Nepal Nightlife- Experience the best, in the chilly and pleasant nights of Nepal

Nepal Nightlife- Experience the best, in the chilly and pleasant nights of Nepal
You may have heard a lot of might have experienced adventurous hiking and trekking in Nepal. You might also have gathered much information about the medieval art architecture history and religion of Nepal.

Oh Yes, there are many things about this Himalayan country which is already known and experienced by many.

However, despite knowing much of Nepal, there are many who are still unaware of nightlife experiences in Nepal. To give travel a new taste, Nepal nightlife is something you should definitely try on your Nepal tour.

Though the nightlife of Nepal is not as popular as that of the nightlife of the world’s popular cities it has something special to lure and astonish every traveler. From tranquil lakes and quaint hills to the bustling cities of Nepal, each of these places offers a unique experience of nightlife in Nepal.

If you land on the streets of Nepal after 10 p.m., you will find the cities and streets more alive and tempting. The lively and buzzing Nepal nightlife compels most of the travel junkies to get up from bed and land on the dance floor of some of the popular pubs of the country.

However, for peace lovers, there are other several options for staring at the stars from the hills or enjoying the delicious cuisines with the jazz music. Those who have great faith in their luck can make their entry into any of the renowned casinos of this country.

Besides these, there are other options for all the people who admire experiencing the best of nightlife in Nepal.

Where can I go for the best nightlife experience in Nepal?

Whenever there arises the question ” Where to experience the best of Nepal nightlife?” the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara always come on first. No matter whether you are in Kathmandu or Pokhara, both the cities’ nightlife is there to amaze you.

Further, during the festive season of Christmas and New Year, you will get to see the extremely new dimensions of these cities. During the festive seasons, Kathmandu nightlife and nightlife in Pokhara leave you full of astonishment and excitement.

However, as the Pokhara celebrates Christmas the whole week, you may find Pokhara more lively at that time. In Kathmandu, Christmas is celebrated for only one night.

If you land in Nepal during Christmas time, just give yourself a chance yourself to immerse in the nightlife of Pokhara.

Kathmandu Nightlife:

Kathmandu the city of dreams and chaos, is not only for day travelers but also is the main refreshment center for nightlife lovers. Being the home to the one and only International airport in the country, Kathmandu welcomes and sees off a number of tourists from all around the world.

But before leaving the country, with its nightlife charm, the city offers the tourist a great nightlife experience. Depending upon what you prefer, a rock sound or silence, you will get each and everything inside this bustling city.

From ritzy nightclubs, pubs, and gambling spots to serene restaurants and entertainment centers, Kathmandu nightlife has everything to lure each of the tourists.

If you prefer to spend the night, gazing at the stars in the sky, then you can go to the surrounding hill resort of the valley. Resorts of Nuwakot, Shivapuri Hill, and many others service you with their best.

Due to the country’s law, most of these entertainment centers remain open till midnight.

So, remember to visit these places before midnight. Further, to experience more of Kathmandu nightlife step into the dance floors only after 10 pm.

Some of the best places in Kathmandu for relishing the great nightlife in Nepal

Thamel Nepal Nightlife

Thamel is the main tourist hub of Nepal. To make the nightlife of the tourists more fascinating and reminiscing, there are many nightclubs, bars, and discotheques in Thamel.

When the whole of Kathmandu city sleeps, the brimming streets and bars of Thamel come to life as a tablet to restrict boredom. Furthermore, the presence of casinos in and around the Thamel lets you check your fortune too.

The breezy nightclubs, luscious eateries, soothing live music, swanky bars, and cultural night shows, all are enough to make your nightlife in Thamel rewarding.

If you are someone who has already visited Nepal but missed experiencing the Thamel nightlife, then you have really missed something major. To experience the fullness of Nepal, you should definitely give the next visit this country.

Kathmandu Durbar Square Nightlife

Also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Kathmandu Durbar Square is truly a wonderful place to be for relishing the nightlife moment in Nepal. Opened for 24 hours per day, the temples and monuments seem more ravishing during the night.

Adorned with multiple lights, the night view of the Kathmandu Durbar Square is something that you should definitely experience on your Nepal Tour.

Besides this, several bars, lounges, and restaurants are eagerly waiting there to serve you. And no wonder, if you fall in love with their amazing hospitality.

Jamsikhel, Patan Nightlife

The stroll around the medieval old streets of Patan offers you the best Nepal nightlife experience. The plus point of this medieval city is, it is quite affordable than Thamel.

Speaking of its downside, the nightlife here adjourns earlier than the nightlife in Kathmandu Valley. However, by joining Moksh Live you can make your nightlife more happening, till late at night.

Situated at the heart of Jamsikhel, inside the premise of Gyan Mandala, Moksh is the perfect place to be for art, music, and food lovers. The place offers you live music with a bonfire and succulent food and liquors.

12 Popular clubs, Restaurants, and bars for experiencing nightlife in Kathmandu

Names Location Opening Hours of few Restaurants

  • Club Deja Vu Durbarmarg, Kathmandu 6 pm-2 am.
  • Rum Doodle Restaurant and Bar Bhupi Serchan Marg, Kathmandu 11:30 am-7 pm.
  • Purple Haze Rock Bar Paryatan Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu 5 pm-12 am.
  • Moon Sun Disco Kamaladi, Kathmandu 10 am-10 pm.
  • Moksh Bar Jamsikhel, Patan 10 am-11 pm.
  • Buddha-Bar Narsingh Chowk Marg, Kathmandu 2 pm-12 am.
  • Sam’s Bar Chaksibari Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu 4 pm-12 am (Close Monday).
  • New Orleans Cafe Chaksibari Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu 7 am-11 pm.
  • Maya Cocktail Bar Paryatan Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu Opens at 2:20 pm.
  • Lord of the Drinks Bhagwatisthan Thamel, Kathmandu The normal one is(7 pm-4 am).
  • Club Fahrenheit Keshar Mahal Marg, Kathmandu 7 pm to 6 am.
  • Kings Lounge Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Opens from noon till 2 am.
  • Popular Bar and restaurants in the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Lavish Casinos for experiencing the great Nepal Nightlife.

Definitely, your visit to Nepal is not for gambling. However, spending a night at one of the casinos in Kathmandu makes your Nepal tour a memorable one. All of these casinos serve you 24 hours per day.

Name of Casino Location

Top Casinos of Nepal:

  • Casino Royale Hotel Yak and Yeti, Lal Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
  • Casino Mahjong Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Tahachal Marg, Kathmandu
  • Casino Rad Radisson Hotel Kathmandu, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
  • Casino Anna Hotel De Annapurna, Sheto Dhoka Marg, Kathmandu

Pokhara Nepal Nightlife

The tourist hub of Nepal, Pokhara serves tourists with lots of adventures during the daylight. But have you ever imagined what this city offers for your nightlife refreshment?

If you already have experienced the pleasure of nightlife in Pokhara, then that’s great. If not, No worries! we are here to help you in making your Pokhara nightlife more exciting.

The breezy streets of the lakeside Pokhara offer you several options to make each moment a special one. If you are in search of tranquil nights in Pokhara, then just go for the sunset view in the lakeside or the surrounding hills.

However, for the party and dance lovers, there are lots of lavish bars and clubs in the city. You also have the option of watching the cinemas in an open environment.

Just imagine the cold breeze, the stars, Cinema, popcorn in hand, and your soulmate by your side. What a great experience! Even if you are single, it is equally rewarding.

Fascinating bars, clubs, restaurants, and refreshment centers for a memorable nightlife in Pokhara

Names Location Opening Hours
Paradiso Sports Bar and Grill Lakeside, Pokhara 6 am-11 pm
Am/Pm Organic Cafe Shiva Mandir Marg, Lakeside, Pokhara 6 am-10 pm
Old Blues Bar Lakeside, Pokhara Opens at 7:30 pm
Busy Bee Cafe Lakeside, Pokhara 9 am- 1 am
Trisara Pokhara 10 am-11 pm
Top Places for refreshment in Pokhara

How safe is the Nepal nightlife?

With a low crime rate and a culture of respecting the guests like God, we can say that Nepal travel is safe on both days and nights. However, you have to be a little more careful when stepping out at night time.

As the country is flocked by a number of tourists all around the world, the Government of Nepal has fully employed 24-hour security in all parts of Nepal.

Mainly in the popular cities, Kathmandu and Pokhara, you will feel more secure. Further, in comparison to Kathmandu, you will find Pokhara more secure.

Meet new people from around the world, make some new friends, and experience the best of your life in Nepal.

Tips for a great nightlife experience in Nepal

As per the rules of the country, most of the bars, clubs, and restaurants remain open up to 12 am. So, make sure to reach there earlier. However, there are some which manage to open till the morning.

Nepalese people are not allowed to enter the casino, you have to take your passport along with you to show your whole identity and make your entry.

Most of the bars and clubs accept the Nepali currency so make sure to carry the Nepalese currency.
Whenever you step out of your hotel room, don’t forget to carry your coat with you as nights here are pretty cold.

As prostitution is illegal in Nepal so, it is better to avoid seeking such activities. If you get involved in such cases, you may find yourself behind bars later.