Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet

Here is the list of foremost Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet. Preparing to travel to Tibet? Tibet is the dream world of many travel lovers. It is one of the most mysterious and unique places you will ever visit.

The adventurous trip rewards you with exploring tranquil lakes, stunning ancient monasteries, tranquil lakes, landscapes, and the Himalayan panorama including the highest Mt. Everest. This is the reason Tibet is known as the Himalayan country.

As we have listed below, the Tibet tour is not an easy place to visit. There are many rules and regulations that should be followed while traveling in Tibet. Traveling independently is banned and if you are a solo traveler you have to pre-book your trip with a trusted and renowned travel agency.

Interacting with wonderful local friendly Tibetian people and learning about the culture, tradition, and lifestyle grants you a unique vibe. They will welcome you with a big heart while bringing a big smile to each face. They will help you to explore the beauty of ‘The Roof of the World’.

Tibet is located at an elevation of 1470ft. Some travelers might get altitude sickness and to avoid that take rest for a couple of days.

Rather than tripping hurriedly take time and enjoy your journey to get a lifetime experience. And keep in mind that Tibet has strict rules for foreigners for their safety.

24 Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet

Where is Tibet?

Tibet is located at the heart of the Aisa between China and India in the Map. It is also known as the Himalayan country. Oftentimes people appear to mix up Tibet with Nepal, maybe because they are both Himalayan nations with a shared border and the pinnacle of Mount Everest. Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, mainland China, and Xinjiang are all bordered by the enormous Tibetan plateau (Eastern Turkestan).

How can I get to Tibet from Nepal?

There are several flights run daily from Nepal to Tibet. Also, you can take a drive overland with your tour guide and team. However, it will be better if you take a flight than drive overland. Many travelers feel altitude sickness while traveling with vehicles.

You can take a flight from only the international airport of Kathmandu, TIA. It takes around 90 minutes to reach Lhasa.

Is it safe to travel to Tibet?

Tibet is considered the safest country than many of the countries around the world. It will be safe travel for both male and female travelers. Tibet is known as a peace-loving country and the people are friendly and helpful. You must be safe from pickpocketers and scams.

In addition, you will be trekking and traveling with your guide so there will be fewer chances of getting scammed and robbed. That is why it is mentioned that solo female trekkers can also feel safe while traveling to Tibet

Choose a trusted travel agency before traveling to Tibet

The main thing to know before traveling to Tibet is to know about the travel agency. If you find the travel agency well-reputed then pre-arrange the tour with them because traveling to Tibet individually is strictly prohibited.

As we all know, nowadays most people get scammed by travel companies. So, make sure that you choose the best and most trusted travel company. You can book your trip to Tibet from Mission Himalaya Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. which is fully trusted and will help to prepare the best trip itinerary at a reliable price.

Do I need a visa while traveling to Tibet from Nepal?

A big ‘YES’. All travelers who want to visit Tibet must get their China Group Visa first. Then only they can travel to Tibet. This will allow travelers to visit Tibet for up to 30 days.

After you arrive in Kathmandu, we will apply for the China Group Visa from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kathmandu. It is not a regular Chinese Visa entry, the visit’s valid date will be of 30 days. That means within 30 days you can visit Tibet and enjoy your travel fully.

Best places to visit Tibet?

Tibet is the most attractive place to visit. There are many monasteries, places, lakes, and Lakes to wonder about. There are also thousands of tourist attractions and must-visit places for sightseeing in Tibet.

There is Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Jokhang temple, and lakes Namtso and Yamdrok. Also, you can get to see the world’s tallest peak, Mt. Everest, from Tibet.

Best time to visit Tibet?

Most travelers who are interested in a trip to Tibet have a question about when to travel to Tibet. Knowing the best time before traveling to the destination place is an important factor. So, the straight answer is from June to September.

When the climate remains constant then the tour will be fascinating and memorable. Tibet is situated on a high plateau, so the least of the time it will be warm, and the majority of the time the temperature remains chilly.

During the mild temperature, you can get to see the stunning view of the Himalayas and landscape with a clear bluish sky.

Can I travel independently in Tibet?

According to the rules and regulations of Tibet, tourists are not allowed to tour independently. They must travel with a local guide or with a group of one Tibetan citizen. You must pre-arrange a tour with a cataloged Tibetan travel bureau.

Actually, these rules are made for your safety. The travel agency will grasp all the permits required while going on a Tibet tour and manage accommodation facilities.

Permits to collect while traveling Tibet

All travelers are required to have a Tibet Travel Permit to enter and travel in the Autonomous Region of Tibet. After you pre-book your trip from the Tibetan agency they will apply for the permits. The process might take up to 15 days; without TTP  you can’t enter Tibet.

How many days do I need to tour Tibet?

Tibet is a unique and awe-inspiring country where beautiful monasteries, palaces, and thousands of sightseeing places are located. It all depends on where you want to drop in. The more places you visit, the more days should be added.

So, it is all your decision how long you want to stay in Tibet. Further,  if you can’t make a decision then you can freely contact our expert who will help to make your decision easier.

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From where can I see Mt. Everest in Tibet?

To view the perfect view of Mt. Everest you should go Mt. Everest trekking with Nepal. But from Tibet, you can tour a famous mountain base camp.

From Gawu La Pass, you can obviously see a clear view of  Mt. Everest and other wide ranges of small mountains.

In addition, you can visit Rongbuk to see Mt. Everest, and also you will get a chance to visit the highest monastery in the world.

Is it suitable for kids and older people to visit EBC in Tibet?

Generally, you will reach the Everest Base Camp which is known as the foot of the mountains by vehicle. As a report till now, kids aged four and old people of the age eighty-one have completed their trip to EBC without having any difficulties.

Mainly, if you are physically and mentally fit then you can easily reach EBC without any problem in a trial. It is better to visit a doctor and check your health before joining this trip to EBC.

Possibility of Altitude Sickness in Tibet – Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet

The minimum elevation is 1470ft and the oxygen is 41% less in Tibet. Altitude sickness is common while traveling to Tibet. If you feel dizziness, nausea, headache, vomiting, and breathing shortness then these are the symptoms of altitude sickness. You will heal up and get used to it within a couple of days.

To avoid altitude sickness, you should take maximum rest after reaching Tibet. Let your guide know about your health and how you are feeling. Because it might happen later again while traveling.

Hotels in Tibet – Must Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet

In the busiest cities like Lhasa and Shigatse, you can find a range of basic hotels to 5-star hotels. You can find the hotels of your choice in Lhasa and Shigatse. But, in the remote area of Tibet, there are no facilities for luxury hotels. You can only find simple and basic hotels.

On the western side of Tibet, there are the worst accommodation facilities. You have to compromise for every single thing. Also, you can find very few facilities. It will grant a unique traveling taste in the remote area of Tibet.

Accommodation facilities in EBC of Tibet Side

The accommodation facilities in the EBC area are very basic and you will get to experience them. There is the problem of electricity and water. There is no electricity for the heater and there is no running water for toiletries.

You will stay in this rough condition for only one day. Though it is uncomfortable, the trip will be fun and you will get to encounter different experiences which you have never seen.

Food and water availability in Tibet

Tibetan cuisines are unique and tasty. You can try different mouth-watering foods like momos, sausages, pizza, mutton curry, beef, and yak meat. Influenced by Chinese and Nepalese cuisine, the foods are prepared. You can taste the different noodle items that can be consumed as a Lunch. The famous tsampa which is made from barley and has a nutty taste is the favorite of lots of tourists.

Sweet Tea and Butter Tea are famous among tourists in Tibet. Though Tibet is not a place for parties local barley wine and beer are commonly drunk by the adults during the parties. Among these, yogurt is favored by lots of Tibetan individuals.

Night bars in Lhasa – Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet

In this modern generation, lots of youngsters and even older people like to enjoy the nightlife fully. Though Tibet is not a gathering place there are a number of bars in Lhasa. Foreigners and even local people spend the evening dancing, drinking, eating, and enjoying themselves.

Enjoy the nightlife at the famous Makye Ame, Ganglamedo Cafe and Bar, and Dunya Restaurant and Bar.

Is there a facility for withdrawing money from Banks and ATMs?

You can withdraw money from three different banks of Tibet i.e. The Bank Of China, The Construction Bank of China, and the Agricultural Bank of China. You can use your credit card, or debit card with MasterCard for withdrawing money.

But outside Lhasa and Singtase, there are no bank facilities of bank. Though you can find some ATMs. It is better to carry cash with you while traveling to remote areas because the ATM machine might not work.

Which Currencies are used in Tibet?

Keep in mind, to change your home currency into Chinese Yuan before landing in Tibet. Only the Chinese Yuan is the currency used in Tibet. Tibet is a region of China and the only currency that is accepted while traveling in Tibet is the Yuan that is also known as the Renminbi.

What are the Unique festivals of Tibet?

As we all know Tibet is a festive country, every month there is a celebration of a unique festival. Tibetan New Year and Saga Dawa at Mt. Kailash is the main festival of Tibet.

You can also enjoy the Shoton Festival, Great Prayer Festival, Bathing Festival, Horse Racing Festival, Butter Lamp Festival, Harvest Festival, and many more while tripping to Tibet. But it is celebrated in different months and you will get a chance to experience and celebrate fewer festivals.

SIM and Wi-Fi services – Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet

There is no problem with internet service in Tibet. You can find the 4G connection everywhere. Get one Chinese SIM and pay for a VPN to get in touch with your loved ones.

Social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google, Gmail, and other apps do not work in China. So, download the WeChat app and stay in connection with everyone.

Mt. Kailash Kora – Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet

Most travelers like to enjoy the religious and cultural tours of Mt. Kailash. Travelers of different religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bon visit Mt. Kailash Kora. It is the famous peak in Tibet. Thousands of travelers come to Tibet for kora and the base camp is the last point of the journey.

If you are interested in trekking to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar in Nepal then feel free to contact the expert of Mission Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.

What should I pack while traveling to Tibet?

Backpacks are managed depending on which season you are traveling.

During the winter season, you have to pack a regular mild thick jacket, trousers, gloves, and caps are required. In the spring and autumn season, the morning and night will be a bit colder so you can pack some warm clothes.

In addition, though the temperature will be mild, the thin rays of sunlight might cause sunburn in uncovered areas while strolling on the plateau. So, you have to carry sunblock and lip balm and should apply them in all open parts before traveling.

What medicine should I carry – Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet?

You can carry medicines like painkillers, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and anti-nausea tablets. You might encounter altitude sickness but don’t take medicine without consulting a Doctor.

If you have regular medicine to take then don’t forget to pack it first.

Final Say About Tibet Travelling.

Having read 24 Things to Know Before Traveling Tibet leaves you with great satisfaction while making you prepared for a memorable trip to Tibet. These tips help you to plan the best Tibet Tour. If you are excited about the delightful travel to Tibet or have any queries regarding the Tibet Tour feel free to contact Mission Himalaya Treks.