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Price per person

USD $ 2490

Trip Duration

19 Days


Kanchenjunga Treks



Group Size

2 To 15 Person

Trip Grade

Difficult Trekking is both moderate and difficult. Altitude you reach is around 4000-5500 meters. Hike about 6 hours per day and requires to be physically fit and acclimatization is required.


Nepal Trekking
Nepal Trekking

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Best Season

Spring And Autumn

Max Altitude


Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek Overview

Detracting all the comfort and luxury, Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek pledge to give sanity for a lifetime. The hiking passage of South Kanchenjunga Base Camp is pervaded with extreme wilderness consisting of bountiful cascading waterfalls, bubbling streams and tenuous medicinal floras and fauna.

Though the region is yet to go towards the way of modernization, the route has managed to convert itself from camping to the teahouse trek. 

Your stay in the local teahouse endorses to wallow in the daily chores of ethnic Kirati Rai and Limbu. Nonetheless, for adventure rookies, this Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek tenders a camping trek.

Setting off the journey from the lowland of Bhadrapur or Birtamod, the trail enchants you with eye-pleasing views of the massive Tea Plantation in Ilam. 

Interesting Story behind the name of Kanchenjunga

Before it was baptized Kanchenjunga, the mountain was spelt Kang-Chen-Zod-Nga, which in Tibetan allude to Five Jewels of Snow. Locals give credence to Kanchenjunga as the sanctuary of Limbu’s goddesses Yuma Sammang(Faktalung).

However, for the mountaineers, Kanchenjunga is the alias of challenge and adventure. It makes no difference whoever calls Kanchenjunga with whatever alternatives, you just engulf in the jaunt to the world’s third-highest Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek.

Espouse Sedulous mountain vistas from the trek route of Kanchenjunga South Base Camp 

In the passage from Tseram to Oktang, trekkers can delve amidst the vistas of the enticing mountain scenery of Nepal’s various top-rated mountains. Along with some other Nepal’s highest Himalaya peaks, Mt Jannu, Yalung Glacier and Mt. Makalu are seen incredibly beautiful from the path of the south Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

Soul catching isolated Kanchenjunga Village offering overwhelming hospitality

Inhabited densely by the Limbu and Rai tribes of Kirati Group, the Kanchenjunga trekking trail serves well for cultural explorers too. The benefaction of cultural Limbu and Rai people is experienced profusely on this trek route. After the strenuous day’s walk, the time which you get to spend with these local tribes leaves you with eternal happiness.

The inhabitants of Kanchenjunga, mainly Limbhu are habitual to offering homemade millet beverages to their local guests. Thus to give your tongue a new taste, make sure to try this beverage. Locally, the millet Juice is called Tongba. To have a deep insight into the Limbu culture and tradition visit Limbu cultural central museum at Mamankhe. Mamankhe is the ethnic Limbhu village in the trekking trail of Kanchenjunga South Base Camp in eastern Nepal.

Saunter around the cardamom farmlands and appreciate locals hard work

As you make the journey towards Taplejung, the cardamom farming land in the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp trek route accompany you. Witnessing the Cardamom farmland, there is no denying that cardamom has been the major income source of the locals of this region.

Scads of vegetation witnessing meagre trekkers

Traversing the jaunting route from the lower elevation of Taplejung to the higher altitude of Ramzher and Oktang, the trail showcases how much difference is there in vegetation in between.

From the prospect of Nepal, 8586m elevated Kanchenjunga is the second highest peak. Unlike the trek to the base camp of the world’s highest Mount Everest, the trekking route of Kanchenjunga Base Camp sees a trickle of trekkers all year round. And the presence of few people on this hiking route is the reason why it is much challenging and adventurous. Offering you the full wilderness, a trek to this route urges high endurance capacity. The presence of plentiful wooden bridges over the streams adds more thrill to your journey.

Protected under the title of Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, the ambience of this area provides the best exploration of the wildlife and vegetation. The lush forests are sure to give the most appealing scenery to the visitors. Moreover, looking at the slanted hill explore how the crops are cultivated in this region. 

Trekkers are unaware of what they are missing by ignoring this eastern region trek of Nepal.

At which season, trekkers can enjoy the most out of all seasons in Kanchenjunga Base Camp?

With some trekkers on the way, the route of Kanchenjunga Base Camp during the Autumn and Spring season calls the trekkers with their unique ornaments. Where the spring season, gives you a glance of the newly produced animals and wild vegetation, the season of Autumn amplifies your luck by letting you linger amidst the forest of Rhododendron, Juniper and Pine. Another striking attraction of this Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek in Spring and Autumn is the azure reflecting superb mountain views.

Full of water sources, the trek to this reason during winter and summer is not recommended for trekkers. Further, the route of the Kanchenjunga Base Camp is strenuous on its own and does not see many trekkers all its way.  During these seasons, the high snowfall and excessive water flow on the trail make the trek most challenging. Thus, with such risk and no one to help during difficulties, it is suggested to skip the Kanchenjunga trek during the offseason period of Winter and Summer.

Available Extensions and Side trips for Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek

Do you have extra vacation left? Are you not sated with merely the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp trek? Don’t worry, the trek in the Kanchenjunga region repletes all your needs.

Pathivara-At the top hill of Taplejung(3794) 

Either at the trek start or end day make sure to visit Pathivara and experience Hindu culture. If you want to spend one extra day then, a trip to Pathivara temple at the start or end of the trek is the foremost option for every trekker reaching here. If possible go for this trip on the return day to Taplejung from the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp trek. 

Situated at the hilltop of Taplejung at 3794m altitude, Pathivara is revered by both Hindu and Limbu pilgrims. For Hindus and Limbus, there are separate priests. Called Mukkumlung by Limbu’s, this holy spot is reachable within one and half hours of driving before hiking for around 2 hours. Pilgrims believe that a visit to this temple fulfils all their wishes and desires if played properly.

Extension with Kanchenjunga North Base Camp

Instead of making the way towards Tortong from Tseram, for this extension, divert your way towards Sele La Pass. Before you reach Sele La Pass, you have to cross other Sinion La Pass and, Mirgin La Pass. From Sele La Pass, make your way to Gunsa from where a trek to Kambachen and Lonak leads to Pangpema. Pangpema on the north side of Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

Fitness required

With the sheer level of fitness, the trek is specially dedicated to thrill and adventure seekers. Though not the extreme one a little bit of hiking experience is mandatory to overcome the encountered challenges in the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trekking trails. The normal fitness level does not work here. 

If you are a tyro and wish to wallow in the allure of the Kanchenjunga region, first give yourself some time for short and easy Nepal trekking


Comfortable Way 

Flight option 1

Fly Kathmandu to Suketar and drive around 30min to reach Taplejung. From Taplejung the official Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek starts.

Flight Option 2

Kathmandu to Biratnagar and Drive 11 hours to Taplejung (Phunlingbazar)

Flight Option 3

Kathmandu to Bhadrapur flight and drive around 9 hours to Taplejung return respectively

Worst Way

20 hour Kathmandu to Taplejung drive

Internet, Wifi Connection

  • 1st day at Taplejung strong internet connection
  • On the way up to Ranipul LTE connection
  • Gunsa also LTE connection (For those opting for the extension of north Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek)
  • Above Gunsa only satellite telephone works (no work of other networks)

Drinking water 

No scarcity of water throughout the route but normally use water purification tablets else buy hot water. Carry two water bottles one thermal another normal bottle to carry cold water. Bottled mineral water is not available.

Selection of viands is limited during Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek

If you seek food variety, get ready for the disappointment. But, if you are thankful to simple Nepali Dal Bhat, there remains nothing to regret for. Besides Dhal Bhat other available basic foods are Tibetan bread, Chappatte, noodles, boiled egg, and seasonal vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower). 

For beverage lovers, a traditionally prepared millet juice is available in the Limbhu settlements. The millet juice is called Tongba. 

Locally called Churpi, dry cheese made out of the Yak milk is there in the settlements to give you a new taste.

Essential Permits for South Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Kanchenjunga region at the India Sikkim border in the eastern section of Nepal is the restricted region of Nepal. Thus to trek to Kanchenjunga South Base camp, trekkers have to issue a special permit which can be acquired from the registered trekking companies in Nepal. If you are planning to do the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek solo, then immediately skip that thought from your mind. To opt for this trek, you have to be in a group of a minimum of two people. Further, along with your group, a government licenced Guide should also be there during your entire journey.

Besides, the special permit another required permit is the entry permit of Kanchenjunga Conservation Area. Unlike other regions’ trek, you needn’t have to carry Trekker’s Information Management System(TIMS) card while joining this trek.

Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek Itinerary

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Day 1:

Arrive at the Kathmandu airport and ride to the hotel room

Walking Hours : 30 Minutes Drive

Meals Included : Welcome Dinner

Accomodation : 3 Star Standard Hotel

Max. Altitude : 1355M

As you show up at the Tribhuwan International Airport, one of the crew members of Mission Himalaya Treks and Expedition gives you the warm welcome before driving you to your hotel room. After you arrive at the hotel we will help you with all the check-in procedures. Thereafter you can give yourself some time to drag away all your travel hangover.

Further, if you feel some kind of jetlag, sleep for some time. Later step out of the room and put on your foot on the rakish streets of Thamel. From buzzing pubs and Discotheqs to the Karokee music stations, you get to experience the best nightlife in this tourist hub of Nepal. 
Spending some time here you will realize why this place is narrated best tourist hub by the general public.

Day 2:

Trek preparation and Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour

Walking Hours : 6 Hours Day Tour

Meals Included : Breakfast

Accomodation : 3 Star Standard Hotel

Max. Altitude : 1355M

The day is specially allocated for the organization of permits and other necessary documents. Further, if there is still something to be shopped for, you can do so on this day.

No wonder, your maximum time today will indeed be grabbed by the trek preparation and similar other stuff. But, we will help you manage some time for the sightseeing tour of the Kathmandu Valley.

The tour will let you explore a maximum of four UNESCO world heritage cultural sites inside this commercialized Kathmandu city. The names include Pashupatinath temple, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudha Nath Stupa, and Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Sauntering around all these attractions, you can experience the historical and cultural glamour of Nepal. Further, at the very time, you can’t skip the fact that the valley has experience in terms of modernization and commercialization.

Day 3:

Kathmandu to Suketar Flight and trek to Lalikharka

Walking Hours : 30 Minutes Drive, 1 Hour Flight And 4 Hours Trek

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Typical Local House on the Route to Lali Kharka
Goat Covered with Sticky Grass Spotted between Suketar and Lalikharka

Normally it’s difficult to find a flight from Kathmandu to Suketar. If you find, feel yourself a more than a lucky person. Joining the morning flight from Kathmandu to Suketar you can adore the best aerial views of mountains views, emerald forest, and tiny settlements of east Nepal.

The destination of this day is set to Lalikharka. To reach Lalikharka from Suketar, ignoring the left split toward Chhatedhunga leading to Pathivara Temple,  we will follow the right way towards Deurali(2600). After that, you just descend to Lalikharka from Deurali.

Day 4:

Lalikharka to Kande Bhanjyang

Walking Hours : 6 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Max. Altitude : 2129M

Local Women Preparing for Lunch-Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek
Swinging Bridge Encountered During South Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

The foot journey to Kande Bhanjyang from Lalikharka normally lasts for around 6 and half hours. We will amble through the tiny Limbu settlements of Tembewa, and Simbu. Here we will get to explore the rice fields and the daily lifestyle of the ethnic Limbu groups. Furthermore, the waterfalls and streams along this route never cease to amaze us.

We will spend the night at Kande Bhanjyang.

Day 5:

Kande Bhanjyang to Phumphe Danda via Phunhpung Danda(1794m)

Walking Hours : 6 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Max. Altitude : 1858M

Rice and Cardamom Farmland along with a Stream View-KBC trek
Cute Mongolian Baby Girls Giving a Beautiful Smile

Early morning trek through the Phunhpung Danda from Kande Bhanjyang to Phumphe Danda.

Day 6:

From Phumphe Danda (1858) trek to Yamphuding via Mamangkhen(1785m)

Walking Hours : 6 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Max. Altitude : 2080M

Limbu Farmer Heading to the Farmland at Mamangkhen
Melastoma malabathricum captured on the way to Yamphuding

This is the shortest trekking day of our entire South Base Camp Trek. Following the Kabeli Khola, we will walk on this treading route until we arrive at Mamangkhen.

Mamangkhen is the tiny settlement of the Limbu people where we can make our exploration of the Limbu Cultural Center and Museum. Giving some time for these communities' exploration, we later proceed our jaunt to Yamphudin which is alternatively known as Sherpa Gaun by locals.

Day 7:

Yamphudin to Tortong

Walking Hours : 6 To 7 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Max. Altitude : 2995M

Trekkers heading to Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek
Waterfall Between Yamphuding and Tortong

Unlike the previous day’s trek, the trek of this day is slightly daunting. We will start this day with a simple breakfast at Yamphudin. Later, we will continue our trek with a very steep ascent of around 4 and half hours before making four hours of a long descent.

Day 8:

Tortong to Tseram via Anda Phedi(3370m)

Walking Hours : 5 To 6 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Max. Altitude : 3870M

Direction Board on the Way to Tseram
Tented Camp at Tseram with Beautiful Mountain on Backdrop

Walking from Tortong to Tseram takes us around 5-7 hours. The walk is set amidst a Rhododendron, Pine, Chestnut, and Juniper forest which is indeed all rejuvenating.

Day 9:

From Tseram follow the route to Ramche

Walking Hours : 5 To 6 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Sherpa Porter Trek Back from South Kanchenjunga with Camping Goods on His Back
Yak Dipping on the River at Tseram

Full excitement of being close to the South Kanchenjunga Base Camp gives us extra energy while heading to Ramche from Tseram. 3 hours of a walk along the alpine grassland takes you to our today’s destination.

Day 10:

Trek to Oktang (4730m) at the South Kanchenjunga Base Camp and return to Tseram

Walking Hours : 6 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Max. Altitude : 3870M

Oktang View Point-Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek
Oktang Temple- Kanchenjunga South Base Camp

Early in the morning, we will make our way to Oktang to enjoy the best views of Mt Kanchenjunga's southern face. After spending some blissful time at Oktang we will return to Tseram.

Day 11:

Tseram to Tortong

Walking Hours : 6 To 7 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Max. Altitude : 2295M

Yak Grazing Between Tseram and Tortong
Incredible Scenery of River Near Tortong

We will trace the same way back to Tortong from Tseram.

Day 12:

Tortong to Ranipul (Trekking along the Simbu Khola pass Yasan)

Walking Hours : 6 To 7 Hours Trekking

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

Max. Altitude : 2380M

Moss in the Trees Showcasing Wilderness on the Way to Ranipul
Puppy Giving Cute Pose on Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek Route

After the early breakfast, we will proceed our trek towards Ranipul from where we will be taking a ride to Suketar. Thus officially it is the last day of our actual trekking. Though last, the trek of this day is there to imprint its own identity in every trekker’s mind who opts this way.

If someone asks about the most strenuous trek days of all Kanchenjunga South Base camp Trek days, within a second mention the trekking day of Tortong to Ranipul. One of the main regions for being such strenuous is the long hours of trekking on the narrow and steep trail.

The other one includes the absence of a lunch savoring spot. There is only one stop in between Tortong and Ranipul namely Yasan to take the lunch. Most of the time, the lunch station remains closed so it’s recommended to bring the packaged lunch.

The route obviously has several hurdles on its way. However, the presence of vibrant butterflies, colorful flowers, and other wildlife make this day’s trek quite rewarding.

Day 13:

Ranipul to Suketar drive

Walking Hours : 4 Hours Drive

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Guest House

Metal Bridge Creating Thrilling Scenery
Cardamom Farming Land on the trail to Suketar

The day today is the easier one. Saying goodbye to all the Kanchenjunga region trekking routes, be ready to spend a blissful night at Suketar.

Day 14:

Contingency Day

Walking Hours : Depends Where you Trek

Meals Included : Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Accomodation : Basic Tea House

The trek to the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp is challenging on its own. The remoteness, wilderness, and presence of few populations on this trek route might not always let you complete the trek fluently. Sometimes, you might have to spend an extra day on the trek route.

In addition, the flight to Suketar, Biratnagar, or Bhadrapur is also not always available due to climatic conditions or other similar reasons. So, before embarking on the journey to the Kanchenjunga Base Camp, paste this thing in mind and be ready to tackle every hurdle which you might encounter on your way.

Day 15:

Return to Kathmandu

Walking Hours : 1 Hour Flight And 30 Minutes Driving

Meals Included : Breakfast

Accomodation : 3 Star Standard Hotel

Max. Altitude : 1355M

On this day we will finally leave for Kathmandu from Suketar. There may not be a direct flight from Suketar to Kathmandu due to which we might have to first fly Suketar to Biratnagar and then catch Biratnagar to Kathmandu flight.

Day 16:

Depart Nepal

Walking Hours : 30 Minutes Driving

Meals Included : Breakfast

Accomodation : None

Max. Altitude : 1355M

It’s time to say good bye to Nepal. As per your flight schedule our member will escort you to thr Tribhuwan International Airport.

  • Internation and domestic airport transfer 4 times according to the itinerary.
  • rooms in twin sharing in basis tea houses during the trek.
  • 3-star standard accommodation in Kathmandu for 3 nights according to Itinerary.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, And dinner during the trekking which is very basic provide by tea houses.
  • |Day tour in Kathmandu 4 World heritage sites with guide and drivers.
  • Restricted Area, Conservation Area, and National park permits.
  • Trekkers Information Management System permits.
  • Trekking guide who is experienced, English speaking, and first aid trained.
  • Strong trekking porter who can carry a two-person duffel bag(not exceed than 25 Kgs).
  • Insurances for Guide and porters.
  • Flight cost and airport tax from Kathmandu to Suketar and Suketar to Kathmandu.
  • First Aid Kits with Guide.
  • Certificate after Trekking signed by your guide and company owner.
  • Trekking map, Welcome dinner, and oximeter for measuring your oxygen level during the trek.

Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek Map

Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek Support

  • Super basic(just one or 2 beds in one room)
  • The bathroom is far in distance
  • Accommodation not so clean so it’s better you carry your own sleeping bag
  • For hot showering pay some extra
  • Accommodation is clean in Gunsa(For those who choose to extend this trek to Northside)

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