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20 Days


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March-may and Sept-Nov

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Trip Overview

Mount Kailash via Simikot is an incredible journey that lets trekkers immerse in the wonders of western Nepal and the beautiful Tibetan land. The vistas of Nepalese, as well as the Tibetan mountains that you get to witness during this trek, are beyond the words to explain. Furthermore, the natural diversity that you experience on the way to the Tibetan land leaves you spellbound.

No matter whether you are an adventure seeker or culture lover, the Kora yatra around Mount Kailash during the Kailash Manasoravar Tour fills up both your spiritual and adrenaline rush. Where the crossing of Nara la Pass, Dolma La Pass, and some other passes bring up the challenging adventures on your way, the 3 days Mount Kailash circuit tour fills up your journey with spiritual peace and eternal happiness.

Moreover, if you visit the region during the Saga Dawa Festival you will find the ambiance more religious. Honoring the three vital incidents of the Buddha's existence(Birth, Death, and Nirvana), the festival is celebrated once a year during the full moon day. As per the solar calendar, the festival usually falls in the months of May or June.

During our 20 Days Kailash Manasoravar trek we ensure you have a beautiful travel experience on the eminent landmarks of Tibet. Among many charismatic places, the most precious places that we will visit during this trek are Mount Kailash surrounding and Lake Manasarovar. Considered as the home of Lord Shiva, Mount Kailash has carried huge significance among the Hindu, Buddhist, Bon, and Jain people throughout the world. Located below Mount Kailash is the sacred Manasoravar Lake(4590m). This pristine freshwater Lake fed by the Kailash Glacier is equally appealing and holds religious significance among Hindu, Buddhist, Bon, and Jain people.

Apart from Tibetan attractions, the beauty of western Nepal is equally appreciable. The trek journey from Simikot to the Hilsa and Purang gives you the wilderness experience of being in beautiful nature.

If you are willing to do the Mount Kailash via Simikot trek then just book this trek package with us. We, the team of Mission Himalaya Treks are always ready t design the itinerary plan as per your preference. For the sample itinerary package just give a look at the below given itinerary plan.

Why choose Mount Kailash via Simikot trek?

If you are seeking adventure and inner peace both on a single travel journey, then the trek to Mount Kailash via Simikot is the perfect option for you. Some of the prime attractions of this trek are listed below.

Parikrama of Mount Kailash

Also known as Kora by Tibetan and Hindus, Mount Kailash Parikrama is the holy walk around the sacred Mount Kailash. No matter how challenging the walk is, all the tourists and pilgrims find eternal peace and happiness during the journey. The visit to Dira-Puk Monastery, Dzutul-Puk Monastery, Gaurikunda, and many other religious sites makes this 3 days Mount Kailash Kora exciting and memorable.

Undoubtedly the pass of Dolma La is the prime factor for increasing the challenge during the Kora. But, the presence of colorful Buddhist prayer flags lights up a wonderful sparkle to your trek journey.

Exploration of Lake Manasarovar

A stroll around the holy Manasarovar Lake is no less than any heavenly exploration. The spectacular Manasarovar Lake holds religious significance for both Hindu and Buddhist people. It is believed that doing a parikrama and taking a holy bath at this lake washes all the sins of the hundred lives.

Tirthapuri Hot Springs

After the days-long trek, take a bath at the hot springs of Tirtapuri. Keeping away all your stress and tiredness, the hot springs of Tirtapuri soothes your body, mind, and soul.

On top of all these attractions, the view of holy Mount Kailash is beyond the words to explain.

Short Itinerary

Day 1: Landing at the Tribhuwan International Airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Trek Preparation and Half Day Tour around the Kathmandu Valley.

Day 3: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepaljung.

Day 4: Fly to Simikot(2980m) and trek to Dharapori(2360m).

Day 5: From Dharapori, trek to Kermi(2860m).

Day 6: Trek to Yalbang(2879m) from Kermi.

Day 7: Trek to Tumkot(3073m) from Yalbang.

Day 8: From Tumkot trek to Yari(3663m).

Day 9: Yari to Hilsa(3647m) trek via Nara La Pass.

Day 10: From Hilsa, head to Purang(3770m).

Day 11: Purnag to Manasoravar(4450m) and Explore Tirtapuri.

Day 12: Sightseeing of Garuda Valley and head to Darchen(4560m).

Day 13: Trek to Dira Puk Monastery(5120m).

Day 14: Trek to Dzutul-Puk(4790m).

Day 15: Trek to Darchen(4560m) and transfer to Manasarovar.

Day 16: Exploration of the Manasarovar Lake.

Day 17: Drive from Mansarovar to Saga(4600m).

Day 18: Drive to Keryong(3050m).

Day 19: Drive to Kathmandu.

Day 20: Final Departure.

Best time for Mount Kailash Trekking via Simikot.

To enjoy the best of Mount Kailash with incredible experience, it is always better to visit the region choosing the best time of the year. What experience you gain during the Kailash Manasarovar Tour directly depends on the season of your Kailash Manasarovar travel.

You can do the Kailash Manasarovar Tour at any time during the season of Autumn, Spring, and Monsoon. However, if you are asking for the best, Autumn and Spring always come first. Accompanied by the moderate temperature, the crystal clear sky, and the stunning mountain views during this season makes the trek more rewarding.

During the monsoon season, the rain makes the scenery more fascinating and the mountains more glittering. With some caution and proper rain gear, relish the refreshing trek around Mount Kailash during the Monsoon months.

Speaking of the winter months, it is not recommended to trek around Mount Kailash during this season. The freezing cold temperature and strong cold wind during the winter months are unbearable for normal visitors. Further, the heavy snowfall might block the trails, so it is better to avoid the winter trek.

If you have a strong religious belief then visiting the Kailash Manasoravar during the Saga Dawa Festival lets you immerse deeper in the Tibetan Culture. You will encounter many local devotees while doing the Kora during this auspicious occasion.

Trek difficulty of Kailash Manasoravar via Simikot

The actual trekking journey of this tour package starts after the flight from Nepaljung to Simikot. Starting the trek from Simikot you have to walk uphill and downhill from Simikot to Hilsa which is quite daunting for every traveler. Crossing of the Nara La Pass on the way to Hilsa from Simikot adds the difficulty level of the trek. The route from Hilsa to Darchen is mostly covered on the jeep. Thus, you will feel more comfortable during the travel from Hilsa to Darchen.

The 52km Kora around Mount Kailash is challenging for all the adventure as well as spiritual lovers. What makes the Kora more challenging is the crossing of Dolma La Pass. To avoid the possible risks, you have to cross the pass as early as possible. Located at an elevation of 5639m, the Dolma La Pass is adorned by colorful prayer flags. The colorful flags, surrounding views, and the serene atmosphere of the Pass location pay of all your hardships.

After the completion of the Kora yatra rest of the route is again covered in roadway transport. During the trekking journey, you have to hire porters to carry your backpacks. However, in some sections, you can pay the Yak herders to carry your backpack. Tieng your stuff on the Yak back, Yak herders will transport your things to the designated destination.

Overall the trekking journey is challenging, but with a bit of determination and a good fitness level, anyone can complete the Mount Kailash via Simikot trek successfully.

Food and Accommodation during the Mount Kailash Manasoravar Tour via Simikot

During your stay in the city areas like Kathmandu and Nepaljung, you can have the luxury as per your demand and wish. However, as soon as you head towards the trekking trails, be ready to adjust yourself with limited facilities. On the trekking route, you will be spending some of the nights under tented camps and some under the teahouse. In a teahouse, you will find the basic facilities. During your stay at the tented camps, the crew members will take care of our food and lodging. They will prepare the food by themself.

Route: Kathmandu-Nepaljung-Simikot-Dharapori-Kermi-Yalbang-Tumkot-Yari-Nara La Pass-Hilsa-Purang-Manasarovar-Tirtapuri-Manasarovar-Garuda Valley-Darchen-Dirapuk Monastery-Dzutul Puk Monastery-Darchen-Manasarovar-Saga-Keryong-Kathmandu.

Accommodation: Teahouse, Lodge, Tented Camps, Hotels.

Necessary Gear Packing List during the Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Tour.



Warm hat.




Wind and waterproof jacket.

Fleece jacket.

Down Jacket.

Waterproof hiking pants.


Comfortable hiking shorts.

Comfortable hiking boots.


Warm Gloves.

Warm Socks.

Quick Drying underwear.

Sleeping Bag.

Comfortable backpack.

First-aid kit.

Electronic gadgets such as Camera, earplug, extra batteries, charger.

Water bottles and water purification pills.

Trekking poles.

Toiletries such as paper towels, soap, etc.


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Day 01:

Landing at the Tribhuwan International Airport and transfer to the hotel.

30 Minutes Driving.

Welcome Dinner

3 Star Category Hotel.

After your arrival at the Kathmandu Airport, we will pick you up from the airport and escort you to the hotel. Upon reaching at the hotel room, take a rest for a while. For refreshment, take a stroll around the lively streets of Thamel. Before the dinner, we will provide you the brief information regarding our Mount Kailash via Simikot trek itinerary. Overnight sleep at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 02:

Trek Preparation and Half Day Tour around the Kathmandu Valley

6 Hour Tour.


3 Star Category Hotel.

On this day we will help you deal with all the document formalities and backpacking. After the completion of trek preparation, we will take you for a side trip around the Kathmandu Valley. The side tour around the Kathmandu Valley lets you explore the religious and historical beauty of Nepal. As the time limit of this day does not allow us to visit the attractions of the entire Kathmandu Valley. Therefore, we will visit only some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Day 03:

Fly from Kathmandu to Nepaljung

30 Minutes Driving And 45 Minutes Flight.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

It is not possible to take a direct flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung. So, we will first take an early morning flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung. Located at the terai belt of far-western Nepal, a visit around Nepaljung gives you insight into the lifestyle and culture of the terai people. Stay Overnight at Hotel in Nepaljung.

Day 04:

Fly to Simikot(2980m) and trek to Dharapori(2360m)

30 Minutes Flight And 4 Hours Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

After the early morning breakfast, we will take a scheduled flight from Nepaljung to Simikot airport in Humla. On a clear day, the flight just takes around 40 minutes to reach Simikot from Nepaljung. The simple lifestyle and gregarious nature of people living in this remote location add an extra charm to your trekking journey. From Simikot, Dharapori is about 5 hours away. Thus, with full excitement, we will start our actual trekking journey on the trekking trails of Dharapori.

Passing through the beautiful fields of barley, buckwheat, and wheat, we will climb the rocky hill up. From this hilltop, we can see the incredibly beautiful view of Simikot. Crossing several pine forests and the village of Majgaon, Seda, and so on, the trail eventually takes us to the village of Dharapori. Overnight stay at Dharapori.

Day 05:

From Dharapori, trek to Kermi(2860m)

6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Enjoying the invigorating walk through the walnut and pine trees, the trail takes us along the Karnali river to Kermi. Inhabited mostly by the Bhotia Buddhists, Kermi is a nice spot for an overnight stay. Making Kermi our resting destination, we will visit the nearby hot springs and stunning waterfalls on this day.

Day 06:

Trek to Yalbang(2880m) from Kermi

5 To 6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Starting a day with a delicious breakfast, we will make Yalbang our today's destination. The view of Mount Api, Mt. Saipal, and lush valley are some of the attractions on the way. Further, a crossing of the suspension bridge over the Salli river and a walk along the pine trees make our day's trek more rewarding. For the culture lovers, a visit to the Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery is no more than any heavenly experience. Overnight Stay in Yalbang.

Day 07:

Trek to Tumkot(3073m) from Yalbang

5 To 6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Trekking through the pebbly trails we will cross the Humla Karnali River to climb towards the Muchu Village. At Muchu there are many government officials, including Police Check Post, Custom Tax Office, and Post office. Continuing the trek from Muchu we then head towards the beautiful Tumkot village. The spectacular views and ancient Buddhist Monastery at this village make your Tumkot stay wonderful. Further, the smiling face of the hardworking farmers keeps away your day's tiredness away.

Day 08:

From Tumkot trek to Yari(3663m)

6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Leaving the Humla Karnali River behind, we will follow the trail which leads us closer to the border of Nepal and Tibet. We will today stop at Yari Village for the night stay. With a small school and shop, Yari village is the last settlement village in the Nepalese land before crossing the Nepal-Tibet border. Enjoy the sunset view and stunning Mt. Saipal views on this day of your trek.

Day 09:

Yari to Hilsa(3647m) trek via Nara La Pass

7 Hours Trek.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Before entering the Tibetan land, prepare yourself for this challenging day hike. After taking the early morning breakfast, we will climb uphill towards the Nara La Pass. Before the steep descent, witness the fascinating Mount Saipal and Tibetan Plateau view from this hilltop. The descent from this pass to the Hilsa is quite slippery. Thus we have to be very careful. Located at the boundary of Nepal and Tibet, Hilsa is a place temporary settlement village with a few seasoned guest houses and campsites.

Day 10:

From Hilsa, head to Purang(3770m)

5 To 6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

On this day, we will head to Purang from Hilsa. Walking across the bridge at Hilsa, we will first go to the Tibetan immigration. Here, we will complete all the document formalities to continue the journey towards Purang. Also known as Taklakot, Purang is the most facilitated city of Tibet for travelers as well as locals from Simikot. During our stay at Purang, we will also visit the ancient Purang Gompa located here.

Day 11:

Purnag to Manasoravar(4450m) and Explore Tirtapuri

5 To 6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Today we will trek through the Rakshas lake to reach Mansarovar. We will see the first view of Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake on this day of Mount Kailash via Simikot Trek. Before making Mansoravar our today's resting destination, we will visit Tirtapuri. Located on the western side of Mansarovar, Tirtapuri is a place where Padmasambhava has mediated. Pilgrims visiting this place take a holy bath in the hot springs present here. Furthermore, they also explore the monastery located here. After spending a peaceful time at this holy location, we will return back to the Mansarovar for an overnight stay.

Day 12:

Sightseeing of Garuda Valley and head to Darchen(4560m)

5 To 6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Located in the hills on the northern bank of the Sutlej river, Garuda Valley is a fascinating place for exploration purposes. The presence of some mysterious caves here gives you vast information about the Tibetan Civilization. The visit to the Garuda valley is most rewarding for those who are interested in archeological and historical explorations. After the wonderful exploration of the beautiful Garuda Valley, we will continue our journey towards Darchen. Darchen is a small town located at the foot of the sacred Mount Kailash. Stay Overnight at Darchen.

Day 13:

Trek to Dira Puk Monastery(5120m)

5 To 6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Today we will begin our 3 days circuit tour of Mount Kailash. This 3 days circuit tour of Mt. Kailash is called Kora or Parikrama by Tibetans and Hindus. Starting the tour with a visit to Dira Puk Monastery, we will today stop at Dira Puk for the night stay. Trekking for 6 hours in a deep valley through the walls of red rock we reach the plain lands of Shersong. Further trekking from there, we will walk across the bridge that takes us to the Chhuku Gompa. Relishing the beauty of Chhuku Gompa for a while we then finally reach Dira Puk Monastery. Upon reaching Dirapuk, we can savor the ravishing view of the north face of the holy Mt. Kailash.

As the people here are normally attired in their traditional Tibetan dresses, it is usually not so difficult to identify Tibetan people here. During your stay at Dira Puk, you can notice that most of the Tibetans here are busy knitting and selling sweaters to travelers.

Throughout our journey, yaks will carry all our equipment.

Day 14:

Trek to Dzutul-Puk(4790m)

5 To 6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Situated at an elevation of 5670m, the crossing of the Dolma La Pass makes our day's trek slightly difficult. After walking for 3 hours from the Dira Puk we will reach the Dolma La Pass. Though the crossing of the pass is not an easy task and involves some challenges, the colorful prayer flags help you gather the needed endurance. While trekking to Dzutul Puk from this Pass, en-route we will spend our precious time at the holy Gaurikunda premise. As the water of this Kunda normally remains snowy for most of the time, we will just see the Kunda from distance.

Upon reaching Dzutul-Puk, we will also visit the Dzutul-Puk monastery. At the monastery, the idols of Buddha and some other gods are sanctified. You can see several visitors bowing down in front of the gods. Spending some time here, you will find eternal peace at this holy destination. Overnight at Dzutul-Puk.

Day 15:

Trek to Darchen(4560m) and transfer to Manasarovar

5 To 6 Hour Trekking.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

It is the last day of our circuit tour. Today we will head to Darchen from Dzutul-Puk. Following the narrow trails from Dzutul-Puk, we will continue walking towards Barka Plain to reach Darchen. Terminating our 3 days circuit tour or Kora at Darchen we then take a drive to Manasarovar from Darchen.

Day 16:

Exploration of the Manasarovar Lake

6 Hour Tour.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Tea House/ Lodge.

Among several other attractions, Manasarovar Lake is one of the prime attractions of our Mount Kailash via Simikot trek journey. On this day we will visit the holy Manasarovar Lake and other nearby attractions of Manasarovar. Overnight in Manasarovar.

Day 17:

Drive from Mansarovar to Saga(4600m)

6 Hour Driving.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

3 Star Category Hotel.

We will wake up early and take a healthy breakfast. After breakfast, we will take a dive to Saga from Manasarovar. Passing through the sacred historic Chiu Monastery, we will continue driving to the Hor Qou and cross the Mayum La Pass. Taking a glimpse of Zhongba and Paryang we will reach to Saga.

Day 18:

Drive to Keryong(3050m)

6 Hour Driving.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

3 Star Category Hotel.

Following the route towards Keryong from Saga, we will today drive to the Keryong border. Spend the night at Keryong.

Day 19:

Drive to Kathmandu

6 Hours Driving.

Breakfast And Lunch.

3 Star Category Hotel.

Leaving the Keryong behind and completing all the immigration process, we enter Nepal and take a dive back to Kathmandu.

Day 20:

Final Departure

30 Minutes Driving.



On this day our representative member will transfer you to the Kathmandu airport.

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