Top 12 Haunted Places in Nepal

The traveler’s diary of every person is relatively either some beautiful scenic places, maybe a mountain or the trekking sport. But have you ever thought of a haunted place to travel to and add adventure and thrill to your life?

We are listing some of the top spooky places in Nepal that make your mind numb. To experience the thrill to the fullest have a glance below at the list of the top 12 haunted places in Nepal.

After all, we are posting the people’s voice and their real stories related to the places where they are real witnesses behind the story of haunted places. Leading this blog with some intriguing words, let you decide whether the story is a myth or real.

Our spiritual beliefs make us weak at any point because somehow we are mentally forced to believe and are sensitive to the related topic of gods and spirits.

The top 12  Haunted places in Nepal are:

Devghat: The dancing dead soul:

Devghat is the famous religious and cultural hub of Nepal. It is also the holiest place in Hindu mythology and as well as a holy place for the Hindu gods.

The final ritual of people after death called (Daha Saskar) is usually carried out on the riverbank of Devghat. For, over five decades ago police found the recovered bones and skull near the river and didn’t get any conclusion about the incident.

This is one of the frightening places because the local people of the ghat witnessed the fire dance of four women near the same skeleton. Still, people get scared to go to the place. If you want to go on this journey, be sure that you are with your groupmates because adventure is all about fun but not losing a life.

Muglin-Narayanghat Road: Unanswered story of a road accident and people’s death

Madan Ashrit highway also known as the Muglin-Narayanghat highway is the mainstream international route for all kinds of transport to enter Kathmandu valley.

This is also the busiest road because it connects the Mahendra Highway in Naraynghat and the Prithvi Highway in Muglin. Almost the road diary of Nepal is a forest area where people traveling at night witness some paranormal activities.

The hills above the road of Muglin are curved and cracked so there are high chances of landslides during the rainy season and occasionally in another season as well.

During the last few years because of the condition of the raw roads and underdeveloped construction, many people have lost their lives in that way.

Buses and vehicles dropped down to the river. The conditions of the route degrade daily and result in uncontrolled accidents and deaths of people.

So, these all things impact the people’s minds that due to the heavy accident cases, the spirit of the dead people roams to the route to stop such incidents.

But people are afraid to walk that route at night time. People only travel by vehicle and there is also strict protection from the Nepal police forces at night time.

Arghakachi (laure tasiyeko vir):

If you believe in god and the rituals and traditions, then you supremely believe in god’s curse because of the misbehaving and the misleading of the traditions.

This is the related true story of Suppa Devi cursing Laure for not paying the value of the ritual to the god. This is in the western part of Nepal which is 47 km from Gorusikhe to the Arghakanchi district of Lumbini  Nepal.

There is a huge rock near the Suppadeurali temple which is 800m in height from the hill.  The rock has the blueprint of Laure wearing a cap and a bag on hand is attached to the same rock.

There is the belief that the same Laure while he was going to India for his entry-level in the army, he wished Suppadeurali to get success for his work.

And promise that he will bring the golden ball when he returns. After a certain period when he came back with full success on the way to his home, he didn’t remember the promises he made to God.

But God didn’t allow him to move ahead from that path and threw him to the same wall where we can find the map of the person in the same order attached to the rock with his bag and cap on his head.

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Pashupati Aryaghat: The buried story of burn death

Do you believe in life after death? People who lose their loved ones leave the terrifying situation behind them. People who cannot tolerate the loss, sometimes victimize themself that they are living with them in their world.

This is also because of mentally depressed situations. People behave to see things that are not real so we call it delusion.

The scariest and the most dramatic place where we can witness the real pain of life’s last rituals is Pashupati Aryaghat. This is also a place where people finalize their life’s last rituals to make their route to heaven after death.

People living near this place are scared of the spirit horror sound and they witness the paranormal activities in the Aryaghat. Everyone gets scared to go to this place at night time.

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Charkose Jhadi:

People usually who travel at midnight along the forest roadside, say that they observe paranormal activities more likely. The route from Dharan to Ithari average 10 miles and Charkose jihadi is located which is the most haunted route.

An old lady comes to the middle of the route and asks for a lift if she wants you to drop her at a nearby place. Sometimes the old soul passes the road right in front of the vehicles which may lead to accidents. So, if you want to see the close view in front of your eyes then visit the Charkose Jhadi once on your travel route.

Royal Palace: The kingdom’s soul

Monarchy rule was suspended in Nepal during the revolution. A peace deal with Maoist rebels in 2007 but then in 2008, Nepal was declared a federal democratic republic.

Nepal’s royal massacre occurred on 1 June 2001 at Narayanhiti Palace, the then residence of monarchy families which is now one of the renowned haunted places. In a mass shooting at the palace, nine members of the royal family were killed including King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya.

The investigation is still an unsolved reason behind the massacre. The staff and the guards of the palace reportedly heard the sound of a gunshot and threatened them during their working hours.

If you want to meet the royal family’s spirit you must visit this palace and do ask them what was the reason and who was behind the mass murder.

Sundarijal: Human Eating river

Sundarijal is also one of the best Kathmandu hiking spots. The northern part of the Sundarijal forest belongs to the Shivapuri National Park. Sundarijal is also famous for the canyon which is a point of attraction for local and international tourists as well.

The waterfall of the SundariJal is named the haunting water resource because every year some people who go to the canyon lose their lives. People have renamed the palace the human-eating river after the incident that happens yearly.

The forest is dense so do not dare to go for a solo jungle trip because you never know when the excitement and the adventure thrills life to death.

Mt. Everest: The ghost climber

Mount Everest is wracked with rough trips with supernatural phenomena and unexplained haunted stories. The haunted unnatural story of Everest is similar to the paranormal activities explained by the people in the above-mentioned places; the mountain is much like an open graveyard.

But there are the people who describe the activities, that some transparent soul comes to visit every camp to encourage and guide the trekker ‌ climb up to the hill. Some of the scary stories might be fake but there is much untold and unseen death that scares to hear the truth.

According to the climber, there is a local area called the dead zone on the way to Mount Everest, and the climber Andrew Irvine, who died while climbing the mountain in 1924 haunted this place.

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Dhapasi: Mystery story of water tank

The concrete water tank at Basundhara Dhapasi is the scariest place where local people witness the men’s spirit that revolves around the tank and scares people who travel through the route. The story behind the haunted tank is that a person was brutally killed by a robber and he roams there and asks for help if someone visits there at night time. The frightening space where you can get your guts to mouth at Dhapasi.

Bir Hospital: The mortuary space

A short distance in front of the new road, the Bir Hospital is located. The building right to the new road gate is a highly announced haunted spot. The shopkeeper who sells the products electronics and clothes from retailer to wholesaler has frequently suffered the ghosting sounds that fear him.

The shadow with the heavy light is frequently encountered close to the door and disappears instantly at any time. The same thing i.e., the hospital staff and other people in the Bir hospital frequently captured paranormal activities along with the building.

Bhoot Khola: Haunted Jharna

Bhoot Khola is a beautiful greenery located 6.5 km north of Butwal city. Usually, people visit these places in summer to enjoy a bath and for refreshment. This place is popularly known as Bhoot Khola because the pond below the waterfall is deep down and once a year people die because of drawing.

The bottom of the pond is inaccessible, and there are still some bodies in the depths. Some boys used to come to this location to swim. However, they vanished from the pond, and their bodies were never discovered. As a result, it’s thought that there’s a ghost at the bottom of the pond who will capture (strangle) you and drown you till you die.

Davi’s Fall Pokhara:

The legendary story of Davis Fall is about a Swiss tourist who was swept away by the water and drowned in the deep underground passages to the caves. The place is renowned for travelers and never miss a journey while traveling to Pokhara.

Facts about falls are in between the thin line of truth and freak. But people rumor about the places, that the same person who was swept away by the lake to the underground passages, haunted it. Fall is so scary that you never dare to go close to the water because of the scary sounds of a waterfall and the slippery passes.

Travelers are the rising exploration of new and unknown destinations through the journey. The adventure and the thrill of the haunted places excite life where you can experience mixed emotions. Rising of life gives the perfect and faithful explanation of the story.

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