Best Time To Visit And Trek Kathmandu Nepal

Best Time To Visit And Trek Kathmandu Nepal

Nepal Trekking can be undertaken for the whole of the year. Mostly there are four seasons in Nepal. Each season has its different attractions to offer the tourist. Nepal trekking season is as follows: Nepal Tour can be undertaken the whole year. But day hiking and trekking near Kathmandu can be affected by weather and rain.

Best Time To Visit Nepal:

Season:  Months:
AUTUMN.  September, October, and November.
WINTER. December, January, February.
SPRING.  March, April, May.
SUMMER.  June, July, And August.

Best Time To Visit And Trek Kathmandu Nepal – Nepal Autumn:

The Autumn season is defined as the best time for trekking in Nepal or a super excellent time for the tour and trekking, which offers excellent weather and Clears Mountain views with blue sky. Moderate temperatures, and clear sky with panoramic views, make it the best time to do any of the Nepal treks.

Occasional short storms may happen and snow at high altitudes. The view of the mountain is excellent and blue sky but a little crowd because of the Numerous travelers. If the winter comes early in late November a bit cold. Stable dry and clear weather that’s why Kathmandu and Pokhara best times to travel trekking high pass some time with a bit more snow.

Best Time To Visit And Trek Kathmandu NepalWINTER (December – February):

The Winter season is time for occasional snowfall at higher elevations in the Himalayas. And the best time to visit Nepal is to play snow at a high altitude. Nevertheless, it gets the coldest night but it offers a clear day and blue sky and perhaps fewer trekkers on the trail.

But it is not the best time for climbing and high passes trekking. Trek like Everest base camp and Annapurna sanctuary can be done even in winter. But trekking high passes like Chola pass, throng-la pass, and Manaslu Larkya-pass, need technical equipment like crampons and a well-experienced guide.

Normal guides are difficult to find the way to. So please be careful in higher elevation trekking above 5000m. Only higher elevation effect for trekking but City sightseeing and hiking can be undertaken.

Best Time To Visit And Trek Kathmandu Nepal – Spring (March-May):

Varieties of flowers, especially Rhododendrons make the hillside a paradise during this season. It is a mildly warm season at lower elevations and at higher elevations, the mountain views are excellent and similar season to autumn.

Hence, this is the second-best time to visit Nepal. Trekking trails are less crowded and more peaceful. For nature lovers, this is the best time because of the flower season.

Elevation around 2000m-3500m m the national flower (rhododendron) and clear sky and mountain give enchanting beauty for travelers. So it is also the best time to Visit Kathmandu the capital of Nepal, another city, and trek or peak climbing or expedition best season.

Best Time To Visit And Trek Kathmandu Nepal – Summer (June-August):

The summer season from June till mid-September makes travel wet and warm but it is raining and clouded. This season is blessed for the keen botanist as the higher valleys blossom with flowers and vegetation.

Trekking in Upper Mustang and Dolpo could be an ideal trek selection for this season. Mostly it is not the best time for trekking in Nepal. Hiking and trekking can be taken but the view is not very nice.

trekking is affected by transportation because the muddy road by rain, Mist blocking the majestic Himalayan range, and leches on the higher and lower hiking trail make this season a poor time for trekking and tour or hiking. But sightseeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara can be undertaken.

Note: Most of the Nepal treks like Everest base camp or Annapurna Sanctuary can be done in autumn spring and winter whereas the Dolpo, Upper Mustang trek is good even in summer. Because there is not much rain even in summer.

Best Time To Visit And Trek Kathmandu Nepal – Climate and weather:

Kathmandu-the capital of the most mountainous country in the world is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. The climate of the city is monsoon subtropical. The winds are always blowing. Annual temperature fluctuations are small, from + 10 ° C in January to + 28 ° C in July.+

In winter, high mountains block the penetration of cold air masses, so snowfall is rare. The mountainous nature of the area contributes to a large daily temperature range in winter of + 15 ° C or more.

In summer and the first half of autumn, monsoons blowing from India bring frequent rains, which provide the main percentage of annual precipitation. Summer weather is stifling due to high humidity, but the mountainous relief significantly softens the daytime heat. Most tourists visit Nepal from October to May.

Best time to visit Pokhara:

Pokhara- The second biggest city in Nepal and the most tourist city in Nepal has 2 peak seasons for traveling. The best time to visit Pokhara is during the post-monsoon period or the Autumn season(from September to November). December January and February are the three coldest months in Nepal and Pokhara.

In peak months many trekkers and city sightseeing travelers visit Pokhara and the surroundings of Pokhara. Apart from Trekking, other activities can be undertaken like Paragliding, bungee jumping, Zip Flyer, Hiking, Rafting, and other numerous activities. Because of the clear weather spring Autumn and winter, many travelers visit Pokhara.

Lots of rain, Humidity, and Clouds make summertime the worst season for traveling to Nepal and Pokhara too. At that time tourists are unable to see the Himalayan ranges from Pokhara and other hiking spots.

so many trekkers we do not request to travel in this time frame.  For all budget and luxurious travelers, the best seasons for Pokhara trekking and tour in Spring and Autumn Season respectively.

Best time to visit Everest Base Camp trek:

Everest Base Camp- a trekker’s paradise and buckle list of traveling. Travelers like to know when the best time to travel to the Everest base camp is. There are two specific trekking seasons in Nepal.

One is the spring or pre-monsoon period in the months of March, April and May are some of the best trekking seasons because of stable weather and flowering blossom time. During the Everest base camp trail at lower elevations, lots of Rhododendron flowers flew so it’s one of the best times to trek Everest base camp.

Another Best season for Everest Base Camp is autumn (September to early December or the late monsoon period. Many trekking chooses this month to trek, Everest, because of the warm weather and the most suitable time for Kathmandu to Lukla flight. Stable weather makes the flight in the morning in this season. A lot of festivals also can occur during this season. So it’s one of the best Trekking seasons for Everest base camp.

The world season for Everest base camp is the summer or rainy monsoon period. During the months of June, July, August, and early September lot of rain so flights cannot happen from Kathmandu to Lukla and Lukla to Kathmandu so trekkers waste their time in the airport due to canceling the flight every day.

At lower elevations, a lot of leeches make the trail worse due to the suction of the blood. So it’s the world season for the Everest base camp trek due to clouds in the mountains and trekkers unable to see Everest Himalayan vistas.

The Winter season is very cold but travelers who like peace and ignore crowds can choose this season they need to adapt to the cold and must bring good hiking gear. This season can enjoy a lot of snow and best for ski lovers and snow lovers.