Kathmandu is not only famous for being the capital city of Nepal but also for various cultural and traditional monuments. It is located in the central of the country surrounded by hills and mountains with breathtaking sights. Kathmandu valley is one of the best places for hiking. We can get the opportunities to explore the natural beauty, lifestyle, and culture of Nepalese people along with the green hills with amazing shapes and sizes, wildlife, and birds which are the major attraction of the city. The hills surrounding the valley are accessible within a short period of time from any part of the city.

Day trips or hiking is the best option to enjoy the sites and natural beauty of the city, if you don’t have much time or, could not get holidays for traveling. In the article, we are listing the top 10 places for hiking around Kathmandu valley.

Many world heritage sites in Nepal which are being able to bring a large number of tourist. Among the four of the sites resides in Kathmandu which is all equally welcoming and rich in arts and architecture. You will be visiting the most popular and important sites from the time ancient times, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square in Kathmandu World Heritage Sites Day Tour.

Kathmandu is known as the city of temples whereas Pokhara is known as the city of lakes. With the package Kathmandu Pokhara Tour you will be able to witness the beauties of both cities. This tour is suitable for the tourist who wants to enjoy days in Nepal within a limited time.

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