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durationTrip Duration 15 Days
countryCountry Multicountry
groupsizeGroup Size 1 To 15 Person
arrivalArrival On Kathmandu
departureDeparture From Kathmandu
seasonBest Season Autumn(Sep To Nov) And Spring(March To May)
easy-icon Easy TripGrade are those in which less hiking is required - about 3-4 hrs per day. Good for begineers and less intensive. City Tours, Jungle Safari are some easy ones. Acclimatization is not required. Trip Grade Easy
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Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Overview

Nepal Tibet and Bhutan tour journey covers the main centers of concentration of Tibetan Buddhism in the Himalayas: Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. We can compare them to the three jewels of Buddhism on earth.

The territory of modern Nepal for a long time was part of the states ruled by Indian rulers, therefore the early period of the history of Buddhism in Nepal is associated with the history of the emergence of Buddhism as a world religion. Buddha Shakyamuni was born and raised on this land. Through Nepal, Buddhism penetrated Tibet, China, and the countries of Southeast Asia. We can say that Buddhism has developed in Nepal almost since the time of the Buddha himself.

The King of Tibet, Songtsen Gampo, declared Buddhism the official religion of his state and built the central Jokhang monastery in Lhasa. According to traditional sources, in order to cleanse the Himalayas from demonic spells and establish peace, the king installed 108 monasteries in all the Himalayas in one day. Taksang Lakhang in Paro, one of the largest monasteries in Bhutan, has survived to this day and is an important pilgrimage site.

Thus, we will walk the path of the birth of Buddhism, its development and spread.

A south Asian landlocked country Nepal’s capital city is Kathmandu. Kathmandu is an arc and architecture heritage site of the ancient period to 17th-century monasteries and temples with wood metal and mud architecture. in this charming city, you can explore 3 major sister city Kathmandu Patan and Bhaktapur.

Lhasa- the capital city of Tibet is called the forbidden city. Every month thousands of tourists can explore ancient monasteries the gold roofed Potala Palace and the name of lamas.

Another attraction of this tour is the very clean Himalayan country Bhutan as well. Village roads of Bhutan, an Example of an uncertain world. In this tour, you can explore the Shangri-La setting of Paro valley, Punakha a middle city of Bhutan, and the best monastery with the river, and explore the capital city Thimpu as well.

Depending upon the season many festivals and ceremonies occur. so your traveling period we will provide the information about the festival or ceremony will happen. We follow the Lunar calendar. So you Plan your Tibet Nepal and |Bhutan Tour 60 to 90 days prior to your departure time.

Trip Highlights:

  • Ancient Palace, Buddhist Monastery, and Hindu Temples in Kathmandu.
  • flight over the Everest Himalayan ranges from Kathmandu to Bhutan.
  • Heartland of Tibetan Lhasa and Dalai Lama Potala Palace in Tibet.
  • Heart-touching valley Paro, Thimpu, and Punakha in Bhutan.

Three Jewels of Buddhism:

The first jewel – Buddha – is a completely enlightened, omniscient being who reached spiritual heights in a natural way.

The second jewel is Dharma – the Law revealed to the Enlightened One. This Law is the semantic core of the universe, in accordance with it all processes take place outside and inside human destinies, with its help, one can understand the laws of life and society, the interconnection and interdependence of everything. Buddha grasped this law and communicated it to his disciples in the form of the Word.

The third jewel – the Sangha – is a community of those who turn to Refuge, because it is the appeal to Refuge that allows us to reach various stages of the Path and “approach” to Enlightenment, and it is the appeal to Refuge that ultimately creates the basis of our relationship with the Buddha, and therefore, the basis of relationships with other members of the Sangha. These three words entered and are included in the formula of the “three refuges”, – a vow pronounced during initiation into Buddhist monks and nuns: “I trust in the Enlightened One as a refuge, I trust in the Law as a refuge, I trust in the community as a refuge. Oh, Blessed One, take us under your protection from now on until death. “

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Cost


  • Accommodation: 5 nights in Kathmandu in a 3-star hotel with breakfast.
  • All transfers by air-conditioned passenger private car.
  • Entry tickets for sightseeing points.
  • Local English-speaking guide for city tours.
  • English speaking assistant for arrival/departure.


  • Accommodation: 2 nights in Thimphu, 1 night in Punakha, and 2 nights in Paro in a 3-star hotel with a full board.
  • All transfers by car without air conditioning.
  • entry tickets; - local English-speaking guide for city tours.
  • English speaking assistant for arrival/departure.


  • Accommodation: 3 nights in a 3-star hotel with breakfast.
  • All transfers by car without air conditioning.
  • Entry tickets.
  • English-speaking guide for city tours.
  • English speaking assistant for arrival/departure.
  • International flights.
  • Flight Kathmandu - Paro - Kathmandu - from $ 525 per person (economy class).
  • Flight Kathmandu - Lhasa - Kathmandu - from $ 895 per person (economy class).
  • Multi-visa to Nepal - $ 40 (registration upon arrival).
  • Permit to Tibet - $ 120 per person (made out and payment in advance).
  • Permit to Bhutan - $ 45 per person (issued and paid in advance).
  • Meals outside the program, drinks.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Subtleties of registration of a permit to Tibet.
  • A visa is issued to Kathmandu for 4 working days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. The passport is at the Embassy in Kathmandu for 3 working days.
  • Required: 2 photos 3.5 * 4.5; prepaid permit and completed application form.
  • Permit to Bhutan:: a good color scan of the passport 1 page.

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Price per person:  USD $ 3550

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