Nepal Government Bans Solo Trekking in Nepal for Foreigners

As per the meeting of the Nepal Tourism Board which was held on Thursday, Solo trekking is going to be banned in Nepal, or the Nepal Government Bans Solo Trekking in Nepal for Foreigners. According to officials, from April 1, it will be mandatory to take a guide during treks. This decision has been taken to ensure the safety and welfare of international trekkers during their trek in Nepal’s adventurous destinations.

The director of the Nepal Tourism Board, Maniraj Lamichhane, said that this decision was made for the benefit of tourists. During solo treks, many foreign trekkers get lost or experience numerous insecurities. But with this decision to ban Free Individual Trekking (FIT) a provision in action, the officials of Nepal are deemed to solve this problem to some extent. As of now, trekkers are allowed to take a TIMS Card without a guide. But from April 1st, one cannot acquire a TIMS permit without a guide. Further, international trekkers must trek via a government-registered trekking company.

Nepal Government Bans Solo Trekking in Nepal for Foreigners – Tims Costs:

Besides, the board has also increased the cost of the TIMS permit. In the previous days, the cost of a TIMS permit on a group tour was Rs 1000 per person, and for those on a solo was Rs 2000 per person. But after the ban of FITs from April 1st, 2023, the cost of the TIMS permit for all tourists will be Rs 2000.

In the case of tourists from SAARC nation, the price of TIMS in a group was Rs 300 per person and Rs 600 for FITs. But now the TIMS permit for all tourists from SAARC has been raised to Rs 1000 per person.

Director Lamichhane has elucidated that the augmenting of the price for the TIMS card was undertaken in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism’s approbation and approval from the Ministry of Finance. This price escalation has been put in place to safeguard the welfare of thrill-seeking tourists who embark on adventure trips in Nepal and to maintain the quality of services.

Now that the Free Individual Trekking (FIT) provision is going to be banned from the first of April 2023, plan your journey to Nepal accordingly.


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