11 Adventurous Things to do in Nepal

Seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures then Nepal must be at the forefront list. Known for its natural beauty and adventure, Nepal is a country full of surprises. Nestled in the Himalayas, for both thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts it provides a wide assortment of activities.

Huge backpackers might not know the adventure things to do in Nepal. Therefore, you might be surprised to know what are the possibilities of adventure tourism in Nepal. Let’s dig a little more inside the blog to learn about the 11 Adventurous things to do in Nepal.

Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, and downhill mountain biking are just a few of the exhilarating activities in Nepal. Such daring activities are sure to keep you satiated with a steady burst of adrenaline. Yearly millions of travelers visit this heavenly country to experience the adventurous things in Nepal.

Travel enthusiasts who are excited to encourage themself by doing adventure things then they should visit Nepal. Some travel enthusiasts might have read the Adventure Tourism in Nepal essay. However, experiencing on your own offers lifetime memory. Check out our list of the best places to visit in Nepal for adventures. We have mentioned Eleven Adventurous Things to do in Nepal.

What are the Adventurous things to do in Nepal?

To enlighten you with more details of the thrilling activities, we are listing here the top 11 Adventurous Things to do in Nepal.

Top Dashing Activities in Nepal:

Paragliding in Nepal

You must attempt paragliding in Nepal if you want to soar high and grab a glance at the beautiful surroundings while floating in the air to obtain a bird’s eye view. Paragliding is considered the most adventurous thing to do in Nepal.

While paragliding, it allows you to witness the magnifying view of the Himalayas panorama, lakes, basins, and lush green hills. Informatively, to get the perfect experience of paragliding in Nepal, you must visit the beautiful place of Sarangkot, Pokhara. The adventure places of Nepal and the tourist hub, Pokhara have lots of things to explore.

Paragliding In Pokhara
Paragliding In Pokhara 1 Day
Price per person: USD$ 100 75

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee jumping is what you should do if you are looking for an intense adventure. While leaping to the ground with both feet tethered together with a stretchy rope and safety gear, you will surely get anserina.

Challengers leap to the ground with both feet tethered together with a stretchy rope and a safety net. It feels like a free fall until the rope extends and the jumper slides back a little before striking the pond water. Got the anserina correct? you will get it.

Bungee Jumping will undoubtedly delight you if you are looking for an intense adventure. If you ever land in Nepal, you should take advantage of the exciting adventure feelings by doing Bungee Jumping.

Rock Climbing

The nation known as the Kingdom of Himalayas, Nepal has many rock climbing opportunities. For those who wish to straighten their leg muscles by doing some tough climbs. Among the most popular adventure activities in Kathmandu, rock climbing is at the top.

Climbing rock is an exciting and adventurous sport that can motivate you and give you a feeling like you have conquered something with your effort. Because rock climbing in natural or artificial formations is not anyone’s cup of tea. One should be physically and mentally fit with great strength.

Every shape and size climber up to 110 kg can perform this sport. Rock climbing in Nepal’s price is different for each climbing spot. Manage a budget of up to 4000-5000 which will be enough for the day. Keep in mind to select the best season to go rock climbing in Nepal.

Rather than staying in a trauma, choose the best place for rock climbing in Nepal and enjoy your adventure holiday. You can go to Nagarjuna first, Hattiban, Balaju, and Bimal Nagar at Pokhara for climbing rocks. In Addition, while going to the Everest region, don’t forget to visit Namche Bazaar’s rock climbing spot which offers the best experience.

Going Trekking and Hiking in Nepal

Trekking in Annapurna region Nepal
Trekking in the Annapurna region Nepal

The majority of backpackers visit Nepal to explore the beauty of Nepal via. trekking in the Himalayan region. Before your arrival, the stunning Himalayas panorama, lush green valley, and streams whistle to you as a welcome sound. Also, the blooming flora and unique fauna are throughout the trail.

Upon reaching the lap of the Himalayas, the fantastic beauty of nature activities offers the feeling of real paradise in front of the eyes. Take your photography machine in your hand to capture every single beauty of Nepal.

Nepal has a wide range of adventure travel opportunities and you will be blown away by the variety of choices. So, Mission Himalaya Treks and Expedition experts have tailored the Nepal adventure tour packages. Thus, adventure tourism will be able to choose the perfect trekking for them as per their physical fitness.

Go paramotoring

If you want to get a permit to witness the grandeur of the Himalayan adventure with shimmering lakes, green basins, and more attractive things floating in the air then paramotoring is the best option.

It is also one of the ways to fly in the sky. When paragliders found it incredibly difficult to take off from a level surface, the paramotor was invented. It is easy to take off and landing on the glide. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the breathtaking scenery while floating in the middle of paradise.

Ultralight flight in Pokhara

If you are excited about an ultralight flight in Nepal then you have to visit the tourist hub, Pokhara. It is only available at Pokhara. The closeness to the mountains and gorgeous lakes is the key rationale for preferring Pokhara Valley for Ultra-light aircraft.

If you are willing to get a chance to attend an ultralight flight then choose Nepal’s beautiful place Pokhara. Witnessing the atlas view while floating in the sky grants the next level of satisfaction to every stunt performer.

Mostly, this thrilling sport is performed from the early autumn till early Spring. Because this flight depends on the climate, the most suitable flight is in the morning or afternoon.

Hand gliding in Pokhara

Hand gliding which is also known as hang gliding has been popular these days in Pokhara, Sarangkot. You’ve probably flown in an aircraft beforehand but never flown by yourself.

Now is the chance to enjoy the thrilling Hang Gliding sensation, which permits you to control your plane by yourself. In Addition, you’ll get the golden chance to see the fabulous scenery for yourself floating in the bluish sky.

As it allows you to witness mountains and other visual wonders from a bird’s eye perspective. Make sure to manage your time to experience this exhilarating activity while visiting Nepal.

White water rafting

Touching the rushing white water will be truly phenomenal for all adventure enthusiasts. There are several raging streams and rivers in Nepal where you may perform water sports which wipe away all of your anxieties.

Moreover, White water rafting is among Nepal’s brief yet must-do adventure activities. Speedily rivers such as the Bhote Koshi, Seti, and Trishuli will quench your need for water action. The Bhote Koshi rafting excursion is one of the greatest in Asia and seeing the rush of uncontrolled waves is very exhilarating.

The unexpected rapid waves and smooth flow will keep you wanting more. Envision the view of the dizzying heights of the quant hills and Himalayas at a distance enjoying the ups and down waves.

As a result, many foreign kayakers and rafters chose Bhote Koshi as their peak destination for water sports. Trishuli’s white water rafting and the Seti River’s kayaking are both popular activities, where you can get to witness the bulk of water performers.

Interested in white river Rafting?

Trishuli River Rafting
Trishuli River Rafting 1 Day
Price per person:  USD $ 80

Canyoning in Rupa Taal

Traverse into deep canyons and have an exciting adventure sensation that you will not find anywhere again. Nepal is ideal for extreme sports addicts, with steep gorges and glistening waterfalls. The action-packed journey that entails jumping or sliding down a wet gorge into the deep water below, will provide you with some of the most unforgettable moments of your life.

This thrilling sport is a popular activity in Nepal and is one of the most adventurous and distinctive adventure sports. It’s a stunning mind-body encounter that allows you to explore some previously unexplored territory. Annually more than 5 thousand foreigners travel to Nepal just to perform canyoning. Especially at Rupa Taal.

Canyoning is available across many sites in Nepal, the most basic of which is the Jalbire Canyon in Chitwan. If you are a diehard enthusiast of canyoning then you should visit Charaundi Canyon. It is located along the banks of the Trisuli River at 12m in height.

Like Safari in Nepal?

Bardia Jungle Safari
Bardia Jungle Safari 3 Days
Price per person:  USD $ 200

Ziplining in Nepal

For an exhilarating and thrilling experience, explore the world’s longest and highest zip line which features a slippery and fastest (140km/h) line, located in Nepal. Fear aside and enjoy your present life because, at the end of the adrenaline-pumping journey, you’ll be ecstatic.

The zip flyer is positioned on a mountaintop in the picturesque area of Pokhara, high above the green valleys. Keep in mind, that you must be relaxed to witness the stunning beauty of the nature of Nepal for a lifetime experience.

In addition to the adrenaline rush, you will be treated to spectacular vistas of the Mountains and greenery surroundings. For a minute you will feel like you are spending time in paradise.

Some of the enthusiastic might have a question in their mind, whether it is safe or not to proceed for zip line in Nepal. You don’t have to be concerned about safety. Because the zipline is a cutting-edge system built by Zip-flyer TM LLC, the USA employs cutting-edge technology.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a thrilling adrenaline rush, join up for ziplining in Nepal.

Skydiving above the world’s highest mountain, Everest

Without a doubt, I can confirm that you are excited to know about the place for skydiving in Nepal. The Gorak Shep fly zone is one of the world’s highest skydiving jump spots in Nepal.

Jumping is an intense airborne activity, but skydiving from the summit of Everest is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill-seeking activity. Firstly, in this activity, you will be taken to the jumping sport with the help of a chopper or plane. Thereafter, you will have to take a jump. Jumping above the world’s highest mountain Everest gives you next-level satisfaction.

The Everest Skydive was placed 8th in CNN News Channel’s list of the top 50 “Try Before You Die” events organized throughout the world. So never miss a chance to fly by skydiving above the world’s highest Mt. Everest while visiting Nepal.

The Nutshell of Dashing Activities in Nepal

The above-mentioned 11 Adventurous things to do in Nepal are just a numbering. This blog was intended to provide information on, what to do in Nepal. Travelers and outdoor adventures lover have a massive choice to make and prove to themself how daredevil they are while on Nepal soil.

Presently, adventure tourism also includes village trekking in Nepal. Village trekking has been freshly listed on the bucket list of new travel enthusiasts. For more updates and queries, interested adventure trip seekers can contact the Mission Himalaya Treks and Expedition expert via. mail at info@missionhimalayatreks.com or DM at WhatsApp +977-9841965533