What is Nepal Famous for?

If Asia is a sea, Nepal is a single droplet in that sea. The statement is true only in the context of the geographical area. Except for the geographical area, there are bountiful reasons that make Nepal affluent in front of others.

Have you ever heard of Mt Everest? If yes, then Nepal might be a familiar name for you.

Having no idea of Mt. Everest, you might get straddle hearing Nepal has a mine of unfeigned charismas to cater to the popularity of Nepal to the entire world.

What is Nepal famous for aside from being the home nation of the great Mt.Everest?

Hugely known for being the birthland of Gautam Buddha, Nepal has something to cater to every backpacker’s needs. Of Course, the hospitality of simple and benign Nepalese people is something that every traveler adores. But more than these things there are many more others that give Nepal a unique identity.

Furthermore, another fascinating fact about Nepal is that to make a Nepal trip, you needn’t have to take the stress of budget. The paradisical land of Nepal serves a range of luxurious as well as budget-friendly trips for every traveler.

Nepal is popular for its mountains

Himalayas and Mountains are other words for Nepal. The mountains gain all the credit for making Nepal known to several other nations of the world. Land consisting of eight out of 14 eight-thousanders, mountains are the pride of Nepal and Nepalese people.

The name of the world’s highest mountain above sea level Mt Everest is known to almost every person in the world. If you have not heard of the other eight-thousanders’ names then have a look at their brief introduction.

View of World Famous Mt Everest from Gokyo
View of World Famous Mt Everest from Gokyo

List of names of 8 eight-thousanders in Nepal.

Name Height
Mt. Everest 8848m
Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586m
Mt. Annapurna 8091m
Mt. Dhauligiri 8167m
Mt. Lhotse 8516m
Mt. Cho Oyu 8188m
Mt. Manaslu 8163m
Mt. Makalu 8485m

Each of these mountains listed above is the reason most foreigners visit Nepal. These peaks widely offer a climbing expedition for visitors. As the base of the peaks opens up the best trekking routes for adventure junkies if not for climbing, people visit Nepal for trekking purposes.

The presence of remote settlements towards the base camp route gives foreigners the best way to experience the lifestyle which is intact and far away from the shade of today’s brimming life.

Hotspring of Nepal

Natural Hotspring in Jhinu
Natural Hotspring in Jhinu In Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Mountains, trekking routes, historical and religious places, and national parks are the famous aspects of Nepal but have you ever heard of the hot springs? Hotsprings are the hidden treasures of Nepal.

They are scattered mostly in the Himalayan portion. Though there are abundant hot springs in Nepal, only a few of them are frequented by travelers.

Not just a scenic view, hot springs are the best remedies for tired muscles and sore legs. After the days-long trek in the strenuous Himalayan trails, some time spent on the hot spring heals all the body stress. Meanwhile, by providing your mind with a soothing experience, you will find eternal happiness.

For the hot spring bath, Tatopani Hotspring, Jhinu Danda Hot Spring, and Syabrubesi Hot Spring are some of the popular places in Nepal that are famous for their hot bath.

Nepal’s incredible caves

The popularity of the presence of mountains in Nepal has already topped the success vertex. But do you have any idea what caves are meant for Nepal?

Well, many people out there in the world are heedless of this fact about Nepal. And, you might also be from the same crowd who are unaware of the hidden popularity of the caves of Nepal.

Beneath the mighty mountains and rocky boulders, there are ample caves scattered all over Nepal. For thrill-seekers, an entry to these caves best fills up their desires and expectations. Thrilling caves of Nepal are popular with their attractions and each has distinct features.

Incredible Caves of Nepal
Incredible Caves of Nepal

From the list of many some of the famous caves in Nepal are:

Siddha Gufa

If someone asks about the biggest cave in Nepal, then Siddha Gufa gives the best answer to this question. Further, the popularity of this cave is not limited to Nepal only. It is the second biggest in South Asia. Want to know the location of the cave? It’s in Bimal Nagar of Tanahaun District, Nepal.

Sky Cave

Sky Cave is a synonym for mystery. The reason is the formation of the sky cave which is still a mystery. Standing on the steep walls above 150 meters from the valley floor of the Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal- Upper Mustang, the color of the rocks and sands over these caves is bewildering to view. The color changes from red to ocher and grey to brown time and again.

Mahendra Cave

Mahendra Cave is named after the late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Formed mostly of natural limestone, the cave is around 45 minutes of drive away from main Pokhara City. The interior of the cave is very dark, damp, and cool as well. Venturing away towards the cave anyone can feel the drips of minerals over their body.

The presence of bats inside the damp and dark walls of the cave is sure to give travelers a thrilling experience. Furthermore, the statue of Lord Shiva is also placed inside the cave which is enough to give religious vibes to the travelers of Mahendra Cave.

Bat Cave

Denizens pronounce Bat Cave as the Chamare Gufa. Due to the presence of abundant bat species inside the cave, the cave is referred to as Bat Cave. With an interesting and challenging exit, the entire cave is a beautiful formation of Limestone.

Gupteshwor Cave

You might not know. But yes, Gupteshwor Cave is the longest cave in Nepal. As you enter the cave, the statue of Lord Shiva comes into your site, and further entering inside, the darkness there creates a hypnotic vibe. Further climbing down the metal stairs presents the stairs leading to the way where the water of Davis Falls is collected to mix up with  Seti River.

Manjushree Cave

The formation of the cave is deeply related to the formation of the entire Kathmandu Valley. According to the legend, it is the same place from where Manjushree cut the lake to draw the water out of the Lake. The cave formed here is a tunnel-like structure that you have to crawl through for exploration.

Birdwatching (Most Admired Tourist Activity)

Birdwatching in Nepal
Birdwatching in Chitwan National Park Nepal

Avid birdwatchers throughout the world are aware of the importance and popularity of Birdwatching in Nepal. However, for an ordinary person, Birdwatching in Nepal might be something new and different. It does not matter which category you are in, reading this blog you will know the ideal places for birdwatching in Nepal.

Many places in Nepal serve astonishingly best for birdwatching purposes. The surrounding hills around Kathmandu Valley including Phulchowki, Sundarijal, Godawari, and Taudhaha Lake are some of the famous birdwatching sites within the boundary of the Kathmandu Valley.

Some other destinations outside the valley are Bishazari Lake, the riverbank of Rapti, and Narayani of Chitwan National Park. Moreover, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Bardiya National Park cater well to birdwatching.

Nepal is famous for Adventurous Sports

The popularity of Nepal has also unfurled to the thrilling sports. The existence of mountains, hills, waterfalls, and rivers not only offers your eyes an appealing sight. They have a value way beyond that. Ignoring all other values, for now, let’s just focus on the wilderness seekers.

Each courageous spirit in Nepal is offered the opportunity to perform a bold and heroic stunt in the lap of pristine nature. To opt for these sports, you needn’t have to drive far away from Kathmandu. Just after your landing, visit the surrounding hills of Kathmandu Valley.

Further, a quick flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara broadens your choice of daring something pretty and exotic. Alternatively popular as the adventure hub, Pokhara never leaves any adventure seekers unsatiated.

What is Nepal Famous For-Adventurous Paragliding in Pokhara
What is Nepal Famous For-Adventurous Paragliding in Pokhara

If you have the urge to try something adventurous then immediately make your way to Nepal. The list of many famous valorous activities are:

Bunjee Jumping

Bunjee Jumping in Nepal repletes the adrenaline rush of adventure seekers throughout the world. Bungee Jumping in the Bhotekoshi River and Kushma Bridge are the spots popular for Bunjee Jump. Besides, the Cliff-styled artificial Bunjee is also available in Hemja near Pokhara.


There are several spots for paragliding in Nepal. To experience the real thrill opt for the Paragliding in Pokhara which sets off from Sarangkot and lands at the landing spot near Phewa Lake.

White Water Rafting

Experiencing the rapid flow of the gusting rivers brings excitement and goosebumps to every person sitting in the rafting boat. To experience such adventure, opt for the Trishuli River Rafting, Kaligandaki River rafting, or similar other available rafting in the pristine rivers of Nepal.

What is Nepal famous for? its Sumptuous food

The hardworking locals of Nepal don’t just skip their lunch or dinner with just packed snacks. They love to eat everything that is grown organic and fresh. Further, this Himalayan country is blessed with several herbs.

Among them, many of the herbs are used astonishingly to spice up the dishes which gives a distinct flavor to each dish. Names of the few popular Nepalese dishes are:

Nepali Dal-Bhat Set

Trekkers Enjoying Nepali Khana Set
Trekkers Enjoying Nepali Khana Set

The popular Dal-Bhat set is the staple food of Nepal. Here Bhat refers to steamed rice whereas a lentil soup is called Dal by the Nepalese people. Besides Dal and Bhat, the set includes other several side dishes like fried vegetables, Sadheko achar, and chutney.

Here Sadheko achar refers to the spiced vinegar added, boiled, or fresh veggies. Likewise, Chutney means a spiced mixture of ground tomato and mint or coriander leaves. Other optional dishes are normal salads or fermented salads.

Thakali Khana

Thakali Khana is quite similar to that of the Nepali Dal Bhat Set. It also includes steamed rice, lentil soup, and fried vegetables along with fermented radish. However, what makes the Thakali Dish distinct is the aroma of the spices including Jimmu, Timur, and a few other ingredients alike.

Furthermore, the aroma of fresh ghee gives the dish a unique taste. Unlike the normal Dal-Bhat set, in the Thakali Khana set, you can see the bowl filled with Kanchhenba(buckwheat dish) on the side of the plate.

For non-vegetarians, the dish made out of dried goat or yak meat adds a unique flavor. If not the dried meat, the normal meat of Yak or goat is also not that bad.

Newari Khaja Set

Holding the tradition since ancient times, Newari people give priority to welcoming guests with their delicious Newari Khaja set. The traditional Newari name of the set is Samayabaji. No festivals and feasts of Newari people go without this dish. Not just for the taste, the dish is popular in Nepali society for its serving style too.

The beaten rice occupies the center position whereas other vegetables, meat, eggs, and several other dishes encircle the beaten rice. All the varieties are kept on a single plate.

The precise names of the dishes that are included in the set are Bara, Choila, and Chatamari. To give you a sweet taste, Juju Dhau is also included. Juju Dhau translates to the King of Yogurt in Newari.

In the beverage item, you will find Chyang, or locally made wine in one of the traditional utensils.

Dhindo and Gundruk

The traditional dishes of Nepalese people, Gundruk and Dhindo hold great significance in Nepalese society. In the ancient days when there was no production of rice in the Himalayan regions and other different portions of the nation, people used to eat Dhindo made out of the flour of locally grown maize, Buckwheat, and millet.

Later, with the development of the transportation system in the country, Dal-Bhat gained popularity throughout the country. But, no matter what, nothing can beat the essence of Dhindo and Gundruk.

Dhindo and Gundruk(dried and fermented green leaves) are today served in almost all the Nepali traditional Restaurants of Nepal.

Momos- Must Try Succulent Dumplings

If you are visiting Nepal, having a plateful of momo is a must. Even if people here have no more appetite to eat anything, they never say no to momos. Momos are the Nepalese most favorite dish.

Momos are so special for Nepalese that wherever they go either to golf or European countries if you see Nepalese hotels or restaurants, you are likely to find Momo in their menu list.

Dry Yak Cheese

Whether you visit the tea garden or the mountainous region of Nepal, one thing you will find in common is the locally made dry yak cheese. It is made out of Yak milk. Make sure to taste the dry yak cheese during your tour or trekking in Nepal.

Illam, Kanchenjunga region, Upper Mustang, the Upper portion of the Annapurna region, and Everest Region are some of the popular places to get quality Dry Yak Cheese. With the development of a good transportation facility, you can get this item in the shops of Kathmandu Valley also.

Nepal is famous for its culture and festivals

Nepal gives the perfect example of religious tolerance and harmony. Within this small territory, when explored you can observe how people of multiple castes and ethnic groups are living together. Since the ancient days, the country has not indulged in any religious riots.

Shivaratri Festival Celebration in Mini Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu Durbar Square
Shivaratri Festival Celebration in Mini Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu Durbar Square

Though the majority of the population is inclined to the Hindu religion, you will not see domination made by Hindu people over other religions.

After Hinduism, the majority of the Nepalese population follow Buddhist culture and tradition. Besides Buddhism and Hinduism, the remaining population of the country follows Muslim, Jain, and several other religions.

Where the Hindu gives priority to the festive celebration of Teej, Dashain, Tihar, Janai Purnima, and Shivaratri the most, while Buddhist, Buddha Purnima, and Lohsar festivals have a great value.

Furthermore, for Muslims, Eid has its significance. Respecting the religion of each, the government of Nepal gives a public holiday to celebrate each festive day with happiness and excitement.

Nepal is famous for its unique Newari Culture

If you ever visit Nepal, you can’t escape the country without experiencing the heartwarming hospitality of ethnic Newari people. Newari people celebrate different festivals and celebrations all year round. Among many, one of their exotic tradition is explained in the paragraph below.

Bel Bibaha

For Newari people, Bel is not just an ordinary fruit. It is more than just an ordinary fruit. Bel holds more significance for Newari Girls than their real husband. Before the start of their first mensurational cycle, they are married to Bel. As long as the Bel is safe, they needn’t have to dress widowed even after the death of the real husband.

The tradition of Worshipping Kumari- The living Goddess

Kumari Living Goddess in Indrajatra Festival
Kumari Living Goddess in Indrajatra Festival

Nepal is famous for its unique tradition of worshipping the Kumari. Kumari is selected from the higher caste pre-pubescent girls of the Newari Buddhist community. They are worshipped by the people following Hindu as well as Buddhist cultures.

In recent days, the tradition of worshipping Kumari is followed in some of the cities of Nepal namely Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, and Sankhu. Kumari is deemed to be the manifestation of the goddesses Durga and the incarnation of Taleju Bhawani.

Nepal is famous for its tourist destination Pokhara

World Famous Pokhara Peace Stupa
World Famous Pokhara Peace Stupa

In the field of tourism, Pokhara is the central heart of Nepal. Natural scenery and the availability to opt for daring sports make this city a most favored destination for people all over the world. A visit to the shimmering Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake always takes your excitement to the next level. Spend quality time wandering around the brimming streets near lakeside Pokhara. It is the most admired activity of the travelers visiting there. Furthermore, a hike to the Santi Stupa or Pumdikot is also not bad.

To the question what is Nepal famous for? In the answer, the inclusion of Pokhara is a must from every perspective.

Lumbini- Birthland of Gautam Buddha

What is Nepal Famous For-Birthland of Gautam Buddha Lumbini
What is Nepal’s Famous For-Birthland of Gautam Buddha Lumbini

Widely revered as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Lumbini in the Rupandehi district of Nepal is the best Buddhist Pilgrimage site in Nepal. Included in the World Heritage Cultural Sites by UNESCO, architectural designs of several countries are astonishingly showcased in Lumbini.

Nepal is known for its historic cities

Reflecting on the history of Nepal, there are several places left for your exploration in Nepal. Here in this blog give a read to a few popular.


Reflecting the religious beauty and story of the medieval times in abundance, the UNESCO-listed Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple are the soul of Kathmandu city.

Patan and Bhaktapur

Pottery Square in Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Pottery Square in Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Near Kathmandu city, both Patan and Bhaktapur are ancient Newari cities full of deities and pottery. Visiting the Patan and Bhaktapur cities admire the craftsmanship of UNESCO-listed Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square respectively. Further, these cities give you the best insight into the lifestyle of traditional Newari people.


Throughout the country, the district of Palpa is famous for the Palpali Dhaka Topi. Dhaka topi is the identity of Palpa. But besides that, it is also renowned for the presence of the World’s biggest Karuwa in Tudikhel, Palpa.

The structure of Ranimahal and Palpa Durbar is also a sight awaiting your appreciation here. Located above Tansen, the hill of Shreenagar filled with pines drags several locals and several visitors to its lap.

Furthermore, for religious believers, the temple of Bhairabnath and Bhagwati Mandir caters the best. Bhairabnath Temple is dedicated to Lord Bhairab, a courageous incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Though Palpa is not widely popular like other developed cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, the presence of historical and religious structures makes this place a must-visit place in Nepal.

The welcoming nature of ever-smiling Magars, Newars, Brahmins, and Chhetri of Palpa is soothing enough to forget all the stress.

In addition, whenever you visit Palpa, make sure to taste Chukauni- the specialty of Palpa. It is made out of Boiled potatoes which are mixed with curd and other spices.


Gorkha Kalika Durbar Complex
Gorkha Kalika Durbar Complex

Gorkha is the place where the history of Nepal began. Popular widely as the land of fearsome and brave warriors, Gorkha has its own identity in the history of Nepal. Due to the courageous nature of Gorkalis, the locals of Gorkha are working bravely for British and Indian nations.

Before being popular with any other title, it is famous for being the birthplace of King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Gorkha Museum, Gorkha Durbar, Gorakhanath Temple, and Manakamana Temple are the major attractions of this heavenly place.

If you admire the mountain vistas, then be ready for the incredible Mt Makalu views.

Nepali is famous for Lapsi

Lapsi is native to Nepal and is used to make spicy eateries like achar, Titaura, Mada(Sun-dried Lapsi without seed), and many other items.

Trekking routes in Nepal

Famous Trekking in Gokyo lake and Everest Trek
Famous Trekking in Gokyo Lake and Everest Trek

As already mentioned mountains of Nepal open up the perfect trekking destination for the trekking lover. Trekking in Nepal is popular more than anything. Further, it is deemed a paradise for trekking enthusiasts.

No matter what type of trekker you are either a tyro or an experienced one, the trekking routes of Nepal meet each trekker’s interest. Though some of the trekking is strenuous and does not offer many luxuries, if you find yourself being grateful for a simple mattress and the plain Dal-Bhat, you can compete with all the hurdles that you encounter on the way.

Name of a few popular treks in Nepal are Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Everest View Trek, and so on.

Short-day hiking around Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara is also an option if you don’t want a long day’s trek journey. Further, for luxury seekers with a dream to view mountains close one-day helicopter tour to the Everest region and Annapurna Region is also profoundly available.

One-Horned Rhinoceros

One Horned Rhinocerous in Chitwan National Park
One Horned Rhinoceros in Chitwan National Park

Nepal is famous for the presence of endangered one-horned rhinoceros in the Chitwan and Bardia National Park of Nepal.