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Manaslu region trek offers the sweltering low land countryside to the world’s highest 8163m Manaslu which is considered the 8th highest Himalaya in the earth with snowy passes Larke la and habitation of many faunas like the snow leopard.

Tea houses are available in all the classic routes of Manaslu trekking trails. The tea houses are more simple and naive as compared to Everest and Annapurna trails. Due to a huge number of public and private transportation facilities can find to access and get away from this region so trekking there and away is very easy.

Inside the Manaslu Conservation Area, the traditional religious valley is wealthy with Tibetan Buddhist tradition and culture. Monasteries seem valuable Tibetan gems. Manaslu region trek offers the secret Gompa encounter, a Long side tour alone glaciers, intoxicate trek where few trekkers did, and add off the beaten trek Tsum valley just open in 1990 AD. After many road constructions in the Annapurna Conservation area, this trek route is developing and is now the most popular gratifying trail for peace trekkers.

Manaslu Circuit Treks 12 to 15 days:

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the soul of Himalaya which is one of the 8th thousand Himalayas in the world situated at the elevation of 8156m above sea level. It is situated just after to Annapurna Himalayan ranges is one of the thrilling conservation areas of Nepal and restricted regions of the trek.

Manaslu trek offers the good scene of some Annapurna’s and Manaslu Himalayas ranges above 6000m. The difference between Manaslu and Annapurna is Manaslu just pen and few trekkers trek here whereas Annapurna's large number of trekkers did. It's been a quieter trekking route till now.

Many parts of Annapurna trails are not as beautiful as before due to road construction so Manaslu is a newly open trek route as the alternative to Annapurna.

The view of the Himalayas from Manaslu is also nicer and different cultures enchant tourists. In lower elevation, Hindus culture can influence whereas in higher elevation Buddhist from Tibetan culture highly influenced.

The higher viewpoint of this trail is the Himalayas pass larkya la which is a strenuous distant pass that offers extraordinary views of Cheo Mountain, Himlung Mountain, Annapurna2, Kang Guru, and Manaslu.

Nearest from the pass can extend the trip through Manaslu Base camp and if have long holiday can extended side trip to Annapurna circuit with Tilicho lake otherwise finish the trek in Besisahar.

The trekkers who have enough time frame can trek via Tsum valley offers the Glacier, unique culture of local people and Tibetan monastery. Also can encounter side trip till Tibetan border.

Trip Facts:

Grade: Difficult

Trekking period: 12 to 20 days.

Trek style: Tea house to tea house trek

Higher elevation; 5160m larkya pass.

The starting point of trek: Soti Khola or Arughat in Gorkha

Ending point: Dharapani or Besishahar or Jomsom

Tsum Valley Treks 16 days:

Tsum valley trek is a secrete hidden trekking destination and is just open for the trekkers after 2008. Just Tsum Valley trek not that exciting and marvelous if not add on Manaslu circuit or Ganesh Himal routes which give an extraordinary view of the Himalayas above 4000m.  Itself Tsum valley is the voyage of travel in remote path encounter ancient way of life with Tibetan plateau agriculture and a Buddhism influenced by Tibetan origin.

Explore the charm of Tsum valley trek needs just 1 week to encounter and observe but the side trip from Tsum valleys like Encounter Milarepa Cave, Tibetan Gompa named Lungdang, and Ganesh Himal Base camp needs extra 5 more few days. Trekkers add 3 days extra and visit the place Lokpa and add Manaslu circuit. The best trail; in this region is the Manaslu larkya pass with Tsum Vally.

Trek facts:

Grade of Trek: Moderate

Period of Trek: 7-15 Days

Highest altitude: 3,710M.

Accommodation: Homestays and newly teahouses trek open.

The starting point of trek /Ending Point: Lokpa

Rupina la Pass trek:

Rupina la Trek consider a Camping category trek also a marvelous optional trail. This trek is a combination of the Manaslu circuits beginning from Barpak a small remote village in Gorkha. Rupina la trek can suitable only from the month March to November and join same Manaslu circuit trek in Lokpa after cross Rupina la pass 4720m asl.

This trek is a real remote region trek where trekkers are very far from all facilities that normal trekking routes have. There sometimes can find just the shelter of Yak and Naks during the trails. Can observe the Buddha Himal fascinating view in this trek.

Trek facts:

Trek Grade: Difficult

Trek period: 5-7 Days

Max. Altitude: 4720M (Rupina La)

Trek style: Camping

The start point of trek: Barpak

End Point of trek: Lokpa

Charm of Manaslu Trek:

Tsum valley:

Tsum valley trek is a newly discovered trekking hub in 2008 AD which is a unique and remote Tibetan influence empire destination.  Tsum valley is the heaven of travelers full of Tibetan Gompas, countryside Villages, Buddhist culture and off the beaten paradise treks in Nepal.

Explore the Village Lifestyle:

As compared to other trekking trails of Nepal Tsum valley and Manaslu trek offers to explore the ancient village where agriculture is highly influenced so tourism plays the vital role to economy increasing of local people. Its quiet trekking trails in Nepal.

Marvellous side tour:

Manaslu and Tsum valley offers numerous side treks and tour when add-on extra days. Manaslu Base camp (MBC), Tibetan border visit, Birendra and another lake, Monastery visit, Annapurna circuit add-on made this trek more unforgettable.

Famous Pass larkya La:

The best viewpoint and most thrilling point of the Manaslu region trek are Larkya la pass 5160m which is one of the trekking higher pass in the Himalayas region. Numerous Himalayas vistas reward from Larkya pass so it’s one of most famous tourist center point of this trek.

Manaslu Trek FAQ:


Manaslu region trek is a restricted region trek so special permits are necessary to trek there. Trekkers Information Management system(TIMS) permits Manaslu Conservation area project(MCAP) permits and Restricted region 7 days permits (US$70) in high season and us$50 in low season necessary to trek in Manaslu.

Similarly, the Tsum valley permit season is US$35 and off-season US$ 25 is also necessary for the Tsum valley trek. Without a local guide or Nepali staff not allowed to trek in this region.

Best Time:

All the trekking routes in the Manaslu region can be undertaken except winter due to heavy snow in passes. So best time spring and autumn to explore there. June to August the cloud covers the snow peaks so not the best period to travel.

Get there and away:

NO flight is available in this region. Public bus or private vehicle are only the options to get there for trekking and get away after trek finish. Both Kathmandu and Pokhara bus services are accessible.

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