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Is Manaslu Circuit Trek good for 2023?

Updated at Jun 12, 2022by Mission Himalaya

Manaslu Circuit Trekking trails are the most alluring trekking routes in Nepal Himalayas and also have a significant benefit analogized to other routes: approximately few trekkers hike there. Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley opened their entry gate only a few years ago for foreigners. The charming route has preserved their real impression, the local people's love equates to antiquated customs, and the Larkya la pass is not crowded like a chain. Manaslu region transportation depends on Yaks and Mules. The Tibetan origin locals' entertainment history is the establishment of Mani-painted walls with competition in archery of Thanka paintings and Buddhist monuments. We can clearly say the Manaslu Trek is the real face of Nepal, exactly what trekkers see.

During the Manaslu Circuit Trekking and Tsum Valley Trekking, trekkers cross the different climates of the alpine Mountain zones from the Sub tropical glacial moraines. Lots of deepest gorges, Rhododendron flower forests, and pine forests are also popular on these routes in the lower trekking zones. Trekkers can trek for several days in desert-like places in the loop of Manaslu Massif, which is surrounded by glacier zones and Manaslu eight thousand mountains and its ranges.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2023
Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2023

Manaslu Trek also offers the Manaslu Base Camp hiking from Samagaun Acclimatization day and ascends Larkya La pass 5160M. Meditators can meditate in the oldest Buddhist shrines and gompas and feel the rare culture of Nepal and Tibet. It is because Manaslu is the ethnic Tibetans-influenced part attached to the Tibet border. Trekkers can swim in the natural hot and cold thermal springs water, taste the authentic Nepali Cuisine during the trek and explore UNESCO World Heritage properties in Kathmandu. So many trekkers join this trekking to collect a lifetime memorable.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking Facts:

Off the beaten Routes:

Several Charismas are included inside Manaslu Circuit Treks. Manaslu Circuit is an off-the-beaten trek or the peaceful trekking destination of Nepal. Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trekking include the cloudless scenery environment and the miraculous ethnic savor. The Tsum Valley routes hold the Tsumba persons or the locals who are influenced by Tibetan Buddhism lifestyle and customs.

Trekkers feel quiet and at peace, if they are far from the crowded trails of Annapurna or Everest and choose the Tsum Valley route inside Manaslu Conservation Area. Manaslu Trekking is influenced by traditional technology, the landscape is still preserved, and culture is not mixed with modern lifestyle so that trekkers can feel away from Modern civilization. For organized camping trekking, this route is classified as one of the best in Nepal.

Off the Beaten Routes in manaslu Circuit
Off the Beaten Routes in Manaslu Circuit

Traditions and devout magnetism:

Two Valley Tsum and Nubri are derived from a group of people and cast like Tsumbas and Gurungs. In the village of Nubri, many Gurung people live, and they are popular for fighting, so they are selected for the army and police forces. Numbri valley is a less visited trekking route in the Manaslu circuit regions that can explore traditional and modern civilization and culture.

Tsum valley or Tsumba valley is totally different from modern civilization. Bhatia, Sherpa, and Gurung people affected by Tibetan Buddhism made collections of chortens, Mani carving walls, Tibetans Buddhism Monastery, and prayer wheels in these regions. The prime Monasteries in Tsum Valley are Mu and Rachen, whereas Lungdang Gompas is also a popular shrine that many locals and foreigners visit to make their souls pure and empty. Nyile and Chumling are the two most popular villages that provide a charming way of life and ancient culture.

Tsum valley also has a Milarepa cave, also named pigeon cave which is the ancient cave where the devotee of Milarepa meditation and had a saint with enlightenment. Around the Milarepa cave, trekkers can explore 3 different caves. Near the cave can explore clay serine which is the honor enlightenment of Saint Milarepa. For evidence, we can observe the other Buddhist statues and footprints of saint Milarepa who was born in 1052 AD.

Ancient Lho Monastery in Manaslu Circuit
Ancient Lho Monastery in Manaslu Circuit

Low-Risk Trekking Region:

Another magnetic feature of the Manaslu Circuit Trekking is a less risky hiking route even though trekkers have to pass 5160m of Larkya La. Larkya La pass (16930ft) is a stimulating high-elevation mountain pass, trekkers need more safety and experienced guides to pass over it after the Autumn season or in December, January, and February. In the past few years, there has been only camping trekking available, so the Manaslu circuit trek cost is decreased due to the new construction of basic lodges. Manaslu Circuit Trek permits are the same for camping and teahouses trekking.

There is less possibility of having mountain sickness if you read and walk carefully according to to guide precautions with doctors' advice. To pass  Larkya la no need for camping gear and no need to sleep at higher elevations above 5000m. There are fewer probabilities of snowfall or Avalance or snowslide in these treks, so the Manaslu circuit trek is a less risky route. Please do not forget to bring a few Diamox Tablets and Crampons because sometimes mountains will be snow and ice in the parts of Dharmashala to the Bhimtang routes.

A Home garden of wildflowers:

Manaslu Conservation Area or Manaslu protected area is the adobe of 2000 kinds of flowering regions. As per the news, 19 to 20 different types of woodlands can be available in these regions. A few medicinal plants with the National flower of Nepal Rhododendron are available and flown during spring. The Alpino flower decorates the whole jungle in March and April so that it will be a special adventure for spring season trekkers rather than Autumn. Manaslu circuit trek cost for spring is US$ 50 for 1 week, whereas in Autumn US$ 70 for 1 week.

A different variety of flowers can be encountered during the Manaslu circuit hiking each day when the elevation gains. Also, this region called god gifted trekking region. Killing the animals is not allowed due to the holy trekking regions of Nepal, so not available meats in all teahouses in higher elevations, and it is strictly prohibited.

Addon Annapurna Circuit Trek:

After finishing, the tracking of Larkya La pass, Manaslu, and Tsum valley, trekkers with few extended time frames can expand the Annapurna circuit trekking routes. The lower elevation parts of Annapurna trekkers can trek after the Manaslu circuit from Dharapani to Besishahar. Still, those parts are not as beautiful as before due to new road construction. Hikers who have at least 1 week more than the Manaslu can trek in the Annapurna circuit route is similar and more beautiful than the Manaslu circuit trek, but it's growing slowly as a commercial. If trekkers trek to the Manaslu Annapurna circuit trek, they can explore 3 eight thousand Like Annapurna1, Dhaulagiri 1, and Manaslu in one trek. Besishahar is the headquarter of the Lamjung district and is the beginning spot of Annapurna and also an ending spot of Manaslu trekking, whereas the trekkers who addon the Annapurna circuit can finish either in Jomsom, Nayapul, or Beni. Manaslu and Annapurna circuit trek permits are the same, so you do not need to buy extra permits for the Annapurna regions.

Larkya La pass in Winter
Larkya La pass in Winter Before Annapurna Circuit

Equitable Hiking days:

Many hiking regions of Nepal have dissimilar trekking durations. Still, one of the perfect reasons you must trek to Manaslu is to have a fixed trekking itinerary of Manaslu Circuit Trek in 12 days. Many trekkers follow the traditional Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary and enjoy all the places on the routes. The expert and skillful hikers and guides made this tailor-made itinerary with proper acclimatization day. So the altitude gain is smooth and splits a few road parts till Macha Khola is the best choice for all trekkers. Even a few trekkers choose those 1 extra day trails that are still not very crowded and dusty until 2022.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is classified as the remote trek of Nepal, but it's not a very difficult trek. Since mountain hikers need stress-free travel in the higher elevation, they always have to hydrate themselves during the trails. Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty can be reduced by taking proper precautions and acclimatization. During the acclimatization day in Samagaun, trekkers can visit the side trails of Gompas or Birendra lake, or Manaslu base camp. Whereas if they take acclimatization on Samdo, they can explore the border to Tibet or another Gompa for day excursions. So Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal provides a spirit thrill and cultural investigation in the hiking holiday for tourists.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trail
Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trail

10 Main reasons you must trek Manaslu in 2022/2023

1. A high passes long-distance trekking of Larkya La passes 5160m from Dharmashala to Bhimtang 25 kilometers in 1 day.

2, 4 popular UNESCO World Heritage property day tours in the Capital Kathmandu with 20 years of experience as a tour leader.

3. Unspolit hiking routes provide the 8th tallest Himalaya on the earth, and its encircle.

4. Trails begin from the subtropical pine and Oak forests to the alpine desert with less greenery.

5. A huge River gorge of Budhi Gandaki from the Beginning to Larkya la pass.

6, A countryside scenery, traveling from Kathmandu to Sotikhola and Dharapani to Kathmandu.

7. A virgin ecosystem in Tsum Valley differentiate from modern civilization.

8. A fascinating natural wonder of natural hot springs, the Snow-covered Himalayas.

9. The wonder habitant of faunas like a wild goat, blue sheep, Himalayan Thar, and snow leopard.

10. Collection of snow Himalayan peaks like Annapurna 2, Manaslu Himalachuli, Ganesh Himal, Lamjung Himal, and many more.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Food
Preparing The food in Manaslu Circuit Trek
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