Why Travel Nepal Bhutan and Tibet in 2024?

Featuring the vast cultural, historical, and mountainous motifs, the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet are worth exploring whenever you desire. However, if you have not admired these countries’ magnificence yet, manage to add on the gleaming journey to the Himalayan nations of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet in 2024. Some people are curious about why travel to Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Here are some glimpses to travel these places at a time.

No reason is required for opting for a trip to these countries. However, to sway all your doubts we here give you the reason why travel to Nepal Bhutan, and Tibet in 2024.

The splendor of these nations was great in the past and in present days too. However, after the world went through the COVID-19 pandemic, the beauty of these Himalayan nations ignited some other kind of zeal that burst out the extreme love towards nature, history, and culture more now, than in the past.

Reasons to visit Nepal Bhutan and Tibet in 2024

Nepal Tibet and Bhutan tour is a glorious trip package that lends you the pleasure of unveiling the natural and cultural aspects of these countries while observing the different lifestyles that each country’s population carries. Get into the cities of Kathmandu, Lhasa, and Paro to observe the highlighted history, culture, religion, and nature of these 3 countries.

Further, the rules that barred travelers from entering any of these nations also tend to seem vanished with time. Hence, it gives you a solid reason why to travel to Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet in 2024.

Everest Base camp South Nepal
Everest Base Camp South Nepal

The time that people have spent inside the 4 walls during lockdown was much traumatizing. And it was when people’s respect towards nature got double-fold. However, due to the fear of COVID-19 and COVID-related rules and restrictions, people didn’t dare to get out of the safe zone, which was their home.

But with the discovery of medications and proper safety measures, it has been possible to get out of the home, and even travel abroad has become possible again.

Hence, if you have not planned any trip for your mind refreshment, think about the tour in Nepal Bhutan, and Tibet in 2024/2025.

Visiting these countries, the fresh air and environment will help you rejuvenate your stressed body, mind, and soul. Be it the earthquake and COVID-19 19-pandemic or other natural calamities, nothing has succeeded in distorting the natural beauty of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Though each of the disasters has immensely affected the economy of these countries negatively, the humble people of these nations always prioritize their guests’ respect over everything. You can’t stay without praising their benevolent smile and immense hospitality. Of course, the way of respecting tourists varies in each country but the feeling of respect is almost the same in each namely Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Why Travel to Nepal Bhutan and Tibet in 2024?

A combined trip to three different nations sharing a few similar aspects has got different things to offer for the visitors.

Hiking and Trekking

In the recent world where the admiration of people towards hiking and trekking is trending, the tour in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet suits perfectly for this adventure. Teamed with world-renowned soaring mountains, the land of these three nations used to offer trekking and climbing holidays since the old days.

Tilicho lake and Tilicho peak
Tilicho lake and Tilicho peak

Now coming up to the rising world which was drowned almost by the COVID pandemic, the love of people towards nature has increased by twofold. To find natural peace, the lap of the Himalayas of these countries lends their best. To have an imperious lifetime adventure, you can think of the hiking adventure in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

All of these countries offer long days of challenging trekking packages. However, focusing on the combined trip to these nations instead of choosing multiple days of the trekking adventure of EBC Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, Kailash Mansarovar Trek, or Snowman Trek opt for short hiking such as Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Druk Path Trek, EBC Trek from Rongbuk Monastery of Tibet and so on.

Cultural Tour

Home to a plethora of eminent Buddhist monasteries and other historical places, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet are the dream destinations of many cultural saunters. These three countries account for the best pilgrimage tour in Asia. Though the population of Nepal predominantly follows the Hindu tradition, the Buddha’s landmark doesn’t lag when it comes to the Buddhist sites exploration. In the case of Bhutan and Tibet, Buddhism is dominantly followed in each corner.

UNESCO-listed sites of Pashupatinath Temple, Changunarayan Temple, the Himalayan temple of Muktinath, and many other Hindu sites let you succulently observe the brimming Hindu culture in Nepal. The landmarks of Lumbini, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath, White Stupa at Pokhara, and many others in Nepal give you the best insight into the Buddhist religion.

In the case of Bhutan and Tibet, Vajranaya and Mahayana Buddhism are dominant in Bhutan and Tibet, respectively. There are many other Buddhist treasures to discover in those Buddhist lands.

Bristled with the architectural structure of Buddhist tradition, Bhutan is the land for peace lovers. A cultural tour in Bhutan would not be complete without visiting Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery. Furthermore, Paro Dzong, Ringpung Dzong, Chimi Lhakang, Punakha Dzong and so on add to the appeal of the place.

Gaze out over the wonderfully established Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Ganden Monastery, Sera Monastery, and so on are the inspiring Buddhist sightseeing destinations in Tibet. To immerse in Hindu culture a trip to the Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet is the highlighted one.

Natural Hotspring Bath

Natural Hotspring Bath is the best achievement of your Tour in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet in 2024. It is called so because, as previously mentioned past few years after the pandemic were not easy for anyone. To grabble that stress from mind and body, a soul-healing dip in the natural hot springs of these Himalayan lands is tremendously crucial.

Each of these nations houses natural hot springs on the sheer amount.

Wildlife Exploration

Jigme Dorje National Park of Bhutan and the Lulang forest of Tibet lets you wonderfully explore the wildlife of these two nations. In the context of Nepal, Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, and many other parks and conservation areas do their best to give you the best glimpse of wild flora and fauna including the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger, One-Horned Rhinoceros, and so on.

Invigorating Adventurous Sport

Apart from trekking, mountain biking, and rock climbing Tibet merely allows you to indulge in other heart-pounding adventures. Luckily if you reach there during the festive time of horse racing, you can observe the manliness of Tibetan horse riders which is hilarious to watch.

Diving towards the availability of daring sports in Nepal and Bhutan, the mountains, high-altitude lakes, gushing rivers, and elevated cliff offers abundant thrilling sports to choose from. Known as the tourist hub of Nepal, your days in Pokhara allow you to experience the best of paragliding, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, kayaking, and many others. Likewise, the town of Paro, Thimphu, Khansum Yulley, Phobjikha Valley, Punakha, and so on lets you satiate your urge for adventure stunts.

Explore the best of three countries on the tour

Each of the Himalayan territories of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet are lands not only for cultural explorers. More than culture, these nations flaunt the daring adventures that are preferred by adventure enthusiasts. Adventure can also be recited as the synonym for these three spectacular nations.

Listing each of the highlights of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet makes us continue this blog with myriads of words. Thus to give you the best insight with the short and sweet reading blog here we have mentioned a few prime appealing factors. For your ease, we have listed each country’s attraction below with different titles.

Highlights of Nepal

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Durbar Square, Lumbing Sightseeing, Chitwan National Park, and so on

  • Himalayan Monasteries and Temples
  • Trekking Routes for Trek Psychopaths
  • Appealing Hiking in Kathmandu
  • Pokhara Sightseeing

A top sight to see in Bhutan

Rinpung Dzong Monastery in Bhutan
Rinpung Dzong Monastery in Bhutan

Alternatively hailed as The Thunder Dragon and The Last Shangrila, Bhutan is a travelers’ paradise. Focusing your short day stay in Bhutan few attractive places you may find interesting in Bhutan are:

  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery-Monastery, located on the cliff above Paro Valley
  • Paro Valley Sightseeing

Tibet’s Major Attractions

Popular with the title Roof of the World, the Tibetan Plateau barely lets travel escape from its beauty. A combined trip to Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet doesn’t allow you to spend a large vacation in Tibet. In short, day stay, the place that affords your visit are:

  • Potala Palace
  • Norbulinka Palace
  • Jokhang Temple
  • Barkhor Street
    Tibet Attractions Potala Palace
    Tibet Attractions Potala Palace

How long would it take to visit Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet?

Taking a multi-country tour of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet during a vacation of 14 days or two weeks allows you to see the cultural highlights in each country. If your preference is to add adventure to your cultural exploration, you might need more than 20 days of vacation.

Last Words

Here in this article, we have discussed why to travel to Nepal Bhutan, and Tibet in 2024. The opulence of these countries is not limited to the above-mentioned descriptions only. To experience the real treasure of nature, culture, and adventure let your inner heat explore everything with your physical presence in those mystical lands.