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Nepal Trekking can be mentioned as hiking heaven of the earth due to a chain of the snow-capped Himalayas, glacial water rivers, intrinsic charm, forever greenwood trees, heritage, social variety, cluster of ethnic groups, religion, practice, discrimination, cultivation, and lifestyle.

Nepal hiking and trekking can be strenuous to very simple and relaxed as travelers like. Travelers who love demanding trek can hike with a local guide, encamp trek, with essential gear, duffel backpack or big bag for an experimental and calm route like (island, Mera) trekking peak or easy climbing peak, Everest Three passes trek, Makalu to Everest Trek, Saipal base camp trek, Ganj La trek, Saibung trek, Teri la trek or similar strenuous trek.

Most of Nepal trek indicate the pleasant walk in one countryside small village to other, observe fully productive center hillock, examine the sacred and glacial lakes, quantities of Hindus pagoda style temples, view the alpine grassland where yak, blue sheep, Musk deer, Himalayan Thargrazing. Trekking in Nepal also encounters walking and crossing snow cover higher passes, visiting and getting blessings from Hindus Sadus, Babas, Buddhist monks from Nepalese and Buddhist origin, and hiking in the alpine forest with higher elevation Himalayas base camp where the climbers start expeditions.

Nepal has numerous hiking routes where trekkers can stay in pleasant teahouses. Normally trekkers do not lose, the teahouses offer the best foods and drinks which are guaranteed hot and good taste which helps to keep warm in the mountain. Nepal treks are the adventure and knowledge which gives travelers what they cannot forget their entire life. Nepal trek gives uncontrollable encouragement to come back the next adventure for Nepal. Mission Himalaya offers a high standard of warmth service so they forget the stress and home during their holiday here.

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