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1 To 15 Person.

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Easy TripGrade are those in which less hiking is required - about 3-4 hrs per day. Good for begineers and less intensive. City Tours, Jungle Safari are some easy ones. Acclimatization is not required.


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Kathmandu Hiking

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Changunarayan Nagarkot Day Hiking Overview

Changunarayan Nagarkot Day Hiking is astonishingly beautiful hiking near the surrounding hills of Kathmandu. Despite being reachable within a short time from the Kathmandu Valley, both Changunaryan and Nagarkot are far more peaceful, unlike chaotic Kathmandu Valley.

Extolled by both native and international travellers, this day hike suits well for hiking enthusiasts who are with limited time in Nepal.

Formerly an ancient fortress, the viewpoint of Nagarkot today serves as the best hiking around Kathmandu Valley. Regardless of age and gender, this one day Nagarkot Tour matches the interest of all hiking admirers.

Undeniably Nagarkot is the perfect sunset and sunrise viewing destination in Nepal. However, it is not the only charisma of Nagarkot. The mystifying views of Kathmandu Valley and some snowcapped mountains drags most hikers back to this place again and again.

Furthermore, the hiking journey to the Nagarkot is no less amazing than the views that the Nagarkot viewpoint bestows.

The journey from Kathmandu to Nagarkot compels you to mull over how people of these two places are different from each other. Strolling around Nagarkot, you will notice that the time here has a different pace than that of a bustling city. Unlike the people in city areas, everyone seems to be enjoying the natural and fresh air. To experience the same pleasure, do make sure to join this day hike to Nagarkot.

Our official Changunaryan Nagarkot hiking journey commences after the short drive from Kathmandu to Changunarayan. UNESCO listed Changunarayan Temple depicts the historical background and intricately designed architecture. The temple was built during the ruling period of Lichhavi's which is eminently known as the Golden Age. Thus, a visit to this temple and its premise give you the sense as if you are in the old days.

The commending architecture of the Changunaryan temple takes some of our time. Thereafter we will start hiking on the Changunarayan Nagarkot Day Hiking trails. Leaving behind the culture reflecting trail we will now hike through the terraced farmlands. During the harvesting and cultivating time, you can see the working farmers on those farmlands. Proceeding the trek from those farmlands, we will encounter the woods of dense pine and rhododendrons before reaching Nagarkot View Point.

After the jaunt of around four hours, we will find ourselves at the Nagarkot Hilltop. The wonderful aspect of this hike is that, without entering the Everest region, you can cherish the view of Mount Everest from the Nagarkot Viewpoint. Besides, the occasional views of Dhauligiri, Kanchenjunga and many other mountains are much more appealing from here.

Appreciating the serene and tranquil aura of the Nagarkot we will gather some beautiful memories here. Afterwards, taking the private drive, we will transfer you to your designated hotel location.

If you like to extend the Nagarkot Day Hike by one more day, then it will be more than enough to collect the beautiful memories. This extension amazes you with superficial sunset and sunrise views.

Instead of Changunaryan Nagarkot Hiking route, you can also cull Dhulikhel Nagarkot Hike. After all, it all depends upon your interest in which route you want to hike. Mission Himalaya Trek is pliable with its itinerary plan. So with no hesitation, book this one-day Nagarkot Hike package.


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