Upper Mustang is located north, below the tallest Alpine mountains. The sovereign state of Mustang (whose beloved final king tragically passed away in the month of December 2016) is a higher-elevation desert of colored valleys, lush oases, fabled gompas, Buddhist flags, and a blood-red defensive monastery. It was long cloaked in mystique and was off-limits to foreigners till 1992.

It is possible to feel a bit more Tibetan in this country than in the largely contemporary Chinese area of Tibet proper because of its abundance of conventional Tibetan Buddhist culture.

It’s important to keep in mind that trekking in Mustangs is equally enjoyable an encounter with culture as it is an alpine one because it lacks the same breathtaking up-close Himalayan panoramas as many of the additional popular Nepalese trekking destinations.

Best Of Upper Mustang Treks:

1. Classic Upper Mustang Trekking

Beginning with Kagbeni to Lo Manthang, the typical 10-day journey is uphill both ways (you can begin trekking right after arriving at Jomsom airport). Visitors do not require the pricey Upper Mustang-specific ticket for this portion of the hike.

The typical route climbs the Kali Gandaki river’s western, populated alongside each other passing through colorful gorges and wind-whipped passes (the highest being 4,325m).

You will spend each night in a small, walled village with a monastery at its center, where you are staying in accommodations with a Tibetan feel.

Walking across Kagbeni to Lo Manthang requires four days, and the opposite is true for the return journey.

The least amount of time needed to tour the city, adjacent monasteries, and caverns is two full days in Lo Manthang.

Settlements near the west bank of the Kali Gandaki are rapidly undergoing changes as a result of road development.

Trek Facts:

Trekking challenging: Medium

Time frame: 10 days.

Maximum Height: 4,325m

Lodging: Homestays.

beginning and end: Kagbeni

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