Khumjung Village – One of the Charming villages in the Everest Region


Undeniably, Khumjung is one of the most beautiful villages located in the remote area of the Everest region and on the way to the Everest base camp trek. You can consider this village as a monastery village that lies beneath the holy mountain, Khumbila (5761m).

As you must have heard about Namche Bazaar, know that the Khumjung village is just located above the Namche Bazaar and reaches an elevation of 3790 meters.

Along with Khumjung village, comes Khunde village which is another traditional village in the region. While visiting any of them, you will not miss the other one.

Although located in the remote region, Khumjung village has plenty of people living there. Mostly, this village is populated by the trademark sherpa people, who are renowned for their mountain climbing in the whole world. Primarily with a focus on the tourism business, sherpa people have opened numerous lodges and homestays in this village.

Further, engaging in the typical farming and lodging, these individuals have made this village more accessible. They have managed to provide travelers with phone and internet access, allowing them to communicate with the outside world.

Having covered the short introduction to the village, we will now discuss the popular attractions in Khumjung-

Head of Yeti in Khumjung Monastery
Head of Yeti in Khumjung Monastery

Popular Attractions in Khumjung

Khumjung Hillary School

Khumjung School is one of the historic schools in the country as it was built by one of the first climbers of Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary. This school was built back in 1960.

Originally this school was named Hillary School, but later on, it was changed to Khumjung Hillary School. Right now, this school is managed by Himalayan Trust and hundreds of students attend this school.

This school began with just two classrooms, but today it accommodates students in preschool, primary, and secondary sections. This school in Khumjung village now even provides hostel facilities to the students who come from the remote parts of the region.

Hillary School in Khumjung Village
Hillary School in Khumjung Village

Khunde Hospital

Khunde Hospital is also built by Sir Edmund Hillary. It was built in 1966 and it is the oldest hospital in the region. While visiting Khunde village, you can see this hospital at the top.

This hospital was operating with the help of the Himalayan Trust but now it runs with the help of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation. This hospital’s services are very popular in the region as it serves about 8000 people per year. On average this hospital provides facilities for 25 people per day.

Khunde Hillary Hospital- Khumjung Village Tour
Khunde Hillary Hospital- Khumjung Village Tour

Furthermore, this hospital has turned out to be very helpful for trekkers who need emergency services. So if you wish to, you can donate a small amount of money to this hospital.

Khumjung Monastery

Khumjung monastery holds a special significance in Sherpa’s culture and religion. Situated at 12000 feet, this monastery is one of the holiest heritage of the people living in the Everest region. Along with the monastery in this village, you will also encounter a 500-year-old Buddhist gompa, which is also a very significant heritage.

Khumjung Monastery
Khumjung Monastery

Here in this Monastery, you will also get the opportunity to witness the scalp of the mythical creature Yeti. This scalp of yeti is protected in the glass, so you can just look from the outside. You can see that this scalp is of brown color and has hairs attached to it.

Further, consisting of statues of lord buddha and other saints along with the old scripts of Buddhism, you will find this monastery truly peaceful and beautiful. Therefore, visiting this particular place in Khumjung village will be more than enough for you to know the sherpa and Buddhist culture.

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Everest view hotel

Just above Khumjung village, you will find the exquisite Everest View Hotel. Standing at a staggering height of 3880 meters, this hotel has a lot to provide for trekkers and adventurers. With the short upward climb from the Khumjung village, you will find this hotel that was established in the 1970s.

This hotel is a panoramic spot, where the visitors can witness the spectacular views of mountains like Everest, and Lhotse while having a nice cup of coffee and breakfast.

Everest View Hotel Near Khumjung Village
Everest View Hotel Near Khumjung Village

What kind of facilities can you expect in Khumjung village?

In this village, you can find accommodation and food services that range from basic to luxury. Accompanied by teahouses and comfortable lodges, you can also find local shops, cafes, and bakeries.

Therefore, with the availability of electricity, internet, and phone services, living in the village won’t make you feel as though you’re in a different part of the world.

How do you get to Khumjung?

As you might know, lots of travelers come to do the Everest base camp trek. And through the route of the Everest base camp trek, Khumjung is just a step away. If travelers wish to come, Khumjung can be a great spot to take a break from this journey.

As we have mentioned earlier, Khumjung is just a walk away from Namche Bazaar, which is the main point for trekkers while doing the Everest base camp trek. While acclimatizing or having a rest day at Namche Bazaar, trekkers can come to explore this village for a day or spend the night here before finally proceeding to the Everest base camp.

When is the ideal time to go to the village of Khumjung?

From our experience, the best time to visit the Everest region is the Spring and autumn seasons i.e. March to April and September to November. On these days, you will be able to witness the clear views of mountains, without any weather disturbances.  However, if you want to see snowfall, then you can prefer to go in the winter season.

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Finally, we want to say that, with the presence of many villages in the Everest region, Khumjung village is one of the villages that has able to gain the attraction of adventurers who come to the Everest region for different adventures.

With its charming old heritage and the presence of mythical creature remains it is surely one of the destinations that must be visited. Hence, before you decide to visit the village, we want to assure you that your efforts and excitement will be rewarded once you see how amazing it is.