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Envisaging a trip to unravel Tibet's beauty? If so, you have landed at the right place. With years of experience in travel and tourism, our experienced staff has customized several Tibet tours and trekking packages that suit most of the traveller's needs. Before jumping to the package itself, let's first introduce how the country is like, which you want to explore?

Tibet is not just a random portion of this huge universe. Suitable for avid as well as adventurous travellers, Tibet is the land of arid rolling hills, sacred mountains, and architectural ancient towns. Eminent as the highest placed nation in the world, Tibet is an independent country and governed as a Tibet autonomous region of China.

Focusing on the travel urge of citizens all around the world, Mission Himalaya Treks has designed some packages for the beautiful exploration of Tibet. Among many, some of the tours and treks packages for Tibet is Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Tour and Tibet Lhasa Tour. Promising the top-notch service, even the cost of these packages here are reasonable.

Why Join Tibet Tours and Treks?

Covering a territory of around 2500000 Square kilometres, Tibet has a population of around 3648100m. With the majority of this population following Buddhism, the main religion of this autonomous region is Tibetan Buddhism. Some of the people here follow the Bon religion which is very much similar to that of Tibetan Buddhism. Wherever you go in Tibet, Buddhist-influenced historical arts, monasteries and other monuments show up in front of you to stupefy you. 

Being tourism and agriculture the major source of income, the benign locals of this land give their full effort to enthral travellers. From their staple food to their special delicacies, everything you taste here brings a seraphic smile to your face. Whenever you visit Tibet, make sure to try Tsampa(Roasted Barley), Yak meat, and butter tea, their staple foods.

Like several countries in the world, the tourism industry in Tibet is flourishing day by day. There is not just a single reason why tourists are attracted to a tour in Tibet. The exploration of the capital city of Tibet namely Lhasa is enough to impress the travellers entering Tibet. Some of the popular landmarks in Lhasa are the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka Park, and so on. The UNESCO listed towering Potala palace standing gloriously in Red Hill of Lhasa used to be the winter residence of Dalai Lamas in the past. While visiting the palace today, you will realize it has gained significant importance for religious as well as administrative purposes.

As Tibet consists of the alternative way to reach the north face of the Mt.Everest summit, it adds another valid reason why this country should be traversed once in a lifetime. Besides, home to the revered Mt. Kailash, a trek to Mount Kailash highly deserves your visit. The zen vibe that caresses you after the circumambulation around Mt. Kailash gives you the next level of satisfaction. This circumlocution is considered the most pious by Buddhists, Bons, Jains, and Hindus. The ambience of the Mt.Kailash trek route is so fascinating that if not for religious purposes, visit this place for its ethereal natural beauty. The pristine Mansarovar lake with its natural beauty and religious significance drags both religious and adventurous travellers to its premise.

Further few other lakes including Namtso, and Yamdroktso never lag to leave a long-lasting impression on their visitors. Likewise, there is a bounty of other top attractions in Tibet which are worth exploring.

Doing a Tibet trek in rush is deemed to cause severe High altitude sickness, so it's better to do the trek maintaining proper pace and acclimatization rest. While choosing the Tibet tours or treks select the best which suits your vacation and other preferences.

Whichever Tibet tour you choose, either overland tour vai Friendship highway or helicopter landing tours, you will get astounded by the great hospitality of locals and unique landscape of Tibet.


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