Sherpa Dishes You Must Try in EBC Trek

Indeed, Everest is not only for the exploration of stunning vistas but also for tasting and being informed about the 11 Sherpa Dishes You Must Try in EBC Trek. Everest, home to a plethora of mountains and the famed Sherpa habitation zone, is a breathtakingly gorgeous destination that you must see at least once in your life.

“You might be curious about ‘who are Sherpas?’ and Why is this blog focusing on ‘Sherpa Dishes’?”

Firstly, let’s explain the Sherpas and their history. Sherpa is an indigenous tribe who migrated to Nepal’s Solukhumbu district in the mid-16th century in Eastern Tibet. As they belong to the Everest region they are called the Everest Sherpas.

Now, let’s take a peek at the dishes made by the Sherpa people which are similar to Tibetan cuisines.  When they fled to Nepal, they brought the lifestyle, culture, and dishes along with them.

Everest region Sherpas started cultivating crops, growing potatoes, veggies, and bovine dairy products for livelihood. Sherpa cuisine is distinguished by its minimalism and unique taste.

The victorious climbers, the Sherpas, prepare local dishes that are unique and untested. If you plan to visit the Everest region of Nepal, then don’t miss a chance to savor the Sherpa dishes while going to Everest Base Camp, Everest View trek, or any trek in the region.

Have you ever thought about trying the Sherpa culture or the local food? You might have thought about it but haven’t had a chance to sample the Sherpa dishes. Sherpa foods can only be found across Everest.

Therefore, in this article you can only get to see the name and explanation of the Sherpa food you must try on the EBC trek. Because, to savor the unique food made by the local Sherpa, you must visit Nepal.

Best Sherpa Dishes in EBC Trek

Sherpa Stew (Shakpa)

Sherpa Stew is a traditional food that is a runny noodle dish common among Sherpa. It is also known as the Shakpa or Syakpa in the local language. It is usually offered in the campsite hotel because it is nutritious for trekkers.

This soupy dish is helpful for resisting the cold and helps to maintain your body warm. Also, Sherpa stew is the most favored Sherpa cuisine while heading for the Everest Base Camp Trekking.

Sherpa stew in Nepal is typically a handmade stew of noodles that might be wide and thick or chopped into flat squares. In addition, ingredients like meat, potatoes, and cultivated veggies such as green onion, leafy greens, and carrots are included.

These soupy stew noodles are homemade and prepared differently for each family. So, you will find different flavors in individual lodges. In addition, you can add flavor to the taste with pepper, salt, and spices. Simply, the sherpa stew recipe is very easy.

In case you are vegetarian, you can select a veggie Sherpa stew as well. Among the 11 Sherpa food dishes, you must try in the EBC trek, Sherpa stew ( Shakpa) remains at the top.


Foodies might be curious and questions might have arisen in their minds, What is Tsampa?

Tsampa is a powder of fried barley. It has been prepared by getting influenced by the Tibetan food Tsampa.

It is perfect for freezing alpine settings because it is both nourishing and delicious. This savory Sherpa food helps to raise your body temperature and makes you feel warm if consumed with porridge.

One of the healthy Sherpa foods, Tsampa is famous all over the Everest area. Because it is one of the beneficial dishes which helps to enhance your energy and make you feel full.

The famous EBC cuisine, Tsampa is made using freshly roasted barley grate and the Tsampa recipes are not difficult to prepare. Tsampa flour can be eaten dryly or converted into gruel by mixing tea, milk, or hot water and consumed as a Tsampa soup. Additionally, it can be enhanced by mixing salt and butter.

Almost all teahouse menus feature the Tsampa. Keep it dry if you intend to take it along on the trail. Because it will last longer and be edible as long as it is dry.


Somar is allied to the yak milk delicacy which is added to adjust the aroma and savor of many dishes, especially simmered bubbled potato.

However, we recommend you shun trying Somar because it has the possibility of getting triggered by diarrhea. If you order some items ask them to avoid Somar in your ordered items.

Rildok: Traditional Sherpa Dishes You Must Try Once During Himalaya Trek

Rildok is a traditional Everest Sherpa dish, prepared from potatoes. It is mostly served in the lower region of Everest. The hot soup with potato dough makes you feel warm in the cold and your stomach, satisfied.

It is very simple to prepare. All you need to have is boiled potatoes, a leaf of onion, onion, chilies, tomatoes, and peppers. In addition, if you want more ingredients to be added you can add butter.

Firstly, boiled potatoes are mashed and topped with yak butter and salt. Thereafter, the mashed potatoes will be gnocchi and shaped into little cojones and served with soup, pickles, or chowder.

Sha Phaley: Unique Sherpa Taste Awaiting You in Everest Base Camp Trekking Route

Sha Phaley is a local nutritious food shaped in a semicircle. Upon stuffing the flour into a dough, it will be divided into a small dough. The small dough will be rolled in a roller pin and given a circular shape. The ingredients of Sha Phaley like meat, green onions, garlic paste, and so on will be chopped.

Thereafter, the minced meat will be placed in the middle of the bread, curved as a semi-circle, and deep-fried. Then it is offered with a chili tomato dipping sauce on top or alongside.

Some folks eat them first thing in the morning as breakfast, however, most hotels are served them at mealtimes in the Everest region. Though the Sha Phaley recipes are too easy to prepare, not all hotels include this cuisine in their menu bar.

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Tingmo (Tea MoMo): Special Sherpa Food to Taste During Everest Trek

Tingmo, also known as Tea Momo, is a unique Sherpa dish you must try on the EBC trek. It is a Tibetan-baked bread, packed with vegetables or meat minced with garlic, onion, salt, and masalas. It has been especially trendy among Nepalese Sherpas and has a distinct flavor.

To make Tingmo, all you require is a few ingredients and it’s easy to make. To begin, the flour will be pounded and the dough will be formed. The large dough will then be split into smaller pieces and topped with grated veggies or meats.

Seasonings will be added based on personal preference. After that, the uncooked momo will be kept above the bubbly water for steam. The cuisine will be ready after 15-25 minutes of steaming. After that, the cuisine will be served with sauce, pickles, soup, or tea.

Sherpa Momo: Sherpa Dishes You Must Try in EBC Trek

Special Sherpa Momo
Special Sherpa Momo

The most preferred fast food for Nepalese people is momo. It is also known as the unauthorized national food of Nepal. You can find varieties of momo flavors and the shape of the momo.

The rolled flour dough is filled with the meat Kima(grander) and added season flavor. As it is worth it, we recommend you try Momo while traveling to Nepa. You can find different tastes in individual hotels. Because each of them prepares pickles in their own way.

Also, if you are vegetarian you can also order a veggie momo. The Sherpa momo has a slightly different taste than other places in Nepal. They add local veggies, garlic paste, spring onion, soybean, and many more for a better taste.

Nowadays, you can also order chilly momo, Jhol momo, and fried momo which might be deep-fried or normally fried.


Thukpa is a soupy noodle dish with long noodles. Although the noodles used in Thukpa resemble those used in Sherpa stew, they are not the same. The ingredients like garlic, carrot, spring onion, meat, green leafy vegetables, and the main item noodles will be added.

It is entirely up to you how spicy you want your food to be. You can also request vegetarian Thukpa if you don’t want to eat meat. This food can be found all around the Everest territory. Because Thukpa’s steaming soup makes you feel warm and relaxed.

Riki Kur (Potato Pancake)

Riki Kur which means potato pancake is a common but very special food of the Sherpa community. It is a thick and flat-shaped cake that is prepared by mixing flour, potato, and a little bit of baking soda. Then, it will be heated in a pan.

It will be served with chili sauce, pickles, butter, tea, cheese, or as your topping demand is available. Riki Kur is especially consumed as breakfast or as a snack.

Sherpa Butter Tea (Su Chya)

Now it’s time to talk about liquor. Sherpa butter tea, sometimes known as Su Chya or salt brew. It is one of the favorite beverages among the Himalayan region community. Especially, this butter and salt tea is made by the Tibetan people. It is actually a drink served, tea with butter.

Nowadays, this unique savory butter in tea has come to fame among Tibetans, Nepalese, Indians, and Bhutanese. The traditionally famous Su Chya is very quick to prepare.

Firstly,  you have to boil tea leaves in water. Then, dumped into a wooden buttery churning with butter and salt. After being mixed, it will be transferred to the vessel to reheat, and then it will be served after it gets hot.

Chang: Popular Sherpa, Rai, and Limbu Alcoholic Drink

Chang is the main beverage consumed by the Mongolian people in Nepal. Drinking Chang is common at Sherpa family functions and is also believed as a religious offering to the gods.

It is a homemade beverage made by Sherpa people in the Everest tea house. Chang is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting rice for more than a couple of days. It’s milky-colored rice alcohol that is fairly sweet.

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