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Dolpo is massive expansive trekking situated in the west of Nepal. Dolpo is a supernatural remarkable trekking destination named chilled dessert, some newly Himalayas, and with a cloudless sky.  In the ancient period, Dolpo is used to bring Salts from the Autonomous Region of China "Tibet". Many high passes with fewer oxygen levels, the adobe of snow leopards, old styles home from stones and mud, and the numerous Himalayas with off the beaten monasteries make Dolpo is must travel destination inside the Himalayas.

Travelers cannot find teahouses during the trek so camping trek is popular in this region. Topography and scenery make trekkers blow also welcoming by locals are extraordinary respectful.

Trekking in Dolpo is very costly, strenuous and facilities are very poor with poor transportation systems. Tiny flights with high costs can reach there. Only experienced camping trek is assessable in this region. For the trekkers who have the best physical fitness, more earning, and patience for quiet trek Dolpo is the best option in Nepal.

Phoksundo Lake Trek:

Untouched Phoksundo lake trek is short duration trek along the Suli Gaad riverside. The beautiful Phoksundo Lake is around 600m deep with 1.8 km wide. This long lake is the deepest lake in Nepal and a national park with wealth in Fauna. This trek is popular due to exploring Bon's ancient religion explore and the devotees and monks are very exciting and joyful as compared to other monasteries.

Phoksunda lake trek can don within 1 week but add-on upper Dolpo DO Tarap valley, Shey Gompa is the best option for trekking. Restricted region trek permits are necessary for those trekking.

Trek facts:

Grade: Easy trek

Trekking period: 1 week

Highest altitude: 3730m

Trek style: Basic Lodges / Camping

Trek start point: Dunai

Do Tarap Loop Trek:

Do Tarap Loop trek another well-liked trekking destination in the Dolpo region. Do Tarap trail is a peaceful and quiet trek like another special administration region of Nepal but no need for restricted area permits. The landscape and the awareness of miracles are better than other restricted areas trekking destiny of Nepal.

Lo Tarap trek starts from the Thulo Bheri River alongside the woodland tapered hollow and brings trekkers to Tarap Valley side where the wondering Buddhist shrines and Monastry and ancient Tibet tradition civilization can encounter.

From these villages, numerous trekkers have a side trip to Baga la pass(5168m) and Numa La pass(5289m) and alongside the wasteland to Phoksundo lake. After Phoksundo lake trek through the Jhupal and take a tiny airplane flight. The best way to explore in this region is Shey Gompa, Dolpo internal, Phoksundo Lake, and Tarap village.

Similar to the Annapurna region trekking the road construction along the west side of Nepal make dirty and change negatively the hiking routes. When trekkers choose this trekking route Mission Himalaya treks suggest taking some extra days for contingency due to unstable flight and side day tour to explore surroundings.

Trek Facts:

Grade: Difficult trek

Trekking period: 10 to 12 days

Highest altitude: 5189m

Trek style: Homestay / Camping

Trek start point: Jhupal

Shey Gompa And Inner Dolpo Trek:

Shey Gompa and Inner Dolpo trek is less familier trek route in Nepal. Trekking entrance cost in this region is expensive around US$500 and getting there is so complicated so few travelers enter there. Trekkers high class choose those trek and explore Sheu la pass around 5165m with Shey gompa is worth to visit. Local people are supremacy by Tibetans which is completely marveled with yak Hazzard. the enormous Himalayas vistas are also different than eastern Nepal.

the uninhabited desert-like landscape was fascinating. The classical trek route of Shey Gompa is a 1-week trek from Jhupal through Jhupal and the higher elevation pass of Sehu la. When completing the trip until Shey Gompa there are numerous routes alluring like similar way back but Mission Himalaya Treks suggest trek via Do Tarap Loop with 14 days or the higher elevation trek and meet the Jomsom Nepal. The journey to Jomsom takes 20 days and a total of 4 weeks to complete this trek until Jomsom.

Trek Facts:

Grade: Difficult trek

Trekking period: 12 days to 28 days

Highest altitude: 5165m

Trek style: Homestay / Camping

Trek start point: Jhupal

The ending point of trek: Jhupal or Jomsom.

Dolpo to Upper Mustang Trek:

Dolpo to Upper Mustang or Dolpo to Jomsom trek is the stimulation/thrilling trek that takes 21 days. The beginning station of the trek is Jhupal where can reach by the flight of a small airplane. Some trekkers can reach via Do Tarap or from Phoksundo lake. A trek with an exploration of higher pass sehu la(5165m), She Buddhist Gompa, and numerous giant Himalayas with trekking in the desert and quiet area.

It's a merchanting place from Nepal to Tibet so sometimes can explore yak helder and flocks. This trekking scenery and remote village are totally amazing as compared to other worlds with captivating Tibet arts and the philosophy of civilization.

Before confirming this trek make sure your trekking crew is familiar with the route. The trekking in Jomsom offers the darkness and mirror of 8000 giant Mt. Dhaulagiri. After Jomsom, the trail can extend to Upper Mustang and Lo manthang.

The travelers need to pay for upper Mustang restricted Area permits and Dolpo permits. Trekking to Dolpo and combo of upper mustang we request for past well-experienced hikers.

Trek Facts:

Grade: strenuous trek

Trekking period: 3 weeks to 28 days

Highest altitude: 5550m

Trek style: rare Homestay / Camping

Trek start point: Jhupal

The ending point of trek: Jomsom

Beni To Dolpo Trek:

Beni to Dolpo trekking is the most pleasing trek even numerous travelers choose to trek from Jhupal. Trekking to Beni a paddy agricultural area near Annapurna region can reach with public bus from Pokhara. The attraction of this trek is less similar to alpine grassland to the national flower of Nepal and its forest, various ethnic groups, and their cultural tradition and religion. Due to newly road making Mission Himalaya Treks suggest trekkers start the hike from Darbang. Normally 14 days for traditional Beni to Dolpo trekking.

Trek facts:

Grade: difficult trek

Trekking period: 10 days to 14 days

Highest altitude: 4550m

Trek style: Camping

The Start point: Beni or Darbang

Ending Point: Jhupal or Dunai

Jumla to Dunai Trek:

Jumla to Dunai is a very remote trek where trekkers trek unusual. This trek starts after the flight to Dunai from Jumla. Some trekkers trek extend Do Tarap and complete in Beni. Trek alongside the Tila Khola where can explore the paddy farming of rice.

This trek is not best for the giant Himalayas lovers due to not huge Himalayan vista can appear and no snow covering higher elevation passes. This trek with reasonable for those who love quiet treks, unusual fauna, flora, remote villages, and valley with Rhododendron flowers in springs. Hikers who like to play with strenuous trek can combine the trek with shey Phoksundo and kagmara la pass at the elevation of 5115m.

Trek Facts:

Grade: easy to medium.

Trekking period: 7 days

Highest altitude: 3830m

Trek style: Camping

Start point: Jumla

Ending Point: Dunai

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek:

Dhaulagiri base camp and circuit bring trekkers to the world's 7th giant on the earth Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m) base camp. This Exceptional and strenuous trek is forgotten Himalaya’s admiration in Nepal. Trek to Dhaulagiri is not for only physically fit trekkers it’s for the adventure person like mounting. This trek is categorized as one of the very strenuous treks in Nepal.

Trekking to Dhaulagiri is a camping only trek over 5000m and in French pass5360m, Dhampus pass 5240m. Some adventure seekers trek the Dhaulagiri circuit with a Dhampus climbing at the elevation of 6060m. Mission Himalaya treks suggest bringing crampons, ice-ax, and ropes for this trek because this trek is only for trekking lovers who have previous hiking experiences at higher elevations or climbing expertise is helpful for them.

Trek Facts:

Grade: Very difficult to strenuous

Trekking period: 15 to 17 days

Highest altitude: 5360m

Trek style: Camping

Start point: Beni

Ending Point: Marpha or Jomsom

Jewels of Dolpo region Trek:

Shey Gompa:

Legendary Shey Gompa is the mountain fable for international writers and explorers. The Tibetan style Monastery and work of art is very rare and gems. It’s off the between on the shadow to mountains with heaven.

Shey Phoksundo Lake:

Attractive Shey Phoksundo lake is an example of a beautiful lake in the world and is covered by pine forests with like seaside and an alongside Bon shrines and full of faunas.

Strenuous French Pass:

The most difficult French pass trek is similar to Chola-pass, Renzo pass, and Kongma- La passes in Everest Trek. The climax of this trek is the compliment of marveling at the Himalayas off the beaten valley. Looks the trek is an expedition.

Do Tarap:

village-like yellow or an earthy pigment-containing ferric oxide with numerous clusters of Gompa, Monasteries, Chortens make the sights similar comparable with Tibet so trekkers feel they are in another typical world or a look corner.

True Adventure With Life Village

Nepal offers numerous adventure routes for trekking and one of them the Dolpo to Jomsom and the upper mustang is an undomesticated thrill and appreciation of shining brightly.

Racial and spiritual mystify with high altitude adventure village exploration who are the traditional Bon and ancient Tibetan Buddhist influenced are the main theme of this region trek.

Permit Information:

Trekkers Information management System (TIMS)

DO Tarap and Shey Phoksundo lake need Dolpo Restricted region Permits with Phoksundo national park permits.

Beni to Dolpo Trek requires Dhorpatan Permits.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Needs ACAP Permit.

The combo trek of Upper Mustang, Shey Gompa, Inner Dolpo, and Dolpo to Jomsom need all area permits which is the most expensive trek permit in Nepal. That permits US$ 50 per day. Min 10 days plus add on US$ 10 per day.

For trekking, in those regions, at least 2 people must travel in one group with a local guide from Nepal.

Best Time:

All those trek routes are the shadow of the Himalayas so march to November is the best time to go. But Dhaulaghiri circuit spring and autumn is the best time to travel.

Keep in mind that all those regions have just a few homestays with basic facilities so Camping is best and only one option of the trek.

Getting There And Away

From Nepalgunj can have a flight to Jumla and Jhupal. From Jomsom to Pokhara also have tiny airstrip flights. Those flights can delay or cancel due to bad weather and in June July. Pokhara to Beni and Jomsom to Pokhara Public transport is also available.


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