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Nepali New Year 2079

Updated at Apr 5, 2022by Jyoti Aryal

Festivals are pertinent to Nepali culture as a means of ushering families together in joy. The English New Year is feted in Nepal as a corollary of globalization. However, the country celebrates its own Nepali new year following the Bikram Sambat Calendar. Want to grab more information about Nepali New Year? Stick with the blog till the end to have blissful insight into Nepali new year. If you are in Nepal in this Nepali New Year 2079, this article will guide you regarding how and when the Nepali new year celebration is done.

Nepali New year for Nepali is a festive occasion. Baishakh Sankranti is the another popular name of the first day of the Nepali New Year. On this day there is a public holiday in the country. 

Talking about the Nepali New Year History, the origin of Nepali new year relates back to the time of emperor Vikramaditya. Legendary emperor Vikramaditya is the one to introduce Nepali New Year in Nepal. From that time to now at the present time of Nepali New Year 2079, Bikram Sambat Calendar which Vikramaditya introduced is the official calendar of Nepal. The official Vikram Sambat Calendar of Nepal is 56 years and 7 month ahead of the solar Gregorian Calendar.

It is the time where nature welcomes the year with new life. Everything seems green and colourful resulting in a rejuvenating ambience for the refreshment of every single Nepali person.

When is Nepali New Year?

As per Bikram Sambat Calendar, Nepali people celebrate new year on Baishak 1st of every year. Normally, the day coincides with one of the days of April in the English calendar. If you have a question in your mind regarding when is Nepali New Year 2022-2023, it is on 14th April, 2022.

Take a look at the table given below to know the nepali new year date in past years.

Year Month  Day
2018 April 14, Sat
2019 April 14, Sun
2020 April 14, Tue
2021 April 14, Wed


Want to know the names of months of Nepali Calender? Just go through the points given below:

Baishakh: Mid April-Mid May

Jestha: Mid May-Mid June

Ashad: Mid June-Mid July

Shrawn: Mid July-Mid August

Bhadra: Mid August-Mid September

Ashwin: Mid September-Mid October

Kartik: Mid October-Mid November

Mangsir:Mid November-Mid December

Poush: Mid December-Mid January

Magh: Mid January-Mid February

Falgun: Mid February-Mid March

Chaitra: Mid March-Mid April

Why Nepali people celebrate Nepali New Year?

With the essence to assure good fortune in the forthcoming year, people commemorate this day by attending parties, family gatherings, visiting sacred locations, doing rituals, exchanging Happy Nepali New Year wishes and presents, and so on.

Many national as well as international organisations organise sport competitions or other related activities to mark the Nepali new year day as a special one. Most of the hotel and refreshment centre organises Nepali new year eve parties with special offers for party admirers.

How to Celebrate Nepali New Year 2079?

Depending on the age group and location of people, there is a variation in Nepali new year celebrations in Nepal. Where old people love to indulge in religious activities, for most teenagers or youngsters of today's generation, the day is dedicated to adventure and thrill.

The new year celebration for teenagers today is meant to get indulged in adventurous activities like Bungee Jumping, Ziplining, Paragliding, White Water Rafting in Trishuli, Kaligandaki, Seti and many other rivers. Wildlife tours in Bardia National Park and Chitwan National Park are also admired most by this young population. Not only the teenagers, you can also see many elder daredevils opting for such thrilling activities.

Furthermore, to show their admiration for nature, many opt for trekking in Nepal which includes Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek and likewise. To get you into the festive spirit for your Nepali new year, book soul filling escapes as per your schedule. On the occasion of New year one can expect special offers in every single aspect.

As the Nepali New Year welcomes the spring season as the starting season of the year, it is a great idea to join the outdoor trips to embrace the spring weather. During their nepali new year visit many people are eager to upload their Nepali new year photo as their profile picture.

The number of Nepalese who use the profile picture consisting of a message of  "Happy New Year" or "Nawa Barsa Ko Subhakamana" during new year is also fairly high.

Nepali New Year Celebration in Kathmandu 2079

The hectic and frenetic lanes of Kathmandu Valley paint a picture of Nepalese new year revelry in a wide assortment. The jaunty lounges and bars in Nepal deliver a tremendous new year celebration eve for partygoers. Nagarkot, a neighbouring hill, provides the greatest Kathmandu hiking as well as an incredible nightlife experience in Nepal.

To pay homage to the god on Nepali New Year 2079, the location of Kathmandu World Heritage Sites, Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa and Durbar Squares also favours well.

If you happen to be in Kathmandu during Nepali New Year Celebration 2079, take a liberty of seeing week’s long Bisket Jatra at Bhaktapur, Taumadhi Square. Bisket Jatra is the only Nepali New Year festival that does not follow the lunar Nepali Calendar. The Bisket Jatra dot the ancient solar New Year. Besides Bhaktapur Taumadhi square it is also celebrated in Balkhu, Thimi, Dhapasi and other parts of the Valley.

On top of everything, the shimmering decorations of private as well as public buildings on the sidelines of Kathmandu valley are a sight to behold during the Nepali New Year day. The view of Nepali soilders doing parades on the streets of Kathmandu on the occassion of Nepali new year seems much interesting and proudy.

Nepali New Year Food: Food You Should Try During Nepali New Year This Year 2079


Selroti is a cultural Nepali food of Nepal and is made out of rice flour consisting of the mixture of water, milk, ghee, sugar as primary ingredients. The round shaped hollow spaced Selroti marks the arrival of religious festivals in the country. Thus, many Nepali people prepare sel roti at their home during the 1st day of Baishak.


Lentils are a nutritious food that is said to bring wealth and luck into one's life. Furthermore, the lentils of Black grams, Black-eyed peas, and other similar lentils are particularly liked by the Nepalese population when prepared in Nepali or Thakali manner. Thus, it is prepared in many Nepali homes and restaurants during the occasion of Nepali new year. If you are here in Nepali New Year 2022, remember to give this dish a try.

Note: Lentils are Normally cooked in every Nepali kitchen every single day.


Fruits such as Grapes, sugarcane, and pomegranates are believed to bring prosperity in future days of the year. Thus most of the people eat these fruits on Nepali New year eve.


Curd is taken as the symbol of good luck in Nepali Community. Owing to this fact, many nepali people take curd by adding sugar or other varieties in it during the Baishak 1st of Nepali Year. Furthermore, curd is used in many religious worshippings.


Cake cutting is the medium of celebration in modern Nepalese Society. On the Nepali new year eve most of the people tend to welcome the year by cutting the cakes wishing for the blissful day in the upcoming year.

Non-Veg Dishes

Non-Veg items like pork, fish, goat and buff meat dishes are adored mostly by Nepali people. Traditionally, eating meat on the Nepali New year's day is not considered right. However, in modern society, eating non-veg items during new year is quite demanding.

Nepali meaning of Happy New Year

Happy New Year is that Nepali New Year message that is used by almost every Nepali person. The message literally translates to “ Naya Barsa Ko Subhakamana” in Nepali.

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