Langtang Region trek is a fabulous trekking destination in Nepal for those trekkers who have tight holiday schedules and are keen on short trekking like 7 days total with a flight period from and to Kathmandu. Long holiday trekkers can add on another Langtang trek route to make a long trekking journey from Langtang valley.

Trekking in Langtang is attractive with elevated subalpine meadow saintly glacier Lake Gosaikunda, enriching numerous side explore, remarkable Himalaya scenery, and racial interlinkage in comparison less crowd and the budget trek destination due to no domestic flights needed to travel there.

The Langtang valley hides from an avalanche 7 years ago in earthquake time and the enormous Langtang area was destroyed but now all the teahouses and lodges were repaired and renovated and started to open trekking business. Travelers still can observe some memory of that huge calamity.

Same to other trekking routes trekkers can observe the alpine grassland to the sub-tropical pine forest, yak grazing there, countryside local villages of Tamang Community, and their tradition with starting the vegetation.

When the weather is very clear Langtang Himalayas region can sight from Kathmandu city center and from the viewpoints of Kathmandu.

Travelers who take a day’s hikes in Kathmandu have also the opportunity to observe Langtang. Langtang is the third most popular and reachable trekking destination in Nepal. Due to numerous teahouses being open and easy to travel, it’s popular for dependent and independent trekkers.

Langtang valley treks:

The classical Langtang Valley Trek leads alongside the Langtang River with sharp tapered Langtang Valley. Within second-day trekkers can reach Langtang which is placed or hidden underground in the 2015 earthquake.

From the Trekking, trekkers can enrich the vistas of Langtang second, Langtang Lirung, and the unique Himalayas with valley from Kyanjin Gompa.

The beautiful Himalayas MT. Gangchempo is a very beautiful Himalaya in this region due to its temple’s pinnacle shape. Numerous travelers can back from the same trails after Langtang valley but Mission Himalaya Treks suggest travelers trek Gosaikunda or Helambu with an add-on extra days.

Before 7 years it was the most delightful trekking destination but now also all the lodges and hostels are finished with the repair so still that day is the most popular trekking destination in Nepal.

Trip Facts:

Trek grade: Moderate to difficult. Less risk of Acute Mountain sickness as compared to the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Trekking period: 7 days total including international departure if not add a side tour.

Maximum Altitude: 3860m.

Trekking style: Lodge to Lodge trekking.

Beginning and ending point of trek: Syabrubesi

Gosaikunda Trekking:

Gosaikunda trek is a very well-liked trek in the Langtang region which is an excellent short-duration trail with the holy glacier Lake Gosaikunda is considered a Hindu pilgrimage site in Langtang. This trek does not make travelers very close to vistas of the Himalayas but can see a little far the Ganesh and Langtang snowcapped mountains.

The main attraction of this trek is the Lauribinayek pass 4610m elevation with crossing the higher going out by snow. The best way to travel to Langtang valley and Gosaikunda is the best-acclimatized itinerary.

Trekking around Helambu, Gosaikunda, and Langtang is the best trekking route in this region. Hikers, if chosen directly to Gosaikunda lake from Dhunche, made AMS so beginning at Helambu and reaching Gosaikunda is the best way to reduce AMS.

Trip Facts:

Trek grade: Moderate to difficult. Less risk of Acute Mountain sickness as compared to Everest Base Camp Trek.

Trek ending point: Sundarijal

Trekking period: 8-14 days total depending on the trails that they select.

Maximum Altitude: 4610m.

Trekking style: Lodge to Lodge trekking.

The beginning point of trek: Syabrubesi/Dhunche

Helambu Treks:

Helambu Trekking starts from the Northern edges of the Capital Kathmandu and is considered the nearest trekking trail. This trek brings trekkers to an absolutely gently undulating landscape alongside the farming meadow, remote Tundra, alpine and tropical forest, and Tamang small countryside settlements with the snowcapped Himalayas.

The maximum elevation of the Helambu trek is just 3650m so this nearest trek route can trek during the whole year even in January and February. Many trekkers trek Helambu with Gosaikunda or Langtang instead of doing only Helambu. The best option for trekking Helambu is the Langtang circuit.

Trekkers who like to encounter strenuous can choose Lauribinayek Pass 4612m and even more strenuous than this they can select Ganja La (5110m). Trails are the very sharp and higher possibility of AMS so trek with experienced guides and with crampons.

Trip Facts:

Trek grade: Easy to Moderate so almost no risk of AMS.

Trek ending point: Sundarijal

Trekking period: less than a week.

Maximum Altitude: 3640m.

Trekking style: Lodge to Lodge trekking.

Tamang Heritage treks:

Tamang Heritage trekking is a trek whose goal is economic status produced by travelers that are involved in the community evolution process. Mostly trekkers can stay Home and to learning the culture of the Tamang Ethnic community. This trek focuses on Culture instead of the Himalayas scenery. And the route of the trek starts from Syabrubesi and treks along the near border of Tibet.

The pinnacle of this trail is the Natural Hot spring shower, the Local Community village of Tamang in Gatlang, Ganesh, and Langtang Mountain vistas from the viewpoint near Ghayang. The maximum elevation of this trek is just 3300m so a popular trek that can undertake all-around the year whereas the higher elevation cannot trek in winter due to heavy snowfall.

Trekkers have a very short time frame can do this trek and some travelers who wish to extend their trip can add on Langtang Valley Helambu and Gosaikunda according to their wish and timing. Normally 3 weeks are needed to complete the Tamang heritage, Langtang Gosaikunda, and Helambu routes.

Trip Facts:

Trek grade: Easy so no risk of AMS.

Trek ending point: Sundarijal

Trekking period: 5-6 days

Maximum Altitude: 3310m.

Trekking style: Lodge to Lodge trekking.

Gaj La Trekking:

Gaj La Trek is suitable for those trekkers who choose Langtang region trekking with a more strenuous adventure trek and play with high risk and keen on a high mountain pass. The Pass Gaj la (5110m) adjoins the Kyanjin Gompa and Tarke Khyang on the summit of Langtang Himalayan Valley.

Only well-experienced hikers can complete this trek with a perfect trekking experienced team who have past history of the trek in higher elevations. Depending on the trekking season sometimes also require some camping materials and climbing gear for this trek like Crampons, ice ax, and rope.

During this trekking trail, no luxury facilities or teahouses lodge not available. These trails are sometimes blocked by heavy snow even in the good season of the trek.

So camping and climbing gear are made easy if the trail closes so be prepared in advance. Numerous times a high risk of snow avalanches n this Gaj La pass route.

Trip Facts:

  • Trek grade: High risk of AMS and very strenuous trek.
  • Trek ending point: Sundarijal
  • Trekking period: 10 days Minimum (4-5 days extended trip from Kyanjin Gompa).
  • Maximum Altitude: 5110m.
  • Trekking style: just camping no teahouses.
  • The beginning point of trek: Kyanjin Gompa
  • Ending point of trek: Tarke Khyang.

Ganesh Himal Treks:

Ganesh Himal Trekking trail is considered the isolated hidden trekking trail between Langtang and Manaslu Region. Trek Himalayas of Ganesh’s names came from Lord Shiva’s son who joints an elephant head after a fight with evil according to legends these trails believe the adobe of the god Ganesh so it’s a spiritual trekking trail.

Extraordinary Himalayas vistas, nice looking and pleasing village peoples from the countryside, Numerous Natural fresh hot springs, and the quiet and peaceful trails of fewer travelers make the Ganesh Himal trek the trekking heaven due to numerous accumulation.

Ganesh Himal trek also offers different routes like Manaslu, Tsum Valley, Langtang, Tamang Heritage, and the most popular pass pasang la (3840m).

Fewer crowds and several homestay trips in Langtang whereas a few teahouses start to open so the best way to trek Ganesh Himal is to organize a camping trip from an authorized trekking agency.

Trip Facts:

Trek grade: Moderate trek.

Trekking period: 14 days.

Maximum Altitude: 3840m.

Trekking style: just camping no teahouses.

The beginning point of trek: Syabrubesi

Ending point of trek: Tripura Sundari.

Langtang Trek features:

Native Life:

Especially Tamang heritage and Ganesh Himal trek give a pleasing mix of Himalayan scenery with local beautiful village life. Local cultural dance can explore and the economy directly goes to the local community, travelers can stay in local villages face-to-face with a homestay.

Near From capital:

Langtang trekking is an easygoing trekking destination in Nepal. Within a couple of minutes can take a private vehicle or local transport and begin the trek from Shivapuri National park to Helambu. For other trails also local transport is available like Langtang and Gosaikunda trek.

Variety of research:

Not only is easy trekking associable with this region but also gives an exploration trail like Langshisha Kharka along the Langtang Glacier trek. Ganesh Himal is also one of the popular Himalaya ranges in Nepal. Trek is peaceful and explores new in this region for quiet travelers.

Langtang trek is also a combination of Himalayan ranges, flower meadows, peace trekking trails, numerous rivers, wildlife especially red pandas, a snow-covered pass, and the front mirror of mountains.

Holy Glacial Lake:

Hindu religious devotees believe Gosaikunda Lake is the supreme of the god Shiva the God of Destroyer. In august Full moon day many devotees went there and take a bath in the Ponds believing that it fulfilled their dream.

Langtang region Trek FAQ:

Permits of langtang Treks:

No restricted area permits are required for trekking in Langtang. Langtang national park permits and Trekkers Information management System permits are required for a trek in this region. If trekkers enter Shivapuri they need another Shivapuri national park permit.

Best Time to Langtang Trek:

Similar to other trekking destinations Langtang region is also pre-monsoon and post-monsoon is the best time to trek. Some lower elevation trails can be undertaken all year round already mentioned above.

Spring is flowering time and autumn is a clear sky with constant weather so they are the best period to travel here.

In Summer Janai Purnima festival is the best time to visit Gosaikunda and Bath there. Lots of Hindu devotees and Babas visited during this period.

How to go Langtang trekking:

Getting there and away from Langtang is very easy due to numerous public transport available for the ending point of the trek to Kathmandu and Kathmandu to Trek beginning points. But no flights in this area. For emergency evacuation helicopters only the choice from higher elevations same as other trekking destinations.

Extension trip of Langtang Trekking:

From Gosaikunda lake Kyanjin Gompa offer numerous side day trips to different destinations like Tserko RI(4985m), Kyanjin RI( 4600m), and rocking glacier valley Lirung, and also Yala Peak climbing extension of more than 5500m with climbing gears.

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