Trekking in Nepal. Many trekkers are unknown about where is Nepali village located.

Nepal is full of natural wonders and travelers will get to see all of the wonders while going on popular village treks in Nepal. Also, the ideal place to enjoy old culture, festivals, lifestyles, natural beauty, and a breathtaking view of the Himalayan range.

It is also the finest place to indulge in trekking, rafting, jungle safaris, peak climbing, and expeditions. Hence, dig more to know about the village name of Nepal.

Here are the Popular Village trek for 2023-

Village Trek to Langtang Valley and Gosainkunda- Valley of Glacier

Langtang Valley and Gosainkunda are beautiful and the nearest village trek from Kathmandu. The Langtang Valley is also well known as the Valley of Glacier. This trek leads the visitors through the off-beaten path of Langtang village Nepal.

Langtang Village trekking in Nepal
Langtang Village trekking in Nepal

The naturally beautiful village of Langtang and Gosainkunda offers a spellbinding view of the Himalayan panorama such as Langtang Peak, Langsisa, Ganjala Peak, and other small peaks.

The culturally rich Langtang Valley is the settlement of the Tamang community. Gosain Kunda village tour showcases the native Tamang people’s distinctive livelihood, their traditional cuisine, and their special village hillside lifestyle. It is a picturesque trail and the perfect trek for photography-loving hikers.

Kathmandu Valley hiking

One of the top places to hike in Nepal is the Kathmandu Valley. Because the Kathmandu valley has a lot of hilly sides which are suitable for hiking and trekking. Moreover, Kathmandu has countless spots where you can learn about Nepal’s history.

This city proudly displays seven world heritage sites that have been designated by UNESCO. They are Pashupatinath temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Buddhist stupa Swoyambhunath and Boudhanath, Changunarayan, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

In addition, for scenic and landscape-loving day hikers, the Kathmandu Valley offers several breathtaking excursions. Explorers can head to the Shivapuri hiking, Champadevi Hiking, Chandragiri hiking, Kakani hiking, Changunarayan Nagarkot day hiking, and Amitabha Monastery hiking.

Kathmandu Valley hikers can explore many customs, cuisines, and cultural practices of the various communities. Such as the traditional Newari culture and cuisine, Thakali cuisine, Sherpa cuisine, authentic Nepali khana, the typical dance, and many more.

Stroll from Sherpa Village to Everest Base Camp

One of the most popular and desired travel destinations is trekking to Everest Base Camp. The most delightful activity you can do in this Everest region is to stroll through the Nepalese village of the Sherpa community and engage in the local culture, heritage, cuisines, and way of life while admiring Mount Everest.

The entrance to the Sherpa village-based route to the Everest Base Camp is Namche Bazar. Trekkers will receive their first glimpse of the Everest panorama when they arrive at Namche. Before reaching the summit of EBC you can go to villages treks in Nepal like Khumjung, Thame, and another hamlet to avoid acclimatization problems. Also, if you want a peaceful trip to the Sherpa communities then the Kanchenjunga base camp trek could also be another option.

Trekking to Sailung Village

Trekking to Silung village of Nepal is one of the ideal locations for peace and nature-loving travelers. Visitors will be impressed with the tranquil nature of the serene hill, rhododendron woodlands, and spectacular and everlasting peacefulness.

Also, you can get to interact with Himalayan tribes and their living and cultivation styles. The rumbling yak herds, coffee farms, and terrace farms are seen while strolling through the trail. Trekking uphill to the higher elevation, you can see the ancient monasteries perched on the edge of hills and the alluring view of the sun from dawn to dark.

Ganesh Himal Village Trek

The Eastern side of Nepal is the perfect area to savor the taste of the village life of a Nepalese village. The vogue of the Ganesh Himal village trek will be blissful as the beautiful rhododendron groves color the entire village.

The bright white glimpse of the Ganesh peaks and panorama can be witnessed. The camping amenities and porters are good though the area’s infamy.

Ganesh Himal villagers, who lead simple lives, are welcoming, and ready to interact with you and assist you on your voyage. You will get to explore the residents’ distinctive language and culture as you trek to this new Nepali village. The majority of the locals live between the lush farmlands and are Tamang and Gurung.

Village tour around the Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna circuit treks Nepal

Annapurna Circuit Trek is another famous trekking destination in Nepal. Yearly more than a thousand backpackers visit Nepal to conquer the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. As well as village trek around the Annapurna region is grasping the lead over other popular village treks in Nepal.

The Annapurna region welcomes visitors with satisfying and eye-catching vistas. Excellent service of the teahouses, a stroll to ancient beautiful monasteries, and prayer flags that are flapping in the air make the village trek more exciting.

A stone bearing fossilized footprints which are known as Shaligram is found on the riverbank of this region. Devotees believe that Lord Vishnu existed naturally in the Saligram The presence of Shaligram in this region also makes it an important place of Hindu habitation and religious pilgrimage.

Ghorepani Poonhill Village Trek

Trekking enthusiasts will delight in the local culture while strolling through the stunning village areas of Ghorepani Poonhill hamlet. Magar and Gurung communities are settled in this beautiful village of Nepal. Also, it is known as the home of the brave Gurkhas.

Inhabitants of the area tend to preserve the age-old customs and traditions. So, the culture, customs, and traditions of this ethnic group are popularized among the backpackers.

Village trekking in Nepal around Ghorepani Poonhill trek is one of the exotic spots to witness the scenic natural beauty, and mountain vistas, and get to learn about the local lifestyle, food, and culture. Mainly, trekkers choose the village trekking to Ghorepani Poonhill to witness a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Early in the morning, the Poonhill viewpoint offers gorgeous views of the sunrays mirrored in the Himalayan range. Everyone’s eyes will be riveted by the majestic scene of the golden mountains. For sure, it will stay in their memories for a lifetime.

Gokyo Lakes Trekking

The Gokyo Ri trek and Cho La Pass are two of the most well-known tourist attractions on the route to the Sagarmatha campsite. Nowadays, most people visit this region to explore the beautiful village and the holy lake Gokyo. Both Hindus and Buddhists revere the Gokyo Lake as a sacred site.

Climbing is frequently incorporated into Gokyo excursions. Even though the path to the Gokyo Lakes is less used, however, it offers the trekker firsthand insight into local village life, stunning vistas of snow-covered mountains, ice rivers, and glacier debris, as well as the sparkling blue waters of the lakes.

Manaslu Village Trek in Nepal

Manaslu Village Trekking is a fantastic idea to explore the isolated area of Nepal. This scenic village trekking route is infrequently traveled because this trekking destination is considered one of the most challenging treks in Nepal.

However, a beautiful blend of environmental richness, enormous glaciers, and cultural legacy that enhances the valleys can be found on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The circuit trek to Manaslu never fails to attract national and international tourists.

The Manaslu circuit village walk is recognized as a wonderful choice for a spectacular lifetime by the prayer spinners, flags, and traditional practices. Trekking in Manaslu Village is ideal for those who are interested in an authentic village setting.

Pikey Peak Village Trekking in Nepal

Pikey peak village trek
Pikey peak village trek

Pikey Peak village trekking will be the best opportunity for exploration of Nepal’s people, history, and culture. In the lower Everest region known as Solu Khumbu, the Pikey Peak trek follows a charming path.

Village trekking to Pikey Peak is all time incredible but the greatest time to explore the village around Pikey Peak is in August month. At this time the climate remains stable and clear. So that the visitor can get to see the spectacular view of dusk and dawn with amazing scenery. The Sherpa’s purification ceremony is carried out in the sacred lakes in August.

Moreover, The world’s tallest mountain, Mt. Everest, and its entirety can be witnessed from the summit. Backpackers will come across the most straightforward group of cozy accommodations as they stroll over less-traveled trails.

Ghale Gaun Trekking

Ghale Gaun is a stunning village located on the hilltop of the Lamjung district. A charming hamlet of approximately 95 Gurung-style cottages is the home of the Gurung residents and enlisted in the famous village treks in Nepal list. Ghale Gaun trekking and tour has recently been promoted as a target location for Village tourism because of its unique predicament.

Apart from getting engaged with the friendly and welcoming locals, trekkers can also view the magnificent western Himalayas, featuring Machhapuchhre which is also named Fishtail, Annapurna, Annapurna II, Annapurna IV, Lamjung Himal, Bouddha Himal, Himalchuli, and other unrecognized ranges, are visible from the exotic village Ghale Gaun.

Additionally, the village’s way of living accurately represents long-standing ethnic customs. The Gurung people’s gracious and sincere friendliness overwhelms the preceding village hikers and entices them to return.

Bandipur Village Trekking

Bandipur Village Trekking in Nepal offers the picturesque scenario of the mountain panoramas, landscapes, and Marsyanddi River from its hilltop location. Along, with the spectacular view of the mountains, it reveals the unfolded remarkable view of the Bandipur Bazaar at dawn and dusk.

This greenish village is one of the unrevealed jewels of central Nepal. Located above the Prithivi highway, which connects Pokhara and Kathmandu.  It’s also a great spot to take a break from the trip between Pokhara and Kathmandu while experiencing a tranquil slice of Nepal village.

Trekkers will get opportunities to witness the classic mountainous scenery, charming village hiking trails, outdoor adventures, and first-rate lodging in a typical village setting. In addition, Siddhi cave, which is famous for stalactites and stalagmites will be given priority while going village trekking in Bandipur.

Village Trekking to Balthali

Balthali is a small village trekking spot located just beyond the Panauti and 40km away from the capital city, Kathmandu. A peaceful Balthali village is a small hamlet that sits at the intersection of the Koshi and Ladku rivers.

Village trekking to Balthali has grabbed everyone’s attention when it comes to exploring culture, tradition, lifestyle, and spectacular scenery. Although this region is small in area but has a lot to be explored including Namobuddha monastery. The Nepali village Balthali leads the trekkers across the colorful rhododendron forest, sal grove, and other abundant flora.

Strolling through the pristine village treks Nepal trail and enjoying the trek, enhances you to learn about the village culture of this hamlet. Adding some color, when the evening falls the valley of the Balthali comes to life with a plethora of flashing lights of the dawn sun. So, trekkers must not be omitted to observe the scenic view of the sun flashing over the Manaslu panorama.

Sirubari Village Trek in Nepal

Sirubari Village Trekking in Nepal is a freshly opened location in Nepal for village trekking. This charming village in Nepal is the ideal location that must be visited once in a lifetime. It is advised to visit this location because of its diverse community, stunning Himalayan landscape, eye-catching scenery, farmland, and friendly residents.

Sirubari village, which belongs to the Gurung ethnic group, is located on the southwestern side of the tourist hub city i.e Pokhara. Among all the villages of Nepal, this is the spick and span of cleanliness. Additionally, the locals are kind, intelligent, and eager to assist travelers.

Ruby Valley Village Trek

The untouched but most beautiful trekking spot of Nepal is Ruby Valley. Setting in the lap between Langtang National Park and Manaslu Conservation Area, Ruby Valley provides a stunning naturalistic scenic environment.

Ruby Valley village trekking allows you to appreciate visual grandeur integrated with cultural and traditional values. Also, Ruby Valley of Nepal serves visitors best if they want a peaceful trek in the Nepalese village.

Awe-inspiring vistas of the Langtang, Ganesh, and Manaslu ranges surround you at every turn on the Ruby Valley hiking paths. The region’s flora and fauna never cease to wow visitors. The trail is covered with dense pinkish rhododendron, pine, oak, and giant trees.

In addition, The entire walk is conducted in a comfortable setting with homestays rather than in hotels or lodges, giving you a unique opportunity to explore Nepal.


Presently, a fresh intriguing trip option that is steadily becoming popular is village trekking in Nepal. So, prepare to immerse yourself in genuine natural beauty and introduce yourself to the lifestyle of the Nepali in the village. Additionally, visitors will be introduced to international local culture and learn about its history and customs.

Popular village treks in Nepal lead travelers to walk through beautiful scenery while immersing themself in a typical cultural experience, which is truly unforgettable. Also, Newcomers will gain new insight into how to live life by taking part in these top village treks. So, if you have any queries related to village treks in Nepal then you can kindly mail us at or WhatsApp at +977-9841965533