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Responsible Trekking In Nepal

Updated at Sep 20, 2021by Mission Himalaya

Travelers when trekking in Nepal being a responsible traveler is the responsibility. Not negative Impact on the natural resources and benefit the local person is the goal of responsible tourist. To protect and conserve the local economy and their culture is the most responsible way in your holidays.

Mission Himalaya Treks And  Expeditions PVT Ltd encourages all of you to travel with a responsible and local trekking company for your treks, climbs, and tours in the Himalayas.

Responsible tourist signifies your effort to give a positive impact to the local community to conserve the environment, culture, Architecture, and economy in your holiday period. Mission Himalaya Give you some hints on how you can be responsible when you tour Nepal.

The way of being Responsible Trekker:

  • Avoid buying plastic water bottles while on the trek.
  • Check and make sure that your supporting trekking crews have the proper gear on the trek.
  • Ask for individual porters (1 trekker: 1 porter), especially on high altitudes and long trekking trips. So that your porter carries a comfortable weight which could be really helpful while you are on an adventure holiday.
  • Bring back non-biodegradable wastage like batteries, tins, etc.
  • Save fuel by ordering the same meals as other trekkers in a group.
  • Shop locally – You can buy most of the gear locally.
  • Avoid excess packing – travel light.
  • Take great memories back home and leave only footprints.
  • Use existing trekking trails.
  • Follow the local guide’s suggestions and guidelines.
  • Save energy and natural resources – It’s easy! Switch off the lights and electronic devices before you leave your room.
  • Trek in a group / join the fixed departure trip group if you are a solo trekker.
  • Ask for permission before taking photographs.
  • Respect the local culture and dress and act modestly.
  • Don’t encourage children to beg by handing out gifts, pencils money, etc.
  • Be open-minded learn a few local words and travel like locals.
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