The adorable beauty of Bhutan calls every travel enthusiast around the universe to explore its unravelled beauty. Secluded from the rest of the universe till 1974, this country grants you the best exploration of the most preserved natural and cultural heritage.

Bhutan tours and treks packages are organized in such a way that almost all of them demand a minimum of around 4 to 5 days from your itinerary plan.

For travellers with long days vacations, there are several other multiple days tours and treks scattered all over Bhutan.

Every second of your walk inside this country startles you with the fantastic encounter of the dzongs, monasteries, and bountiful trekking routes.

Bordering the northern part of China and the southern part of India, Bhutan is located in the eastern Himalayan range. It covers an area of 38394 square kilometres.

Though Bhutan does not share a border with Nepal and Bangladesh, it does lie in close proximity. It also holds several key passes to the Himalayan Elevation.

With most of the population following Buddhism, Bhutan is the last Buddhist Kingdom in World. To be precise, about 75% of the people in Bhutan are Mahayana Buddhists.

When it comes to the ethnic group, a total of 3 ethnic groups live in Bhutan among which Sharchop is one of the indigenous people of the eastern part of Bhutan. The dialect of those tribes is Tshangla.

The other two ethnic groups are Nyalops and Lhotshampas. Those people who migrated to Bhutan from Tibet are Nyalops and Lhotshampas are Nepali-speaking Bhutanese.

Dzongkha is the main language spoken by the Bhutanese people which is similar to Nepali and Tibetian languages. For spice lovers, the country serves savoury spicy dishes on the table. For those who want to experience a new taste of the culture, Bhutan greets them with various colourful festivals.

What compels the travellers to join the Bhutan Tours and Treks?

Covered with more mountains in the great Himalayas, the lesser Himalayas of this country consists of water and dense forest whereas the Daurs plains are filled with green vegetation and parks, forest and fertile valley.

Within the border of this country, you can observe the world’s largest water reservoir for hydropower. Just the imagination of being in the mystical land of Bhutan kindles an ecstatic feeling inside you. And when you explore this country by yourself, your eyes will definitely adore its beauty without a single blink.

Be it the cliffside Tiger’s Nest Monastery and Ringpung Dzongs of Paro or the Tashichho Dzong and Buddha Dordenma of Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu each of these top attractions of Bhutan falls in your Bhutan tour itinerary.

Further, the previous capital of Bhutan namely Punakha houses several more sites for your exploration. For adventure seekers, the trails of Druk Path Trek and Snowman Trek are the best choice. Similarly, other various valleys of Bhutan has got something to astonish you during the tour.

Welcoming people of Bhutan, impressive travel destinations, special culinary dishes, and exotic festivals are waiting for your appreciation.

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