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Why should you do Everest Base Camp Trek in 2023?

Updated at Jun 3, 2022by Mission Himalaya

The jewels of the earth and the top of the world, Mt. Everest is one of the magnetic Himalayan peaks that allure the fearless and destressed mountaineers. Sagarmatha also called the mother of the Himalayas, which is the nativity and death circle of prominent Sherpa mountaineers. Mt Everest is the Himalaya that most travelers know, but only a few adventures face to face with open eyes.

Trek to Everest Base Camp provides you the moments to adore the scene of Earth's tallest Himalaya and the huge background for 11 days inside the Sagarmatha National park. The fresh Himalaya air and the capture of the awesome snow Himalayas and the full excitement spirit of nature are everything that memorizes you until your entire lifetime. The Snow Himalayan scenes, the distinctive Sherpa culture, and Buddhist religious shrines made Nepal the most astonishing place on the earth. That is why there are numerous reasons to trek Everest Base Camp in 2023.

Hiking to the Base Camp of this tallest Himalaya- Mt. Everest, will be a memorable daring journey that will customize you and the earth nearby you. Everest Base Camp Trek is a fully organized trekking trail, so trekkers can realize it, so do not think it can be only a dream. Trekkers who do not have prior alpine trekking experience also hike to their base camp by the 14-day itinerary with the correct acclimatization scheme.

Everest Base Camp Trek Via Helicopter
Everest Base Camp Trek Via Helicopter


Concentrated perceptions and feelings can assist you in forgetting about your daily troubles, relaxing into meditative tranquillity, and finding harmony with the rest of the world. It is only conceivable because of Nepal, a country rich in contrasts and charismatic in its own right. Are there any reservations on your mind? Now is the time to apply, and let's look at what's available. You'll find anything you're looking for in Nepal, whether it's the Himalayan magnificence, a new culture, or a mental reset. Decide. Chomolungma or Sagarmatha has been seen on adventures pleasing Chomolungma or Sagarmatha, as well as a spiritual Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Makalu, and Pumori.

Climb two authentic Middle Kingdom peaks, Kala Patkhar and Nankarstang, both over 5000 meters, and walk to a height of 5545 meters to see the sunrise across the Himalayas. The harsh nature of the highlands will be exposed to you, including glacier breath, a lack of oxygen, and fast temperature variations. Three of the most well-known Everest trekking destinations are Tengboche, Khumjung, and Lobuche. Tyangboche Monastery is a group of exquisite structures in the Khumbu Valley from the 14th century.

Hillary Bridge in Everest Base camp
Hillary Bridge in Everest Base camp


Due to these few major highlights, you should trek to Everest Base Camp in 2022-2023:

  • Kalapatthar (5545m) is the best viewpoint to observe Mt Everest during sunrise and sunset
  • Breathtaking sceneries from the world's tallest 3-star hotel where food is served on its balcony
  • Views of Makalu (8463 m); the world's fifth-highest Himalayas from Nagsarkang on acclimatization day
  • Lhotse and snowy Lhotse Sar Himalayas view from Dingboche and Tyangboche
  • A sherpas memorial park in Thukla Pass with their memorial statue and chortens
  • Pyramid Investigation center for climate and globalization change in earth regulated by Italy between Gorakshep and Lobuche
  • One of the largest glaciers in the world, the Khumbu glacier, and its Icefall elongated from Thukla to Everest Base Camp
  • An ancient spiritual Monastery in the Khumbu regions (noted: Tyangboche, Pangboche, and Khumjung are the best)
  • Mani rimdu Festival liveshow if trekkers travel late october
  • A Tiny airstrip stimulating flight journey to Himalayas short airport Lukla. (noted the airport is not flat, it is a 24-degree landscape. And a very short runway in between Dudhkoshi River Valley.)
  • Hillary Museum to observe local cultural traditions and local goods
  • Experience the helicopter flight from any trekking spots in Khumbu
  • Ancient Sherpas culture festival tradition and their respect for tourists
  • Wildlife exploring and bird watching (major Bird: Lhopophorus, Major Animal: Snow leopard, Himalayan Thar, Blue Sheep)
  • Subtropical to Alpine floras (major: Laligurans, which is the national flower of Nepal)
  • Stress-free trek just with a bag of water. ( A guide and a porter will be organized who will provide hospitality during the trek)
  • Trek in the well-organized Himalayan region (tea houses are a lot; they provide lodging and flooding. So, there is no need for camping.

Why trek Everest Base Camp in 2023?

1. Namche- A trade Hub in Khumbu

The trekker's capital Namche is the 1st acclimatization village for all the Everest regions trekking, including traditional Everest Base Camp Treks. Tourism is the principal trade in Namchebazaar headquarters. Namche is at the elevation of 3440m above sea level; which is surrounded by snow Himalayas; Kwongde and its ridge, Amadablam, Thamserku, Mt. Everest, and Khumbila. Namche also named the gateway of EBC, offers a huge quality western restaurant, a Coffee bar, Souvenirs stores, and a traditional sherpa Museum. Travelers can enjoy beautiful scenery, food, and drinks in Namche on acclImatization day.

2. Khumjung and Khunde

Those two Village is named Sherpa Capital and the huge climber's settlements of the Everest region. Trekkers can observe the Himalayan daily lifestyle of Sherpa people living in Khumjung. Not only are these two villages for human habitats also popular for the harvest of potatoes and buckwheat in alpine fields. Trekkers can taste the delicious local potato with Timmur(Zanthoxylum armatum) pickle. Khumjung has a Khumjung Hillary school and Legendary Yeti Skull Monastery, whereas Khunde offers a Hillary Hospital and Khunde Monastery. Both villages offer the close eyesight of the Amadablam Himalayas.

3. Delightful mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and return

A charming, picturesque flight from Kathmandu to a world's dangerous airport, Lukla provides a wide range of attractive alpine woodland and the snowcapped Himalayas, Dudhkoshi gorges, glaring glacial rivers, countryside villages, greenery cultivated lands, charming waterfalls, risky flights over the white clouds. These sceneries can be possible on the left window seats during the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and right window seats when flying back from Lukla to Kathmandu. Due to the civil aviation rules, sometimes flights can change from Ramechap to Lukla and return back. But the views from Kathmandu to Lukla and return are more beautiful as compared to Phaplu airport flight or Ramechap airports.

4. Trek inside the World's Highest National park

Mt. Everest and Sagarmatha National park are UNESCO's world heritage sites listed in 1979. To hike or tour inside this wealthy area, trekkers need to take permission from Nepal Tourism Board or the National park permits counter. Everest Base Camp trekkers can also enter through Monjo which has a beautiful entrance gate of Everest and is protected by Nepal Army forces. These Everest heritage sites provide a wide range of dense alpine forests of Rhododendron, Pine, oaks, and Junipers. That woodland is the adobe of many alpine birds and animals as well as medicinal plants. During the Everest Base Camp Trekking journey, lucky trekkers can observe the rare Himalayan faunas like Himalayan Thar, snow leopards, and blue sheep. Therefore, it's a famous destination for bird-watching, wildlife, and nature exploration.

5. Collection of Suspension bridges

Trekking in Everest Base Camp follows almost all of the valley of Dudhkoshi River gorges, so the trails provide 100s of suspension bridges made of metals and wood. On the second day of trekking, the adventurers can cross the Sir Edmond Hillary Suspension Bridge, which is the longest and deepest suspension bridge in Nepal. Ole and the new Hillary bridge offer breathing scenes of Kwongde, Tabuche, and Thamserku Himalayas scenes. This Hillary bridge is also a spiritual bridge, so many trekkers who cross this bridge put Khada and prayer flags on the sidebars to provide a spiritual Khumbu religious vives for every visitor. During the windy periods, crossing these bridges is an adventure thrill.  Except for this Hillary bridge, below trekking trails or afterward, this bridge's numerous suspension bridges can be observed during the Everest Base Camp Trekking journey.

6. Highest 3-star Hotel Everest View

For the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour or Everest Base Camp Trekkers, it will be an unfulfilling holiday without reaching and observing the 3-star hotel in front of Khumbila mountain. Many trekkers who take an acclimatization hiking along with this hotel can take a coffee in front of Everest and Holy Ama Dablam Majestic Himalayas. Probably Hotel Everest View is the highest luxury hotel on earth, which managed to receive the 'Guinness Book of The world' award 18 years ago. Trekkers who have not slept at this hotel can take coffee in the dining hall or outside on a balcony. This Hotels Balcony or Terraces offers 360-degree Himalayas scenes of two eight thousand Himalayas, Lhotse, and Mt. Everest with dozens of other popular peaks like Amadablam, Tabuche, Thamserku, Kwongde, Lhotsesae, and so on. The hotel has internet and wifi facilities with luxury places to sleep as well.

7. Travellers' chief Ambition - Everest Base Camp

The ultimate goal for anyone hiking in the Everest region is to observe the world's highest mountain Everest and its base camp. The principal admiration of the trekking journey is also a left footprint in 5364 meters and catching a glimpse there. Many hikers who do not know the information think Everest Base Camp is climbing the top of Everest, not walking without climbing gear. After 2 days of acclimatization and 6 days of hiking on a difficult alpine trek route, trekkers who succeed in reaching here can observe and touch the Khumbu glacier and icefall by themselves. It's a haven trekking route that provides 5 colors of prayers. Tibetan flags, snows, and black rock hiking routes give the spiritual cold vives. The Everest Base Camp is very well-liked for Everest Base Camp helicopter tours and climbers who will climb Sagarmatha can start camping from here.

8. Sunset and Sunrise view from 5545m

Kalapatthar is the highest elevated trekking destination for Mt Everest Base Camp Trekkers. Kala Patthar's names come after the Nepali name Kala and Patthar, meaning black and stone in English. For Everest Base Camp adventures, this point is an ideal scenery point to observe the golden snow Himalayas that turns just after sunrise or before sunset. Even 2 hours hiking journey is very difficult before breakfast from Gorakshep (5170 meters to 5545 meters); it's very worth visiting. The 360-degree Himalayas sunrise or sunset vistas offer the awe-inspiring landscapes and Himalayas of 3 eight thousand (Everest, Makalu, Lhotse) as well as 100s of giant snowcapped climbing peaks in Khumbu regions.

9. Explore Unique Sherpa Festival and Culture

Sagarmatha is the principal sherpa community home, and tourism is the main business in the Everest region. Traditional or classic Everest Base Camp Trekking encompasses the ancient heritage, lifestyle, and customs of legendary Sherpa climbers. The local Sherpas feel delighted during ceremonies, so lots of culture and dancing activities occur in this region.

Few of the principal festival occurs in the Everest Khumbu regions of Nepal, but Mani Rimdu Festival and Lhosar festival are extraordinary premier festivals for the Sherpa community. Lhosar is the Sherpa's new year celebration festival in the Khumbu region. Lhosar festival is celebrated for around half a month like Hindu Dashain Festivals, but the very prime day is just half a week for Tibetans to influence Buddhist pilgrimages.

The Main Festival of Sherpas is the Mani Rimdu Festival which occurs at the end of October or the middle of Autumn. All the Sherpa people around Tyangboche villages trek to the Tyangboche monastery for ritual occasions during these biggest festivals. Trekkers who love to explore the sherpa festival of Mani Rimdu can book the trek in October to observe this festival face to face. The Masked Dancers provides a story and legends of spiritual and devout topics through Dancing platforms.

10. Nagsarkang makalu View points

The second Acclimatization point in Dingboche Village is not only to rest but also to adapt to the height of Everest Base Camp Trekking trails. A day hiking in Nagsarkang peak (5083 m) during your acclimatization day provides the closest and wide range of vistas of Makalu, Lhotse, and Lhotse Sar, Mera trekking peak, and 100s of other snow-capped Himalayas around Khumbu. A sunset view is better than anything, so trekkers can adjust starting time around 3 hours before the sunset to observe the amazing orange color scene in the mountain by sunlight.

11. Collections of ancient Monasteries

Sagarmatha, or the Everest region of Nepal, is not only famous for the Himalayas but also for a spiritual and holy aspect. This region is the Buddhist monasteries, chortens, and mani walls homes. You can experience the holy monasteries with blessings from monks and Lamas like Tyangboche, Khumjung, Thame, Pangboche, upper Phakding, and Namche as well. From this, spiritual monasteries also can observe the eight thousand Himalayas of Khumbu.

Encounter the Monastery not only to visit the scenery but also to learn the spiritual aspects of Sherpas with religions. The sherpas and Lamas give tourists the mountain lifestyle learning. Many hikers can participate in Monastery for praying and blessing.

Namche Bazaar on the way to Everest Base Camp
Namche Bazaar on the way to Everest Base Camp


Varieties of Everest Base Camp Trek packages:

Everest Base Camp Trek has several trekking package options, so it will be fit for short holiday trekkers to multiple days holiday trekkers. Different trekking options have numerous advantages and durations as follows:

  1. Rapid Everest Base Camp Trek 7 days
  2. Short Everest Base Camp Trek 10 days
  3. Classic Everest Base Camp Trek 14 days
  4. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek 20-25 days
  5. Everest Base Camp Trek with Three Passes 20 days
  6. Chola Pass and Everest Base Camp Trek 17 days
  7. Island Peak Climb with Everest Base Camp Trek 21 days
  8. Mera Peak with Everest Base Camp Trek 25 days
  9. Lobuche Peak with Everest Base Camp Trek 20 days
  10. Amphulaptsa Passes with Everest Base Camp Trek 19 days and many more.

Several Everest Base Camp Trek Packages depend on the trekker's holiday and the Everest Base Camp Trek route where they start and end their trekking.

Final words:

Honestly, a 14 days Trekking Journey to Everest Base Camp is the trekking holiday combo that offers thrilling, astonishing, daring multi-day hiking pursuit, which is adventurous, delightful, and pleasurable and changes your spirit. The adventurers who do not like to trek for 7 to 12 days can take a scenic Helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp. Those who like to trek Everest Base Camp but do not like to return by the same trails can choose the Everest circuit trek via Gokyo Lake and Chola pass. Trekkers who have 1 week's holiday can trek to Everest Base Camp but return by helicopter flights. Some budget visitors can choose the Everest mountain flight by airplane in 1 hour and offer bird-watching tour journeys in the Khumbu region. So do not miss seeing Mt. Everest when you will come to Nepal for any tour or trek journey. Noted that pre-monsoon and post-monsoon are the best periods to collect the scene of the Himalayas in your camera as well as the personal memory in your life.

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