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Best time to trek in Nepal

Updated at Dec 16, 2021by Pratikshya Paudel

Are you pondering what is the best time to trek in Nepal?. Surely, yes.

Nepal is a stunningly beautiful country with a full package of natural wonders. It is like a dream for many trekking maniacs to visit Nepal, the land of spontaneous beauty. Prior to visiting this country, many of the trekkers are curious about the best season for trekking in Nepal. Telling the truth, the whole of the year is favorable for trekking in Nepal. However, the best time for trekking will be determined by the forbearance level of the trekkers.

In this blog, I’m explaining trek time in Nepal to curtail your dubiety. To grab the detailed information about the trekking season of Nepal give a read to this blog till the end.

In Nepal, you can experience a total of four distinct seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer, and winter. With their unique speciality and charm, each of these seasons is best on its own.

Most trekkers like to visit in Autumn and  Spring. Moreover, I've seen that the weather and conditions are fluctuating more dramatically, changing from season to season. The increase in unpredictable climate makes it tricky to identify the appropriate month for trekking.

Autumn Season- September to November:

Autumn is Nepal’s busiest trekking season. This season arrives from September and lasts up to November with good conditions for trekking and climbing in Nepal.  This season offers colorful hills, splendid views of mountains vistas, and a bluish sky. The temperature remains comfortable and there might be drizzles in some places during this period. The trail is littered with dry and colorful leaves which makes the trek more exciting. The end of the monsoon will make the temperature warm and clear. However,  if you begin too early in September you may still encounter monsoon problems. Starting about the middle of September, the weather remains stable so that you don’t need to face climate problems.

On the flip side, you’ll see the path capped with the number of visitors strolling back and front of you. The allure of Autumn trekking paths attracts a large population of hikers. So, the tea houses will be crowded, especially along the most popular route of trekking. The rooms of the hotels will be packed with trekkers. Therefore, you must book the room in advance during this peak season. This season will be ideal for you if you appreciate meeting new people while soaking in the beautiful scenery.

Recommended trek in Autumn Season:

The season favors each of the trekking routes of Nepal. If you join the trekking during the autumn season, you will get a chance to experience the Mani Rimdu festival in the Everest region and also the Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar.

Spring Season- March to May:

In Nepal, the spring season lasts from March-may which is known as the flowering season. Trekking in Nepal during this season offers stunning views of the surrounding, reddish and pinkish budding flowers with a sunny temperature.

Though the afternoon remains perfectly Skyscanner and exciting, the morning and the evening are a little chilly. Also, you will get to see the blossom of unique flowers at an instant time while trekking in Nepal.

The atmosphere in the lower elevation remains warm but the more you go to the higher elevation you will notice it is a bit cold. Spring is regarded as one the best seasons for hiking and climbing because you will get a chance to view the clear view of heaven, Nepal. Ensure that the forest of red and pink rhododendron makes the trail colorful, the skies remain unclouded and the lush greenery at a distance makes Nepal a Paradise.

Recommended trek in Spring season:

Being the ideal trekking season you can trek any of the routes in this season. In addition, you’ll get a chance to celebrate the Tiji festival at the Upper Mustang and Buddha Purnima in some places which indicate the born day of Buddha.

Summer Season- June to August:

The summer season starts from late May to August in Nepal. This season is also called soggy as well as the steamy season of Nepal. Trekking and climbing will be uncomfortable because of heavy rainfall and landslides. But the rain does not fall for a whole day or it might be no rain day.

The trail remains slippery and also there will be the presence of leeches in the trail which makes the trek a bit daunting. Those trekkers who prefer solidarity can choose this season for trekking. Thus, this season is not listed as the best time to visit Nepal.

In summer the mesmerizing view of the mountains and lush valley retreat in the back of rain and clouds. But after the rain, you can get to view the amazing scenario of a pearl-like mountain. This season is ideal for botanists due to the abundance of greenery. Hiking to Manang, Dolpo, and  Mustang are the best choices to trek in this season. Because most of the high mountains will be covered with a bulk of clouds, this part of Nepal remains dry or drizzles in some places.

Recommended trek in Summer Season:

This season is ideal for botanists due to the abundance of greenery. Hiking to Manang, Dolpo, and  Mustang are the best choices to trek in this season. Because most of the high mountains will be covered with a bulk of clouds, this part of Nepal remains dry or drizzles in some places.

Winter Season- December to February:

The season is ideal for peace, cold, and snow lovers. In comparison to the Autumn and Spring seasons, there are fewer hikers throughout the winter months of December to February. In winter there will be high snowfall in the higher elevation and mizzles in a few places. Only a few of the trekkers will join the trekking in winter because it is considered an off-season trek in Nepal.

The accommodation facilities will be easily available at a cheaper price in this season.

The view will remain clear, the trail will be less crowded and the atmosphere will be at the freezing point at high altitude and moderate cold at lower altitude. The temperature remains a bit more chilly in the morning and evening than in the afternoon. So, you should be more careful while trekking at higher altitudes.

Recommended trek in the Winter season:

The best time to visit Nepal during the winter season can be undertaken at Everest Base camp, Annapurna Base camp, and Ghorepani Poonhill.

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