Things not to do in Nepal

Every nation has its peculiarities and certain limitations that identify them uniquely. Likewise, Nepal, being one of the world’s most tourist hotspots, welcomes a global audience throughout the year. Because it is worthwhile to travel to Nepal. However, there are certain criteria you must keep in mind about the things not to do in Nepal.

Visitors must explore this charming paradise to savor its natural beauty. The most beautiful nation on the Planet, Nepal offers you the to experience the local sumptuous cuisine, explore Himalayan beauty, Pilgrimage sites as well as its unique style of culture and tradition.

Nepal is hailed as the country that every traveler should see at least once in their lives. This gorgeous country is a place where members of all faiths coexist together. Because people practice their religion, lifestyle, culture, and tradition. It might be alien to you. So, there are a few things you should avoid doing in Nepal to ensure that you appreciate their traditions and ritual practices.

So, without skipping the point, read this blog thoroughly. You will be amazed! to know about the things that should be avoided while traveling to Nepal. It may sound be a relatable and easy task to those who travel extensively. However, there is a slew of things you might not know well.

Some things not to do in Nepal are described below:

Do not enter the house, temple, and monasteries with shoes on:

Shoes are not authorized to be worn inside Nepalese homes and temples. Wearing shoes inside a house or a religious building is considered as incredibly rude and disrespectful. You must ensure that you adhere to the regulations and stay in harmony with their culture.

Acquire permission before visiting the shrines because non-Hindus are not permitted to access several of Nepal’s temples. There are also restrictions on snapping pictures and wearing leather items in specific areas. So, before visiting a holy site, please read the restrictions and regulations.

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Never use your left hand to pay, gift, or eat:

Using the right hand is better to pay bills or give gifts to people, it feels greeted with pleasure and generosity. People who serve cuisine with their left hand, pay payments, gift someone, or eat with their left hand are deemed boorish. When you give or take anything with your left hand, people perceive you as unpleasant and inconsiderate.

To serve or provide presents to someone, use both of your hands. When you give and take with your left hand, it appears to be an uncivilized act.

Do not touch women and holy men:

In Nepal, instead of saying Hi/Hello people greet each other by joining both palms bowing heads a bit, and saying NAMASTE. People, especially women and holy men, don’t greet each other by shaking hands and hugging. As a result, if you say NAMASTE to them, they will be thrilled.

Hugging and kissing in public between people of opposing genders is frowned upon in Nepal. In Nepalese culture, males holding hands is okay, however, women and men holding hands and exhibiting affection in public are unlikely.

Take permission for photo with holyman
Take permission for a photo with Holyman

Not to leave your hotel without details (address and phone no):

Tourists find it difficult to navigate their way over Kathmandu and even other parts of Nepal. That’s why it’s necessary to take the phone number and location of the hotel you are going to stay in overnight. So that if you get lost along the way, you can give the hotel’s address and request a cab to take you there without confusion.

Nepal’s cities are congested. Even the residences and routes appear to be similar. As a result, it’s a good idea to take the hotel’s contact information with you when you check out.

Do not use tap water for direct drinking and street juices:

It is beneficial to your health to drink boiling or well-filtered water. The water provided through taps is not filtered in Nepal. Some of the hotels serve tap water for drinking so ask for sealed mineral water though it costs extra money. Drinking contaminated water can cause a variety of illnesses.

Most of the time, when hiking, you will need to have a filter tablet or other forms of equipment because you will not always be able to find shops selling bottled water.

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Do not give money to beggars:

Helping others is admirable, but offering money to beggars is a thing not to do in Nepal. Many small-aged beggars in Nepal misappropriate money and are addicted to drugs. Some of the beggars made a living off of it. Giving money to beggars causes some young children to drop out of school, and some are compelled to do so.

If you wish to help, you may do so by giving to a reputable charity. They will collect donations and provide required items to those in need.

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Wear dresses appropriately:

Skimpy clothes and gowns that expose too much flesh are not permitted in Nepal. In the rural side of Nepal, people are not used to it, they will stare at you which makes you feel uncomfortable. As a result, you must exercise caution when getting dressed. When visiting Nepal, long-sleeved or quarter-sleeved clothing is recommended.

Wearing short clothes and revealing clothes is not accepted in Nepal. It is important to dress conservatively when visiting temples or monasteries since exposing or excessively skin-revealing clothing is not appropriate. That’s why it is considered a thing not to do in Nepal.

Do not offer foods after tasting:

People in Nepal have a notion known as Jutho (impure), which means tasted or eaten by others. If you offer Jutho food or liquids, they won’t be pleased. They don’t even like to share beverages from the same bottle if their lips come into contact with it.

Some people might have been infected with communicable diseases such as the common cold, cough, foul breath, and many other problems. So, don’t offer food after tasting, and don’t touch and share bottles with your lips.

Avoid walking side of Yaks and Donkeys:

Yak caravans are the main means of transportation in the Himalayan region of Nepal. You can see lots of yak caravans on the trail to the highlands. Yaks have poor vision and even poor hearing capacity with 400kg weight. On the trail yaks, and caravans raise dust which may cause indigestion and you may fall sick due to dust.

When you are on the trail, especially on High-altitude treks like the EBC trek or, KBC trek there will be yak caravans. So, it’s better to stop or keep your distance and let them go first. If you move with them you might get injured with their load and also you will face breathing problems due to raised dust. So, it is listed in things that should not be done in Nepal, be careful.

Leave way for donkeys
Leave way for donkeys

Take Vaccines and medicines:

Travelers should compulsorily take the required medicines in their first aid kit. They should take vaccines for Rubella, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, B, and Diphtheria.  In Nepal, most medicines are not available and also most medical stores do not sell most of the medicines. There is a high chance that you might fall sick as above.

Hence, it’s better to carry your own prescribed and necessary medicines to avoid the difficulty that will be faced later.

Do not rotate temples and stupas anti-clockwise:

Pradakshina (circumambulation) means moving clockwise. Rotating clockwise is the right direction to walk in temples and stupas.  Temples and stupas are the places where we will get positive energy.

While rotating clockwise, our magnetic moment goes in the direction of the Earth’s magnetic force which helps us to increase positive energy.

Not only in Nepal but around the world, people orthodox to rotate temples and stupas from the right side to get positive energy and peace of mind automatically.

Do not shout in public places:

Nepal is a peace-loving country. Most people like to visit Nepal because people like a friendly and harmonious lifestyle. People seem ill-mannered if you shout and speak in a loud voice. While communicating with local people, communicate with a low voice with a smile. So, they will get positive vibes from you.

Raising your voice is okay if you are being abused.  Hence, you should talk at a low volume while communicating with each other.

Do not buy weapons:

Weapons like khukuri are available in the market. It looks attractive and is slightly curved. You will be happy when buying such souvenirs as memories, gifts or to show your relatives and friends. But on the other hand, it is very risky to take such weapons with you. These types of souvenirs are considered cold weapons.

There is some incident that leads to court and you might get inside the jail. Rather than getting into trouble, it is better not to buy such types of souvenirs in Nepal.

Do not try unreputed bars in Kathmandu and other cities:

The night view of places like Thamel and Pokhara Lake-side is the best option to enjoy the nightlife. But going to other dance bars in the city which is not good is the thing not to do in Nepal because you might get scammed.

cultures, traditions, and rules which are unique to other countries. You will get a better experience if you choose the traditional and cultural side and follow rules rather than going to sleazy places.

Exchange the Nepalese currency before leaving Nepal:

Before leaving Nepal change all the Nepali currency whereas the currency of Nepal might not be acceptable in other countries’ airports. To keep away from this problem, change back Nepali currency to dollars or Euros.

It will be easier for you if you change the currency while you are in Kathmandu before leaving Nepal.

Final Words:

So, these are the recommendations that inhabitants in Nepal have addressed to tourists. Try to avoid the above-mentioned points which are the things not to do in Nepal. If you have some queries about the things that should be avoided in Nepal then feel free to DM or E-mail us at or Whatsapp us at +977-9841965533.