Is Nepal Safe For Female Traveller?

Nepal is a stunning Himalayan country with an eye-popping scenario but this country Is Nepal Safe For Female Traveller? Beautiful Nepal attracts lots of tourists every year to explore the alluring view of nature. Travelers are welcomed respectfully whether they are traveling solo or in a group.

They will get an amazing experience for a lifetime and it is safe to visit for any age group and single. Traveling and trekking to any area of Nepal is safe and exciting. Most Female travelers come to Nepal solo for trekking to different routes in the Himalayas.

Nepal is a safe and overwhelming country to visit. You might be in a dilemma as to whether it is truly safe or just a rumor. Most of the solo female travelers shared their trekking moments and explained that they feel respected and safer in Nepal than in other countries.

Nepal for solo female travelers is the best decision to travel independently and freely alone without a guide. Also, if you don’t have previous experience with trekking then you can even take a female trekking and tour guide for easier travel and safety. They are easily available.

You can get to experience a new taste of the culture and traditions of the people in Nepal. The more you interact with them the more you will feel comfortable and safer. But keep in mind that not all the people you meet are with good intentions. Some of them might be flirty scammers.

Solo Female Traveller Safety Clew:

Most passionate female solo travelers confirm that Nepal is the safest country in many other countries. As we all know all people’s mentality is not good due to the fact that few solo female travelers might have faced a problem. As a solo female traveler, you should always take precautions.

Take care of your belongings Don’t take an off-trail route while traveling if you are heading forward as a solo traveler. Choose a peak season so that there will be other friendly travelers. Mainly, if you are a solo female traveler, trek during the daytime fully and rest at night at a hotel. You might feel uncomfortable during the night time so return to the hotel sooner before dark.

Is Nepal Safe For Female Traveller – Safe Accommodation:

There are plenty of accommodation facilities while traveling so choose the safest hotel to rest overnight. If you don’t feel comfortable, change the hotel before booking it. Check the room’s lock whether it works properly or not. Lock your room properly before leaving the hotel. If your locked room is open before your arrival, step back and ask the hotel manager for help.

If you feel like someone wants to know about you more and follow you tell him that you are with your own team not alone. Because some of the people might be fraudulent and show a flirty nature. Carry your main documents, wallet, and expensive belongings with you wherever you go. Do not let anyone enter your hotel room.

First-time Solo Traveller:

Being a woman and traveling solo is risky but it will be the best thing you will ever do. If you have never been to any country solo for trekking then it might be harder for you. We recommend you take one trusted guide throughout your journey.

Generally speaking, few of the trekkers have been missing while going trekking. Some of them have been found alive, some deceased, and some are still not found. So, if you are not experienced then it’s better to go with one guide. You can easily take a female trekking guide.

If you are a previously experienced traveler then it will be easier for you to travel and don’t need any travel guide. Also, you will also meet friendly people throughout your journey.

Wearing The Right Clothes:

Wear the right clothes at the right place which makes you feel comfortable. You will get unwanted attention if you go outside wearing tight, revealing clothes and without a bra. Even you won’t feel comfortable because of unwanted physical attention. Wear comfortable and simple dresses that cover breasts, buts, and legs to avoid unwanted physical attention from people.

female traveler in Annapurna trek
Solo Female traveler Trek in Annapurna Region

Wear traditional dresses while visiting traditional places. It does not mean you should wear a typical Nepali dress. In rural areas of Nepal, people are still not modernized so we recommend you wear non-revealing clothes.

Safe Travelling Destination For Solo Female Travellers:

There are many trekking destinations for solo female travelers where they can feel safe and free.

  1. Everest view trek
  2. Everest Base Camp Trek
  3. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  4. Kathmandu Valley sightseeing
  5. Manaslu Trek
  6. Upper Mustang
  7. Dolpo
  8. Langtang
  9. Mardi Himal
  10. Pokhara
  11. Poonhill
  12. Helambu
  13. Chitwan

The Season For The Solo Female Traveller:

In Nepal, traveling and trekking are done throughout the year. Some of them like to visit during peak season and some during the offseason. However, if you are a solo female trekker then we recommend you choose a peak season.

During the peak season, you will meet many solo trekkers throughout the trail and at hotels. You will feel safer because of the crowd. Staying in a hotel where there are fewer people, you might feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

In addition, Spring and autumn (Sep-Nov) are considered the peak season to go for a tour and trek in Nepal. The weather remains clear so that you can enjoy the crystal view of the quiet hills and glossy panorama Himalayas. The green lush hills and plain land which has spectacular views attract lots of tourists. Moreover, there will be plenty of cultural programs held during peak season.

Safety Gears For Solo Female Travelers:

First Aid Kit:

First aid kits are the main thing you should pack first while traveling. You might get injured on the way or you might get sick. So carry some meftal, citamol, bandages and handplus.

Menstruation Pads:

Most solo female travelers get mensuration problems during the trekking and tour. In Nepal, menstruation is not a familiar topic to talk about openly. Pantyliner pads are available in the market and in the village area, but you might not get pads. So, pack needed pads if your date is near.

An Extra Place To Stash Money:

Traveling is exciting but unpredictable. You can get in some emergency cases and run out of money. In that situation, you can use the cash which you are carrying in your stash pocket. So, Wear a bra or belt bag where you can stash extra money.

Pickpocket Proof Clothes:

Choose clothes that are pickpocket-proof. Pickpockets target travelers so you can prevent them by wearing zipped pants and jackets. In addition, you wear jackets and pants that have inside pockets are more protective of carrying your cash.

Carry One Used To Backpack:

You must carry one suitable backpack where you can keep your original documents and cash. Don’t carry cash more than you need because ATMs are easily available in different places. The main problem is whether the ATM machines will work or not.

Moreover, carry multiple copies of the same document and place them in different bags. If you miss some of them somewhere you can have an alternative one. You can keep original documents and their copies in your important backpack and others in your suitcase.

Water Purifier:

In Nepal, you can get filtered water in every hotel and tea house. But while you are roaming around in local places you can fill your water bottle with taps and use a water purifier and drink.