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2 to 15 person

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Easy TripGrade are those in which less hiking is required - about 3-4 hrs per day. Good for begineers and less intensive. City Tours, Jungle Safari are some easy ones. Acclimatization is not required.


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Multicountry tour

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Tibet Lhasa Tour Overview

Keen to discover the religious and geographical beauty of Tibet's highland city Lhasa? Grab the opportunity to join this Tibet Lhasa Tour package and venture your journey to the mystical land of Lhasa.

Today in the 21st century, you can notice everything is heading fast towards the way of modernization. But entering into Lhasa city you will feel like being in the mid 17th century.

Scattered all over Lhasa, the ancient old monasteries of Lhasa make this city a perfect Tibetan Buddhism exploration spot. Further being the historic old city, you can see the resemblance of Tibetan Buddhism in every street of Lhasa.

The sheer beauty of the soaring Potala Palace is there in the city to take your travel experience to the next level. Encircling the Drepung Monastery holy trek route, the monastery's pilgrims light up your mood with an awesome experience. Joining the holy walk with the pilgrims rotating the Barkhor Street pilgrim circuit you will find some kind of inner satisfaction. Not only the divine feel, but you will also get to shop the best souvenir during your ramble around Barkhor street. Furthermore, retaining the lifestyle since the old days, a stroll around the streets of Barkhor lets you witness the exotic lifestyle of local Tibetans.

Though the Tibet Lhasa tour can be completed by opting for the overland journey from Kathmandu to Lhasa. But for the time-bounded people, this 4 nights and 5 Days Tibet Lhasa Tour via flight is quite convenient. Full of spirituality, this five days tour to Lhasa leaves you with a reminiscing travel experience.

To savour the astounding beauty of Lhasa, you needn't have to do much. Just book this trip package and we will arrange everything for you. With us, you needn't have to take the stress of managing the Tibet travel permit and similar other document formalities.

Major Attractions of our Tibet Lhasa Tour:

Potala Palace

Listed as the World Heritage Site since the year 1994, Potala Palace was the winter residence of the Dalai Lamas in the ancient days. The palace got its name from the popular Mt. Potalaka. The Chapel of 5th and 13th Dalai, Red Palace, Thangka storehouse and Schools of Religious officials are some of the major attractions of Potala Palace. The dominating beauty of this Palace is something that you will reminisce about even after the completion of this short Lhasa tour.

Jokhang Temple

Also named as the Qoikang Monastery, Jokhang Monastery is the spiritual heart of Tibet. The monastery is located few meters east of the Potala Palace. The monastery became a UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2001. It was added to the list as an extension of the Potala Palace.

Barkhor Market

Known as the oldest street in Lhasa, Barkhor Market is the most lively place of the entire Tibet. Leading the pilgrims to the Jokhang temple, the streets of Barkhor are admired by most of the pilgrims visiting this temple. Further, the charm of this market is that it forces the visitors to ramble around its premises during their Tibet-Lhasa Tour.

With a story holding back from history, the streets of these markets have a great historical and religious value. Drawing the attention of several visitors, vendors, pilgrims and businessmen, up to this date the market has set itself as the best place for souvenir shopping in Tibet.

You can see the culture of Lhasa in each of the arts and artefacts located here. If you love to buy handicraft items as a souvenir, the market serves you the best. For food lovers, it is the place where the best Tibetan dishes are served.

To feel the real life of Lhasa, join a holy walk with the pilgrims there and don't forget to take a sip of traditional Tibetan tea.

Norbulinka Park

Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list as a part of the Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace, Norbulingka Park is the major highlight of our Tibet Lhasa tour. In past days, the park was used as a summer residence by several Dalai Lamas. Therefore, today also it is known as the former summer residence of Dalai Lamas.

The literal meaning of Norbulingka Park is Treasure Garden. Like its name, the park here is full of several treasures. Considered the largest artificial garden in Tibet, the park houses a beautiful Summer Palace and several Buddha and Dalai Lamas shrines.

The construction of the Park and the palace was completed under Jampel Gyatso in 1783. However, till this date of the 21st century, it has gone through several restorations.

Drepung Monastery

Located on the western outskirts of Lhasa, Drepung Monastery is the biggest of all the Tibetan Monastery in Tibet. Further, it is also known as one of three popular Gelug Monastery in Tibet. With its shimmering white buildings, the monastery lures tourists from a far distance. Embellished with the vibrant decorations and spectacular statues of Buddha, the interiors of the buildings of Drepung Monastery, attracts visitors with their own glamour.

Before the construction of Potala Palace, the monastery was used as the residential home of Dalai Lamas. But today, the monastery is renowned for its standard education system.

Whenever the topic of the greatest Buddhist monastic universities arises, Drepung Monastery's name always comes on the list.

Besides the admiration of its structure and exploration of its history, what you can do at this Drepung Monastery is the holy Kora. Most of the travellers who join this Lhasa Tibet Tour opt for this Kora walk. This Drepung Monastery Lora is far easier than that of Mount Kailash Kora.

Shera Monastery

Renowned for the Monk's debate performance, Shera Monastery is one of three Gelug monasteries in Lhasa. With the literal meaning "wild roses" in the Tibetan language, Shera Monastery is a centre of attraction for tourists joining the Lhasa tours.

Tibet Lhasa Tour Itinerary

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Day 1:

Transfer Kathmandu to Lhasa via Flight.

Walking Hours : 30 Minutes Driving.

Meals Included : Welcome Dinner

Accomodation : 3 Star Category Hotel.

Waking up early in the morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast before taking a ride to the Kathmandu airport. Upon arriving at the airport, complete all the check-in procedures and fly past Mt. Everest and other glittering mountains.

After around one hour of trans Himalayan flight, land at the Gonggar Airport. Your Tibetan guide will greet you at the airport. The guide helps you with all the document formalities. As soon as your document formalities are complete, take a drive to the hotel at Lhasa.

Freshen up your mood and take the full acclimatization rest on this day.

Day 2:

Explore the fabled Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery and Barkhor Market.

Walking Hours : 6 Hour Tour.

Meals Included : Breakfast.

Accomodation : 3 Star Category Hotel.

It's your full-day sightseeing tour in Lhasa. After the morning breakfast, head for the exploration of the Potala Palace. Your visit to the Potala Palace astonishes you with its fabulous architectural designs. Furthermore, various shrines of the Dalai Lama, vibrant paintings and cravings give you the feel of being in the world of wonderland.

Continuing the exploration of Tibetan Culture and history, take a step towards the Jokhang Monastery. Appreciate the Buddhist rituals and religious performances held at the temple location. Afterwards, leave the temple premises to soak in the charm of the nearby Barkhor market.

The meandering streets of Barkhor encompass the Jokhang Temple. Thus during your stroll around the market, you can see many locals and pilgrims circumambulating the temple in a clockwise direction. If you wish then, you too can join the walk with those locals. If not, just enjoy life there, do some shopping and return to the hotel. Overnight sleep at a hotel in Lhasa.

Day 3:

Discover Norbulingka Park and Tibet's largest Drepung Monastery.

Walking Hours : 5 To 6 Hour Tour.

Meals Included : Breakfast.

Accomodation : 3 Star Category Hotel.

Start the day with a visit to Norbulingka Park. Popular as the biggest man-made garden in Tibet, there are several treasures for your exploration at Norbulingka Park. After spending some cheerful time at the Norbulingka Park and Palace, march your step towards Drepung Monastery.

Constructed on the foot of Mt. Gambo Utse, the monastery houses thousands of Buddhist monks. As many of the people perform the ritual Kora around the Drepung Monastery, you too can join for the eye-pleasing experience. even if you walk leisurely, you can complete the Kora in around 1 hour. The gratifying beauty of the rock paintings and the dramatic landscape that you witness during this Kora makes your day one of the memorable days of the Tibet Lhasa tour.

The Kora can be completed within 20minutes of time. However, for the proper acclimatization of your body take your time and do not hurry up.

Overnight stay at Lhasa.

Day 4:

Drive to the Shera Monastery.

Walking Hours : 6 Hour Tour.

Meals Included : Breakfast.

Accomodation : 3 Star Category Hotel.

It is your last day on Lhasa Sightseeing Tour. Early morning take a ride to the Shera Monastery, explore the monastery and enjoy the exotic performances of the monks there. After the sightseeing of the Shera Monastery, spend the remaining time relishing various other attractions of beautiful Lhasa town.

Day 5:


Walking Hours : 30 Minutes Driving.

Meals Included : Breakfast.

Accomodation : None

Take a drive to the Lhasa Gonggar airport and depart from Lhasa.

  • Tibet travel permit and all other necessary permits to Tibet.
  • All entrance ticket fees for all tourist sites are listed in the itinerary.
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary.
  • Local tour Transfers, 5-29 seats comfortable Tourist Vehicle according to Group Size.
  • Knowledgeable English-speaking Tibetan local tour guide shared in your group.
  • Comfortable Hotel Accommodations.
  • Service Charge & Government Taxes.
  • The above tour price does not include a single room supplement. If you are a solo traveler, you need to share one room with another tourist (same sex in most cases); if you prefer to stay in one room by yourself, you will have to pay the single room supplement. And the exact price depends on market fluctuation in the high and offseason of the Tibet tour. For the exact price, please refer to your travel consultant.
  • Arrangements include planning, handling, operational and communication charges.
  • Welcome Dinner in a local restaurant when group members meet in Lhasa
  • Free Airport shuttle transfer between Lhasa Gongar airport and Hotel on designated time.
  • Group tours only include a welcome dinner after your arrival in Tibet.
  • Tibet Handy Map.
  • Drinking water Provided during the trip.
  • One shared a big Oxygen tank in the car.
  • Tourist accident/casualty insurance.

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