Places To Visit And Things To Do In Nepal

Mission Himalaya Sep 22, 2021

Things to do and place to see in Pokhara.

Thrill admirer Pokhara city is favored hiking beginning station in Annapurna regions with adventure Paragliding to super exiting river rafts possibility. 

According to gliders skills and proficiency   adventure lovers can choose independent or along with paragliders. Seti River and the branch river provide a thrilling white water river rafting.  

Pokhara Is travelers delight Nirvana situated in the base of Annapurna Himalayas and second huge city in Nepal. Pokhara Situated an elevation of 825m is very popular who offer huge number of treks and glorious adventure activities. 

Pinnacles of Pokhara are Boating in graceful Phewa Lake with circulate with delightful stores, tranquil cafeterias, clean restaurants, wine bars that prepare a blissful relaxing place.

During the city tour in ancient old Pokhara travelers can shopping popular craftwork, woodcarving and pashmina carvings.

Pokhara is also variance of vibrant lakeside and ancient town of Pokhara involve the prior temples with trading center. When the weather is clear in Fewa Tal perfectly mirror of Himalayas make awe-inspiring for photographers as well as scenery lovers. 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek: 

Annapurna sanctuary trek is one of the admired closest mountain Base Camp trek inside Annapurna Himalayas.

ABC Trek is average dare trekking to observe tolerance and performance on trek. This hiking bring trekkers alone the 2 highest Himalayas named Annapurna 1 8091m and Dhaulagiri 1 8167m which is 10th and 7th highest Himalayan in earth. 


Sarangkot is situated at the elevation of 1596m from ASL and an ideal destination to arrest the captivate scene of Dhaulagiri1 8167m, Annapurna 1, 3, 4, 2 and south Annapurna ranges and the valley and lake view of Pokhara. 

Sarangkot is the famed place for a charming view point to observe Sunset and sunrise over the Himalayan peaks as well as starting the adventure paragliding activities.

Sarangkot is also popular for Bird lover and revive and a landscape trek so best for flora and fauna exploration trekkers

Another charm of Sarangkot is Worlds rapid zip line where travelers can take a hike or drive just with in45 minutes to an hour because it’s just almost 5 kilometer from Fewa lakeside Pokhara.

Davis fall: 

A miraculous water fall which generate 150 m long underpass name Patale Chango by locals meaning waterfall in undergrounds. Water passes from the end of Fewa Lake encircle by numerous flora. Patale Chango is marker of beautiful Pokhara with massive waterfall in spring June to August also a natural marvels differ then other waterfalls of Nepal.

Gupteswor Shiva Cave:

Gupteswor Shiva cave is a blend of temple, Cave and Waterfall is one of the must see monuments in Pokhara. The temple inside cave Dedicated to Lord Mahadev where Davis waterfalls water appear blow the grounds. At the period of 15th to 16th century the Lingam of mahadev was founded which is self-appearance on that longest cave 2945m probably the longest cave in Nepal where travelers get outstanding moments to survey the intrinsic admiration of its accurate natural shape. The gate of Gupteswor temple very beautiful but just made 30 years ago not a natural wonder. 

Note: Take the Photo inside the Temple not allow but other places except then temple are allowed. 

Tibetan Refuge Camp Pokhara: 

There are almost 12 refugee camp for Tibetans in Nepal. Among them 8 in Kathmandu and 4 proper Tibetans Escapee camp arrangements looks tiny Tibet. Afterwards china takeover Tibet and Dalai Lama escape from Tibet few hundreds of Tibetans leave country and stay in Nepal then wards when governments made them refugee camps. Those Refugees have better skill of making handmade ornaments, Knickknack, handmade carpet, show travelers skill of them and travelers shopping for their living. In Pokhara Tibetan refugee camp is one of the best destiny for shopping memorials or token of love. Hemja Tashi Palkhel (620 Tibetan living here) is the most popular Tibetan Camp in Pokhara.  

World Peace Pagoda

Pokhara Shanti Stupa also named Peace Pagoda is a remarkable shrine situated in Ananda Hillock where visitors can observe the delightful Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain views with Phewa Lake and Pokhara city itself.  Shanti pagoda is well liked travelers station or charisma and an impressive leading lights of dashing hikers. Numerous trekking, cycling, hiking routes encircle Pokhara one of the best hiking route is take a boat from lakeside to the base of Ananda hill and hike around 1 hours until peace stupa and back to chhorepatan by hiking. Some travelers not love hiking can take private car till summit of shanti stupa. 

Seti Gorge:

Seti River is Deceiving and white water milky river which made cavernous ravine or gorge alone long distance internally and passes the deep defile inside Pokhara.  That gorge can observe from a tiny park near ancient Pokhara town or close to brave Gurkha Museum is another attraction or place to visit in Pokhara. 

Mountain Museum:

This biggest Himalaya Museum made in 1995 AD by NMA and every hour free documentary show about Annapran and Everest Himlaays to influence visitors for trekking in Nepal. 

The biggest Mountain Museum  in the world, Pokhara International Himalaya Museum offers the impressive gathering of an object made by a human being, the genuine equipment used by expeditions, Beautiful Photo collets of world most popular Himalayas and their residents who already summit 8000m Himalayas.   Visitors have opportunity to observe local people from Himalayas, world’s 14 tallest mountains and summit records and few information from japan and Slovenia.  Some interesting facts of this Museum travelers can read about the snowman Yeti Information and outside the museum can climb artificial Mountain Manaslu. Mountain, Mountain people and Mountain activities gallery can made 1 full day sightseeing for the visitors who keen in mountain information.  

Poonhill Trek: 

Poonhill trek is a short trek in the elevation of 3210m which is most favor hiking trails in Annapurna region Pokhara Nepal which offer the mind-blowing Sunrise and sunset over Himlaya. . Thousands of trekkers encounter the delight the wander of benevolent Poon Hill. Ghorepani Poonhill trek also named Annapurna classic Sunrise trek is supreme appeal for landscape admirer. Poonhill trek is suitable trek from 3 to 7 days holiday travelers. Poonhill trek start from Nayapul after 1 and half hour drive from Pokhara Phewa Lake gives the terraced rice fields, Blue Sky, Rhododendron forest, snow cover Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges, exciting bridges over Bhrungdi River and Modi River. 

Hiking along the countryside village with conversation with locals and exploring mind-blowing religion and culture of Gurung and pun ethnic case are another attraction of Poonhill Trek.

Things to do and place to see in Kathmandu:

The capital city of Nepal Kathmandu situated at the heart of Nepal with the 600sqm area in also the central of three sister city Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and patan. Kathmandu hold numerous pilgrimage sites of Hindu, Christian, Muslims and Buddhist, hundreds of chronicled memorials. Kathmandu city also a crowded capital which include just 1 international airport of Nepal and 7 UNESCO Worlds Heritage gems so visit Kathmandu is attractiveness tour and best place to pass out the time. 

Kathmandu is also a trade and business center, financial focus capital, spurious wonderful, a popular place of entertainment and nature traveler. Before 6 years ago huge earthquake occurs that destroy the numerous historical beauty of Kathmandu but some of them already restored and renovated.


Nagarkot situated in Bhaktapur district at the elevation of 2195 meter above the sea level is the closest holiday destiny for tourist domestic and internationally. 

Nagarkot is 27 kilometer far from Centre of Kathmandu which offer wide ranging scene of Kathmandu as well as eastern Himalayan view of Annapurna, Langtang and Dorje Lakpa even from hotel rooms. The Annapurna, Langtang, Jugal, Everest, Manaslu, Numbur, Ganesh Himal, Rolwaling Himalayas chains offer eye-catching during sunrise or sunset periods in a cloudless skies.

The Nagarkot offer idealized countryside villages with nature sub tropical forest zones as well. 

Delightful reward of Nagarkot is easy transport from Kathmandu. Nagarkot is very close to Kathmandu so public transport, Tourist bus and private transport are available to get in there. Which are benefit for budget to luxurious travelers so it wins visitors hearts. 

Pashupatinath temple: 

The Biggest Shiva Temple of Nepal declared UNESCO world heritage sites in 1979AD- Pashupati temple is the religious Hinduism holy place. Pashupatinath temple located at the Bank of elegance and spiritual river Bagmati near the southwest side of Tribhuvan international Airport. 

The holy Shiva Lingam shrines allocate to Lord Maheshwora so millions of hindus enthusiast from Nepal and India visit for take blessing and praying’s. Believers trust that the Pashupati temple is the supreme temple of god Shiva even more than 12 Shiva temple in India. 

Boudhnath Stupa:

The biggest Boudhnath Stupa located around 6.3 kilometer from Thamel –the tourist central in Nepal. In this massive Spherical Shape this stupa millions of worshiper who are influence by several traditions convene this temple every day year. Devotees accomplish a ritualistic act of worship with travelling around enormous stupendous dome. Travelers trust that clockwise walk on the way around Boudhnath Stupa no heart sick and another myth they not reach to hell due to this superior task. Boudhnath Monumental pagoda is world biggest stupa in term of shape and size. This Buddhist Stupa declared UNESCO property in 1979. It is believed that in this stupa base the relic of Kasyapa Buddha lay in. 

Surroundings of this biggest Boudhnath many monasteries can see. In those monasteries Tibetan Refugees are a place providing food and accommodations for the homeless Tibetans. This Huge stupa also recognize the names of Jarung Khashor, Chortens Chainyas also.

Swoyambhunath Stupa:

Swoyambhunath Stupa is Situated Above the tiny hillock and around 3 km from the city center of Kathmandu in the south western direction. This self-existent stupa is significant spiritual monument of Kathmandu. Apparel of reliquary and the beautiful dome which is white in color attracts devotees every day. 

Travel all the way around this stupa in clockwise route is ordinary procedure for worshipper because from the ancient period devotees believe that after visit this stupa accordingly they clean their wrong past action and immortality. That’s why this stupa is holy of holies or most important place for Buddhist and Hindu prayers as well as travelers. 

Swoyambhunath Maha Chaitya is also adobe of numerous Monkeys in it’s encircle area so another merit comes from Monkeys “monkey Temple”. For short hiking travelers can choose trails from eastern side “Bhagwan Pau” which significance the leg of God. The trails include 365 steps until the summit. From the temple with clear day can observe the attractive sweeping scene of Kathmandu and Himalayas near Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Durbar Square:

Also named Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square or Monkey door Royal Palace is Palace of numerous kings before 19th century regulate Nepal from ancient period. When new Kings Emperor then the musical instruments outside durbar square like play a trumpet and Drums. This Durbar Square is one of the best wooden architecture gems and extraordinary heritage of Nepal from ancient craftsmanship.

This royal palace is no used for coronation now but due to ancient heritage and many festival occurs here like Indra Jatra, Dashain Gaijatra Festival, Maschindranath Bhote Jatra so UNESCO listed this palace as a world Heritage in 1979.

Unluckily in 2015 a big earthquake of 7.9 rector scale occurs and detriment more than half architecture internally and some of them cannot rebuilt and reconstruct. Many of them already rebuilt its original charm form. 3 courtyard included in durbar square they are Monkey door royal complex, Basantapur Royal palace and principal durbar square. 

Chitwan Jungle Safari:

Travelers seasoning savor thrill with wildlife Safari with landscape stroll Chitwan is Nepal’s ideal wildlife adventure destination. Chitwan offer the greenish and quiet territory so travelers always in amorous spirit. While February to April is best period to visit Chitwan and the key Attractions are Bird watching, Elephant riding and Jungle safari. Narayani river canoeing. 


Nepal third greatest city Patan is previously recognized as Lalitpur. Patan situated just after the boarder of river Bagmati and attracts numerous visitors by palace, metal architecture and temples. From Mission Himlaya Treks points of view Patan Museum is the most beautiful museum of Nepal so travelers must visit places so if you going to visit Nepal please put in your buckle list. Ancient gems and jewellary, Masks and Many Buddhist Statues are the things travelers can buy in Lalitpur. 

Lalitpur also named by tourists the heaven of Nepal craftsmanship.

Patan attracts tourists by its 21 pinnacle temple of lord Krishna who is incarnation of Vishnu, and The golden Temple near the Durbar square so all Hinduism and Buddhism devotees and visitors best places. 

Sagarmatha National park:

Everest/ Sagarmatha national park located in the eastern Nepal is adobe of alpine fauna preserve and familiar with the MT. Everest- the highest Himalaya in the world. From 1953 Ad travelers start to visit this Solukhumbu region but lawfully Sagarmatha National park establish in 1976AD in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Its travelers crowd trekking area of Nepal due to extraordinary landscape and thrill trek, expedition as well as hiking route.

This national park and heritage sites consists of 3 eight thousands named Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Cho- Oyu with other hundreds of peaks like Amadablam, Thamserku, Kwangde, Kangtega, Pumori, Nuptse. 100 of wild animals and rare birds like Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Thar habitants here. So its very popular destination for bird watcher and expedition.  


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