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Trekking Guide Salary in Nepal

Updated at Sep 20, 2021by Mission Himalaya

Trekking guide salary can differ depends on trekking region, seasons the travelers choose, Trekking guide category, according to guide experiences and their standard. normally the basic salary between 20 to 30 unites states dollars.

Mission Himalaya Treks and expedition's every nearby guide are government permit holders, medical aid prepared, neighborhood and English spoken, useful for trekking visits or endeavors, splendid in the neighborhood culture, strict convention, and way of life of individuals. They are fare to deal with your convenience, security trip, crisis departure help.

We offer the best cost to manage US$ 25-30 every day. This expense incorporates direct dinners convenience, protection, gear, government duty, and administration charges. Tips for direct, not mandatory but rather anticipated.

Having a foreign language as your mother tongue, when you visit Nepal can really give you a hard time.  And there are so many diversities within the country that sometimes only the Nepali language can’t even guess the languages spoken. So, it’s basically great if you can hire a guide for your journey to Nepal.

There are many types of guides you can rely on for your vacation time. Fluctuating in their skills, talents, experience, and knowledge.  In Nepal, guides are mainly popular for Trekking, tours, City tours.

Guest Give Tips in Pokhara after complete the Annapurna trek.

Trekking Guides in Nepal

Unless you are a confident hiker, trekker I do not suggest you trekking in Nepal alone.  Having a trekker by your side is sure of a boon to us in the trek. But let’s talk about what happens when we go without a trekking guide.

When it comes to Trekking in Nepal, it's about mountains and the higher altitudes. The off-beaten paths, the lush vegetation, the diversified culture, and the varieties of language spoken really makes it difficult to travel alone. First the language and then the routes nothing seems to be going according to your plan.  And wait, the worst scenarios haven’t come yet.

Probably, you would be trekking up at a higher altitude, and without a guide, you would be helpless. You or anyone in your group could suffer from Altitude Sickness,  anyone could be fainted, or could have a seizure. And most probably you would get lost and stuck without communication.

Besides all these risks, the trekking guide will provide you a knowledge of his prior treks. Along with that, you get to listen to stories, myths, legends about the paths that you travel by. They are frequently walking the routes ups and down. So, you can go for the shortcuts, the best spots in the trek, the hidden viewpoints for just about $40 or $30 per day.

The guides know, what to do in case of emergencies, where the best foods are, what are the safest routes.  Luckily, just a guide can give you so confidence that, you will be unbeatable for the trek. You will gain the courage to do that. Who doesn’t like stories? I am sure, the guides have tons of them.

Sometimes, the guides only take charge. If you are going without a trekking agency then maybe you have to pay for the trekker’s food and lodging too. But in some regions, the guides are given free food for bringing the customers to their hotels. That’s only the case when you are traveling individually not through any trekking agency.

But if you are trekking through trekking agencies then everything is set up for you.  With a  guide by your side, it will become much easier than without the guide. The hassle of finding a way, then being not sure about it, planning to accommodate after a day of trekking doesn’t sound much of a vacation.  And only for just a few dollars, you won’t take that hassle and burden onto you, when you have come to enjoy right?

Besides, all that, I genuinely suggest you have a guide along with you when you trek. Even in the city areas, where the streets are themselves a maze. And plus, without a guide, your tour will be just a movie without audio. I mean, I know you get to see those pretty pictures, monuments, crafts, architecture and you will like it. But, without audio, I will say without the history, without its amazing tales, without its legends, the movie will not be quite interesting right if you didn’t get the story?

So, I would say if it’s in the Himalayas, or the hurdles in the cities, I think a tour guide or a trekking guide will come to a handful.  If you are planning a trip to Nepal, why don’t you check out how the tour guides will help you and their rates.  Last time one of my friends visited Everest Base Camp, and he says budgeting a tour guide before was a good idea. Check out other packages as well, where you will have the guide details as well.

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