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Please read the following Notes and the Terms and Conditions of our company (the Mission Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.) prior to your travel with us.

NOTES – Areas for climbing, trekking, and hiking in the mountains are remote from the cities. We always try our best to ensure guests’ safety. However, injury or even death due to the unforeseen situation(s) that is/are out of our control may happen. We do not liable for any injury or death caused by an unforeseen situation(s) that is/are out of our control.

Our Booking Terms and Conditions:

1. Pay a 20% deposit at least 20 days before departure.

2. Cancellation of booking after paying the deposit.

Before 90 days, a full refund of the deposit.

Less than 21 days, no fund of the deposit.

Between 90-21 days, only 50% of the deposit can be refunded.

**When we refund the deposit, guests need to pay the bank charges and taxes (if any).

3. 4% service charge for payment made by credit card. (The 4% service charge is for the Nepal government, not for our company.)

4. Our company is a government-registered trekking company in Thamel Kathmandu of Nepal. You should make the payment to us or our legal agents only when we confirm the notification of payment with you. We do not accept or be responsible for any payment to us without our notification for payment.

5. Pay the remaining tour fee in our Kathmandu office before we set off the trip with you. Change the date of the trip after full payment, a 10% charge is needed.

6. No refund for cancellation of the trip after full payment or early termination of the trip due to your own reason(s).

7. We have full rights to cancel/adjust your trip in case of the reason(s) that is/are out of our control, such as flight cancellation, strike, war, or bad weather. In such cases, we would refund you after we pay the cancellation charges and administration costs, or you can change the date or place subject to our company policies.

8. Due to the unstable weather in the mountains, cancel or delay of domestic flights is common. We are not liable for such a situation(s). We always try our best to arrange an alternative way whenever necessary, extra payment may be needed sometimes.

9. You are advised to have travel insurance and bring along the insurance documents with you from your country. DO NOT take travel insurance in Nepal. We are not liable for your travel insurance.

10. Always take care of your valuables by yourself.

11. When you travel with us, you must agree to the authority of the leader guide at all times. On the way, you must follow our guide(s) and stay in our group. You should not join other travelers (s) or try to interfere/dominate our staff about the arrangements. If you break the agreement, we have no responsibility to ensure your safety and may not be able to lead you to finish the trip.

12. To save and love nature, protect the environment, and respect the people. Ask permission from the person(s) who you want to take a photo. Consult your leader guide or the owner(s) if you want to take a photo of private area(s). Respect the culture and customs of places where you are in. No hunting. No drone camera without legal permission.

13. These terms and conditions are made according to the Nepal Government Law.

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