Makalu Trek is a close view of the 5th tallest Himalaya in the world MT Makalu (8463m) offers charm for these visitors who adore the peaceful Himalayan trek route and unfrequented hiking trails with miraculous snow Himalaya vistas.

The tough 14 days Makalu region trek is a cultured insightful trek in the more electrifying corner point in Nepal. Makalu region treks are the more neglected trek route as compared to Everest Annapurna and Manaslu regions in Nepal.

Makalu trekking trails give a twist of wiggle trails with down and up way inside Makalu Barun Conservation Area alongside the remote unique village,  small flowerless green plant that lacks true roots- Moss, Orchids, Pastureland of Nak and Yak,  rocky icy hillock gift the trekkers very stimulate Himalaya scenery inside Nepal near Everest region.

Due to a mixture of Poor arrangements, arduous trek, and absence of different trails only a certain number of adventure trekkers visit this route. So hikers miss the well-pleased happiness of the countryside people of Nepal if they do not trek this route.

Popular Makalu Region Trek:

Makalu Base Camp Treks:

Makalu Base Camp Trek is actual jungle trekking so few perpetual villages can find in the beginning trails. Most of the time Trekking can meet the locals with Nak and Yak on the traditional trails of Makalu.

This trek route brings trekkers the same route back which route they choose to go base camp and the climax of the trek is a campsite in the flowering season which is far from crowded trails, and local people ascending astonishing Himalayan peaks.

Vertical uphill starts after the village ends which is inside the forests near the Shipton Pass (4130m).  Most of the time this route is covered by snow and the route is named after Everest’s first summiteer Sir Edmond Hillary and Eric Shipton’s preliminary research in 1952 AD.

After the pass, this trek follows the Barun region where can explore the beautiful waterfall.  After the mass of small loose stones that form or cover a slope on a mountain and fragments landslide until the base camp.

The Shake Miracle Base Camp vistas from a long narrow hilltop of Peak 3 are best fantastic than Base Camp. The Hillock offers the enchanting eyesight of Lhotse, Everest, Lhotse-Sar, and Makalu itself.

Spotlight of Trek:

  • Maximum elevation: 4872M
  • Length of trek: 14 days
  • Style of Trek: Especially Camping and rare small lodges
  • The starting point of trek/Ending point of trek: Num.
  • Trek Difficulty: Due to the high possibility of AMS and uphill and downhill trek routes make strenuous.

Combination of Makalu and Everest Trek:

Trekking in this route is a part of GHT trails and an expedition trekking route of Serpani(6180m), Serpani West col(6190m), and Amphu Labtsa(5845m) includes the most difficult and highest pass in all Himalayan regions of Nepal.

The trekking route is very rugged and not signal and rare places can find a campsite. Due to weather changes and natural disasters, Heavy snow, and lots of water levels in rivers make sometimes trekkers cannot complete this route is common.

Makalu and Everest Combined journey needs at least 21 days to complete and helps the encounter the Everest and Makalu Barun Region in depth. Expedition equipment, Climbing expertise are essential for skillful members to complete this trek. Because travelers need to spend several nights camping over 4100m elevations.

Spotlight of Trek:

  • Maximum elevation: 6140m
  • Length of trek: 3 weeks
  • Style of Trek: Especially Camping and rare small lodges.
  • The starting point of the trek: Num
  • The ending point of the trek: Lukla

Trek Difficulty: Looks expedition so Due to the high possibility of AMS and the uphill and downhill trek route being very strenuous.

The highlight of the Trip:

Love the campsite trek and the cheerful food made by our chef.

Demanding and pleasing trek with 3 passes Amphu Labsta, Sherpani col, and West col.

Wonder vistas of Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu, during the trek.

Festivity of attraction of Khumbu and Makalu Barun by way of Sherpa and Rai countryside settlements.

Discover the craft of Native Mountain with skillful Himalayan guides.

Trail by own over the irregular landscape in the remote region of countable trekkers did before.

Makalu and Kanchenjunga combined trek:

Some adventurous trekkers love trekking like peak climbing so Kanchenjunga and Makalu joined the trek also a trek with Sumba Lumba(5160m) a pass that needs at least 28 days with numerous discoveries. This trek little an easy and naturalistic practical program as compared to Makalu to Everest combined treks.

Trekkers who have climbing expertise and Higher elevation trekking experience complete this route of the trek.  Sumba Lumba peak (5200m) trek is a recent trekking trail started just in 2012AD that provides striking Himalaya topography with numerous ethnic groups.

Snow leopards, Red Panda, Langur, Different kinds of birds, and wildlife with customary agriculture can explore during this trek. Some glacier lakes in Olangchung Gola.

It combines two conservation areas Makalu Barun National park and Kanchenjunga Conservation Area which follow the alpine grassland and subtropical forest. Some monasteries, Chortens, prayers wheel, Mani walls, and prayer flags also can encounter during this trek.

Spotlight of Trek:

  • Maximum elevation: 5160m
  • Length of trek: nearly 3 weeks
  • Style of Trek: Especially Camping and rare small lodges.
  • The starting point of the trek: Num
  • The ending point of the trek: Taplejung
  • Trek Difficulty: Looks expedition so Due to the high possibility of AMS and uphill and downhill trek route is very strenuous.

Makalu region Trek Pinnacle:

1, Holy Places:

Makalu region is the adobe of God Shiva also a name derived from pali so when you are at a higher elevation feel in the boundary of God.

2, countryside village life:

Makalu trek is the trekking during the higher elevation Tibetan Buddhist Sherpa and Rai ethnic groups. It’s a combo package of heritage, culture, and religions of different Kirati religious peoples too. Those locals’ welcome makes the travelers enchanting and an eye-catching memory lifetime.

3, particular habitat or ecosystem:

A huge variation of the diversity of life can be found such a 2330sq-km protected area of Makalu Barun National park gives the tropical river, more than 3000 kinds of flora with different kinds of Rhododendron and orchid flowers snow leopards red pandas, and sunbirds.

4, Extensively thrilling trek:

Limited trekkers choose this trail due to the same way up and down and also need strong stamina and trekking expertise, well equipped with camping materials or slightly looks expedition with a fully experienced team so this trek has numerous explore achievable.

Eco-friendly Trekking Initiatives in Makalu

Promoting Sustainability Along the Trails: The Makalu region, with its pristine ecosystems and rare biodiversity, is an area where eco-friendly trekking initiatives are critically important. Local and international conservation groups have teamed up with trekking agencies to promote sustainable travel practices that minimize environmental impact.

These initiatives include the use of biodegradable products, proper waste disposal techniques, and solar energy to power lodges and campsites. Trekkers are also educated about the importance of leaving no trace and the small actions they can take to help, such as carrying reusable water bottles and avoiding single-use plastics.

By participating in these eco-friendly practices, visitors contribute to preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance of the Makalu region for future generations.

Makalu Trekking FAQs:

Trek permits:

Trekkers Information Management system permits issued by TAAN and Makalu Barun National park permits with cost NPR 3000 necessary for this trek. If you will do the combined trek with Everest and Kanchenjunga the other permits are necessary for another region where you will trek.

Best time:

Similar to other regions Spring and autumn are the best time to trek. December to February or winter is impossible to trek there due to heavy snow covers in the passes.


Flights from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar are the closest flight. And can find a jeep from Tumlingtar to Num at the beginning of the trek. If the flight is canceled or delayed can take 24 hours bus from Kathmandu.


Rare tea houses are open on the trails in the high season so a camping trek is popular for this reason. Even have some tea houses open in the high season but closed during the winter and rainy seasons. Cannot find a private room. Only available sharing dormitory during Makalu trek.

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