Paragliding In Nepal

Do you wanna fly high like a bird, viewing the mind-boggling view of mountains enfolded by snow, rivers, lakes, and views of the valley? Paragliding in Nepal brings completion to glide high in the sky to manifest the real paradise.

With the guidance of skilled pilots, you may get a life-changing experience by soaring high and free. Nepal Paragliding has been set in motion since 1995 and this sport has been more popular in the list of adventure enthusiasts.

Gliding in Nepal offers you to savor the surpassing view of the Himalayas in the vicinity, glistening lakes, and a phenomenal view of the valley.

Paragliding is an adventure activity that is immensely impacted by climate and geography. Depending on the climate, the most favorable time for paragliding is in the morning for calm flies and agitated flies after 12 pm.

In Nepal, there are different locations for paragliding, among Sarangkot, Pokhara is one of the most popular locations. It is also ranked as the world’s fifth-best paragliding spot.

You might be excited to know, how much paragliding in Nepal prices. To be honest, parachuting is the cheapest and most basic form of flight in the world. In addition, the cost of paragliding in Nepal varies on whatever gliding place you choose. They are not too expensive, and it is worthwhile to experience Nepal’s grandeur from above.

To find out the best place to do paragliding in Nepal, read this blog extensively. I have enlisted the 6 best places for paragliding in this stunning nation. Also, I have explained about Nepal tandem gliding and solo gliding.

Locations for Paragliding in Nepal

Pokhara Paragliding

If you are a beginner and want to learn paragliding in Nepal, then you must reach the paragliding spot in Pokhara.

It takes about 25 min to reach the Sarangkot viewpoint from Pokhara. From there you will take off a flight. The takeoff point is from Sarangkot and the landing is near Fewa Lake. It takes 30 min duration in total to fly and land.

Also, it depends on how the passenger is feeling. You don’t have to be experienced previously however you will be guided by an experienced pilot who gives you short instructions before taking off the flight. There are three flight operating times 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm.

Forget about everything and vigor yourself to enjoy the surpassing view of the town, bayou, and views of Dhaulagiri, Macchapucchre, Manaslu, and Annapurna. Leaving nervousness and fear aside, enjoy the down view of temples, monasteries, greenwood, and the city. If you want to experience different paragliding then you can try cloudbuster and Parahawking in Pokhara.

Indeed, paragliding in Nepal Pokhara is a fantastic place to experience the perfect glide.

Paragliding in Nepal Chapakharka

Enjoy the amazing view of greenery, vegetation down, and the clear sky up, from 2100 meters above sea level. It is just 13km far from the TIA which is one of the best paragliding locations in Kathmandu. We can savor the beauty of Kathmandu Valley by flying up in the sky.

Fulfilling the thirst for flying high and spectating the beauty of Kathmandu valley, Chapakharka is one of the great locations for Paragliding in Kathmandu.

Paragliding Godavari Nepal

Another location for paragliding is at the Godavari located at Lalitpur which is 20km far from Kathmandu. It is a newly started paragliding place however, we can glide high with the help of experienced pilots.

Soaring around the sky capturing the breathtaking view of the landscapes, greenery, botanical garden, and scenery of the valley.

It takes more than an hour to reach the location for gliding and more than an hour to return. We will hang-glide for 20 minutes to get a lifetime experience.

Kot Danda

Kot Danda is also one of the finest paragliding places in Nepal. A Blooming place with greenery and a picturesque valley which is an admirable location for paragliding in Kathmandu, located 13km away from the TIA.

We should follow all the given instructions and safety while taking off for gliding. Capturing the views of green vegetation, flying birds and surroundings is unforgettable. The fly will be hung for 20 minutes.

Phulchowki paragliding in Nepal

Phulchowki is one of the chosen paragliding hotspot locations in Nepal for risk-taking gliders. It is known as the highest paragliding spot in Kathmandu where one can view and enjoy the pleasant view of the mountain which surrounds Kathmandu valley. The adventure glider can join this paragliding to satisfy their inner thrust.

Taking off the flight through green high hills and gazing around the Kathmandu valley furnish another level of satisfaction that is unforgettable. Make sure that you are comfortable while getting ready before taking an adventure glide.


After Pokhara paragliding one of the famous paragliding spots of Nepal in Bandipur. It is famous for the peaceful and scenic paragliding place of Nepal. We can view Mt. Annapurna Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, the green forest, and the charm of the hamlet. In this gliding, you will experience a less crowded and peaceful flight over the sky.

Bandipur itself is a wonderland and many tourists like to visit there to view the breathtaking beauty of Greenwich village. Tandem fly is available in this paragliding spot. The flight will be 30 to 45 min depending on how you feel.

Tandem Paragliding and Solo Paragliding in Nepal

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem glides are best for those who are beginners. No experience is needed while performing this glide. There will be two different harnesses, one for the pilot and the front one is for you. In Tandem paragliding you can click a picture and also you can take a video.

You can talk with the pilot and feel more comfortable than gliding solo. The only thing you should do is go with an experienced instructor.

Solo Paragliding

In this solo paragliding, the adventure and experienced paragliders can glide on their own. If you have a paraglider license you can go for a solo takeoff. If not, you can join the training. But one should get permits from the civil aviation office.

Passport photocopy, Visa photocopy, photo, proof of insurance and paragliding license are required documents to get permits. The process to get the permit will be completed within an hour. Thereafter you can go for a birds-eye view.

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