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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Updated at Jun 24, 2022by Mission Himalaya

Trekking in Everest base Camp soon or Later?

Your Minimum Everest base camp trek cost depends on numerous components and will be dissimilar for everyone.

Unknown to the budget planning how much will a trek to Everest Base Camp cost? Sure for all adventurers, the main query in the brainbox before confirming the Everest Base Camp trek is How much does it cost?

The absence of information about the Khumbu feels trekkers think about how much money they need to spend to trek Everest Base Camp. In this Blog Mission, Himalaya Treks give brief details, knowledge, and instructions on how trekkers can evaluate the Budget and preplan their maximum cost for Nepal Everest trips.

Numerous trekkers thought that trekking Everest will cost very huge and it is not a suitable holiday destination for hikers. However, it is Fake. We provide numerous information and guidelines, Everest is still like many other trekkers trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas.

Honestly, it is sure that Everest is not truly a tourist regular weekend holiday for happiness where instantly packing your usual hiking gears and travel. trekkers who have perfect preparation, special information regarding height, altitude a friendly itinerary you can trek Everest at an average cost as well.

In the information below I provide, Mission Himalaya treks analyze the cost feature of the trek to EBC. But the trekkers who love extra information like a suitable time to travel, where to accommodate, day to day itinerary preparation can call or message Mission Himalaya Everest Trek experts.

room and toilet in Everest Base camp trek
Bed and Toilets in Everset Base camp Trek


How to evaluate the reasonable cost for Everest Base Camp Trek?

Your full amount of Everest Base Camp Trek cost will be controlled by various factors like trekkers' mode of the holiday, total holidays duration, Hotel priority, and the location you like to travel to.

Nevertheless, if trekkers limited it down the five supreme factors that will affect  your full cost and budgets of Everest treks are:

1, trekkers mode of Holiday.

2. Shelter priority.

3. Tourists' meals routine.

4. Solo or dependent trek.

5. transportation Type.

Except for those components, others are just supplements of those five principal elements. get approximate throughout those five supreme and increase by the number of participants for trekking with the traveling duration than the normal budget for EBC treks you can get.

Here Mission Himalaya Treks with providing the essential information and separate cost. Also, we describe it trekking cost, teahouses cost, and self-expenditure that trekkers may suffer.

Charging your electronic device:

Everest is an unapproachable territory so solar power is used in higher elevations than water electricity projects. So transportation of such a huge battery and inverter is inconvenient for them. Also, they have small power that is not enough for light in the dining hall and rooms as well. during the peak season, the gadget charges US$ 3 to 6 per hour in higher elevations. But in the offseason, the teahouses give tourists little discount and a few teahouses are free of cost.

Hiring cost of the Sleeping bag:

Many trekkers stay at sea level and their home temperature has high. probably they do not have warm sleeping bags and Down Jackets for higher altitude trekking. Just for the one-time use, fewer trekkers do not like to buy. If trekkers do not mind hiring sleeping bags and down jackets there are plenty of shops that rent the trekking equipment. The sleeping bag or down jacket rented cost per day US$ 1 per piece per day approximately.

Hot water cost in Trek:

Khumbu region trek is not a luxury trek like lower elevation other destinations. Hot shower facilities may not Available in each and every teahouse in higher elevations. During a few seasons, even the water freezes due to extremely cold temperatures.  |Trekkers need to buy buckets of hot water for the shower. Teahouses may charge you US$ 3 to US$ 7 per bucket for your shower water.

Note: We do not suggest trekkers take shower after 4500 meters. we warmly suggest they use Wet tissue to clean their body if the temperature is extremely cold or winter season.

Drinking water cost:

Many travelers thought that water in trekking areas was very clean and they can directly drink. It is true but you are not used to drinking such stream water or from a river. Our guide porters and locals drink direct water from the river. we will heartily suggest our valuable guests use pills or chlorine drops if they travel on a budget. Otherwise, they can buy mineral water from teahouses.

Everest base camp trek drinks cost
Everest Base Camp Trek Drinks

Note: at higher elevations, we suggest buying hot water or ginger lemon tea for drinking it's very good for your throat and body. One liter of hot water cost US$ 2 to 5 depending on the elevation gained.

Shower Cost:

Many teahouses in lower elevations have gas geyser showers they charge US$ 3 to 5 per person per shower.

Permits cost for Everest Base Camp Trek:

Everest Base camp trek is in Everest national park. Without a permit to enter this area is totally illegal. you must buy the permits for the entrance to this park. The Everest National park permits NPR 3000 equivalent to US$ 26 for international tourists and Npr 1500 for SAARC countries Trekkers. You need a copy of your passport to apply for this permit at Sagarmatha national park.

Other entrance permits off Everest Base Camp is Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Gaunpalika Local permits. For individual trekkers or the organized trekkers from the agency both need to pay NPR 2000 for that permit. 

Note: Trekkers can buy Both National park permits and Pasang Lhamu Gaunpalika Permits after Flight to Lukla.

Also noted that both entrances permit for single entrance only and cannot transfer to your friend or cannot refund your money after your purchase. You need to show permits at different checkpoints in Khumbu territory.

Permits cannot be shared with your mates. Permits Issue per person Basis not per group basis like transportation.

Everest Base Camp Travel Cost 2022-2023:

Your Style of the holiday will be the supreme costing element in the sum of the total budget of EBC Trek. The numerous trekkers opt to travel by tiny airstrip flight but few other suitable modes of transportation are buses or private or sharing vehicles to Salleri. A rare number of trekkers take a helicopter flight to Lukla as well.

The cost of each kind of traveling way will vary with each other. But Mission Himalaya Treks will list a few figures out the optimal budget for Everest trip of the selected mode of travel respectively.

Transportation Cost:

Everest Base Camp Trek cost by helicopter
Trekkers return by Helicopter after Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Travelling Everest by road trip? trekkers need to buy jeep tickets from Kathmandu to Salleri. 
  • Transportation Everest base camp by flight? Trekkers need to Buy Domestic flight tickets from Kathmandu to Lukla and Return.
  • Searching for a Luxury trip to Everest Base Camp? 
  • Trekkers need to buy Kathmandu to Lukla and return tickets by Helicopter.
  • Noted that: Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter sharing ticket US$ 500 per person. If you have a group of 5 the helicopter cost US$ 2000 per private helicopter.
  • Kathmandu to Lukla flight ticket by tiny airstrip US$ 185 per person per one way.
  • Kathmandu to Salleri driving by private jeep US$ 300
  • Kathmandu to Salleri driving by sharing vehicle US$ 35
  • When returning from the trekking and Vice versa respectively.

Note that: If trekkers will go Everest Base Camp trek by road another 3 days extra needed to reach Lukla from Salleri.

Everest Base Camp Trek Meal and Teahouse Cost:

Everest base camp trekking trails are well organized or super facilities trekking destiny in the world. The hotels provide suitable accommodation to stay in and the best hygienic food as well. Since the Everest Base camp treks are in higher elevations or remote, the teahouses trek is well organized. Depending on elevation gain they are very costly due to the goods transportation facilities are poor. they need to transport by flight until Lukla and transported by Porters, Yakes, or Naks until teahouses. Imaging that From Kathmandu to Gorakshep transportation of goods duration is 7 days. Few goods are transported by helicopter when they rescue flight. It is very expensive.

Teahouses' accommodation costs in lower elevations are varied according to the category of lodges. Yeti Mountain Home, |Everest View Hotel, and Rivendell Lodge are Expensive hotels in Everest Region. In most of the teahouses, the accommodation cost US$ 5 to 7 Per night for twin sharing beds that are basic.

Trekkers can take local and organic foods in teahouses. category of food the cost varies. Per meal US$ 5 to 8 for veggies whereas for not veggies US$ 8 to 15 per meal.

Note: per day meals cost US$ 25 to 45 depending on the trekker's choice and elevations.

If trekkers take soup meals and dessert in combo the cost will super expensive.

Potato and Spaghettis - Everest Base Camp Trek Organic Meal
Potato and Spaghettis Everest Base Camp Trek Organic Meal

Cost of dependent Everest Base Camp trek:

Do not like to trek solo?

like to hire a guide and porter and stress-free treks?

Sure the guide gives you a well-organized plan and acclimatization-friendly itinerary. he will trek next to you during the whole trip. describe the mountain culture tradition and Himalaya information. higher elevation carrying luggage is too stressful. just take your day backpack with water and valuables and trek. it will addon oil to the success of your Everest Base Camp trek. 

The cost of a guide varies according to their experience and grading.

  • Normally the guide salary is US$ 20 to US35 per group.

Read this article Trekking Guide salary in Nepal?

  • Porter cost US$ 15 to 20 per porter.

Note: 2 paying guests can hire 1 porter.

Note: we warmly suggest bringing a local guide instead to choose a foreign guide. Locals are experts with altitude and your health concerns. Also, they know hotels better than international guides. Also local guides and budget then international guides.

Everest Base Camp Internet Cost:

Internet cost in Everest base camp is US$ 5 per day. But if you buy a US$ 20 Everest Link Sim card you can use unlimited 2GB until your trek is finished. That wifi prepaid card is the convenient and budgeted internet in Everest regions. Due to poor network, mobile network is less suggested by few companies.

Drink cost:

Tea coffee or other drinks cost also expensive on the Everest Base Camp trek. the cost of Tea and coffee is US$ 1 to 3 per cup starting from Lower elevations to Higher elevations.

Everest Base camp Trek Lodges Menu
Everest Base camp Trek Lodges Food and Drinks Menu

Trekking solo or in Group:

Your full Everest base camp trek budget depends on your trekking style solo or in groups. If you are trekking Everest base camp with groups or mates, the total guide cost, porter cost, Guide flight cost, and your Own accommodation cost, are divided between you and your group.

Minimum for Everest Base Camp Trek:

Finally, we will give you a few round figures of your minimum budget for the Everest trek if you traveling in groups of two or more.

  1. Kathmandu hotel US$ 30 for 2 nights
  2. Flight face two way US$ 370 for both way
  3. Guide flight US$ 60 for two-way.
  4. Guide salary US$ 100 per trip
  5. Porter's salary is US$ 90 per trip.
  6. Permits US$ 45 per trip
  7. Meal and accommodation US$ 350 per trip
  8. Transportation US$ 20 for a full trip 
  9. Sleeping bag and down jacket US$ 25 per trip.
  10. Insurance is roughly US$ 100 per trip.
  11. Hot drinks, Hot shower, and battery Charge US$  200 per trip.
  12. Tips for trekking staff(No exactly can tell)
  13. Cost of Nepal Visa US$ 50 for 30 days Multiple entries.
  14. Another extra cost in Kathmandu is US$ 100.

Except those cost your international flight and the shopping or extra activities not mentioned above. SO the total cost For Everest base camp is normally US$ 1640 per person.

Want to Book those Trek?


Note: The cost Can vary from US$ 1600 to US$ 6000 per person.


1. Is the Everest base Camp trek expensive?

No EBC trek not expensive. The total cost of the trek is the result of The days of the tourist trek and the traveling way we mentioned before. If you travel to other destinations in the Himalayas the cost will be more expensive due to poor transportation facilities and access. 

2. How to reduce Everest Base Camp trek cost?

The suitable way to reduce the trek cost of Everest base camp is to trek in a group joining at least two people. The Hotels, guide porter, and guide flight are also reasonable and can be divided into two pax.

Trekking to the Everest Base Camp With Mission himalaya
Trekking to the Everest Base Camp With Mission himalaya


Mission Himalaya treks hope that the above information on the minimum cost for Everest Base Camp trek was very helpful. If you have further queries please do not hesitate to comment or query us. we will be very glad to answer your questions very quickly. You can also follow us on Instagram or WhatsApp and chat with us. We wish you a happy journey to the Everest base camp trek in Nepal soon.   


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