5 Best Family Treks in Nepal

With family members, a trip can be both adventurous and exciting. A family trip is one of the best practices to travel and promote the family experience in a beautiful setting. Trekking with the family is the best way to spend time together as a family and it’s a great pleasure to the journey.

We know children are a rare source of exploration and invention. So the biggest challenge of parenting is letting children explore themselves. To understand them, join their company at their level with us by choosing any of the 5 best family treks in Nepal mentioned below.

We highly practiced family treks in Nepal in different, beautiful places. The greenery of nature, hills, and high mountains are the best scenery to experience the real trek. It also makes a beautiful bond between the different age groups of people in one frame.

However, traveling with children and old ages people on the trek is unsurely reminded of more concerns. Besides adventure travel, we have to be clear about the place we are going for a trek and the availability of staff for our needs like medicine, plenty of water, food, and lodging.

If you want to feel this fantasy explanation in real, do the trek with your family. Also, you have come to the right place to research the best family treks in Nepal and know about things to do with the family on an adventure trip.

So get your gadget out of your pocket and make time for your family. Make sure, before you start your journey, that you know about the best family hiking options and offers in Nepal. Most people seek to spend their rest time in the best way. So, the Himalayas, hills, and beautiful panorama of nature are the source of the energy of Nepal.

5 Best Family Treks in Nepal:

Here we mention the popular trips that are suitable for a family vacation. Visit the mentioned places on your vacation and have a wonderful time with your family. The pocket list is short and sweet for your journey.

1. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek 4 to 5 days:

A hill station offering views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges

Poon Hill is the best and short trek to experience the beautiful and uninterrupted panoramic mountain ranges. Trekking through the beautiful villages of the Gurung and Magar communities, you will see people still practicing their culture and traditions. Poon Hill Trek is a short trip, so the expenses can be affordable. Many hotels and lodges are ‌along the route, however, you will not have problems finding food or lodging.

Despite the altitude of 3210m, there are relatively few problems associated with altitude. No, any vehicle goes to the down-dip to the Himalayas and the wish list to watch the rising sun that gold plates the mountain remains unseen. But if you are in good health condition and can adapt to that atmospheric temperature you won’t miss this golden view.

The photographer captures the best view of sunrise and sunset to explore the beauty of the golden hour. This place is also best for meditation sitting on the lap of the mountain under the roof of the sky.

2. The Mardi Himal Trek 4 to 7 days:

The Mardi Himal trek is a short trek of the east Annapurna region. The substitute trek for the Annapurna Base Camp is the Mardi Himal. Trek is fun and adventurous, as you can sightsee the beautiful nature right in front of your eyes with every new footstep during the trek.

Excitement increases to the top of the mountain when you are with your family on the tour. That hand-to-hand walk, breathing the best air at the lap of the mountain is the best feeling of the trek. Mardi Himal trek is the package of the short adventure trek, view of astonishing mountains at the Annapurna ranges, golden plated Himalayans view during the dawn.

The trek route is easy and short for different ages people from children to old age. So the family trip can be for fun and adventure watching the panorama of the Himal and nature with the fresh air at the altitude.

Mardi Himal trek is one of the most trekking destinations in recent years. It suited different hotels and motels on the roadmap. The highest altitude of 4500m of the Mardi Himal takes a close-up of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre Himals.

3. Langtang Valley trek for one week:

Spending time with family is worth the cost of any other expenses. The Langtang treks are always ideal for the family trek. This is also one of the cheapest and the easiest trek that people can afford on their trip with their families to spend a good time in a beautiful place. Langtang Valley Trek for families is short with well-maintained trails, hence, allowing you and your children to have a memorable journey amid pristine nature and culture.

The Langtang Valley hike for families is short and well-maintained, allowing you and your children to see a pristine environment and culture while on a fascinating excursion. This trail trek for families is short and memorable in the Langtang region that is offered to travelers. The hike is ideal for families with limited time who wish to see Nepal’s true beauty without having to walk huge distances.

Although the altitude attained is lower than virtually any other trip into the Himalayas, this Alpine valley rewards with mixed woods, alpine pastures, and close-up views of the Langtang range. There are good facilities for food and lodging which is the best part of the trek. Langtang Valley is also famous for the artificial building of monasteries and traditionally built stone houses.

4. Jomsom Muktinath Trek (right now not accessible due to dusty road):

The popular trek for every age group of people is Jomsom Muktinath. It is the destination of a religious trek in Nepal. The location is a sacred pilgrimage place for both Hindus and Buddhists, for which the Muktinath temple is ‌famous. The trek to Muktinath is also an easy family trek. One reason that family treks increase in Muktinath is spiritual beliefs.

People travel to these locations with their elderly parents and children because they believe in going to heaven after death. Jomsom Muktinath is also popular for being one of the most beautiful and clean destinations for tourism. Nowadays many youngsters are on solo bike tours to explore the beauty and the serenity of the beautiful destination.

This short trek is a popular and easy family trek as the infrastructure of transportation, lodging, and food is good. It is the gateway to the Upper Mustang and one of Nepal’s best trekking trails.

5. Everest View Trek 5 to 7 Days:

The best way to travel to the Everest region of Nepal is the Everest view trek. This features the joy of being very close to the world’s highest mountain with the short trek. Everest View Excursion is a short trek that allows you to hike in Nepal’s Everest region.

It is one of the most popular Everest treks for those who do not want to go all the way to Everest base camp but still want to have a closer look at Mt. Everest and the other Khumbu mountains. As well as learn about the culture of the famed Sherpa people.

Traveling to the Everest view trek with the family will be the top successful decision of your life. Standing in front of the world’s highest mountain with the person you love in your life is a beautiful emotion.

The maximum height gain is 3680m so it won’t be a great altitude sickness problem in the trek. There are excellent lodges and a restroom at the route which comfort the travel journey to the mountain.

Yet another destination to add a tour with your Family treks:

Apart from the above places, we have added some different and the most appreciated places by the visitors for family treks. You should also add the best option to the list. Stopping yourself from the limit is just the practice of adhering to the same place repeatedly. Here are some more choices, let’s dive.


Pokhara is the city of joy. One of the best places to enjoy your holiday trip with family. The trek to Bandipur is only 3 hours from Pokhara and 90 minutes from Besi Sahar which is the traditional starting point of the Annapurna Circuit trek. Bandipur is the hill station settlement with beautiful faces toward the Himalayas and the hill. It is one of the hidden gems of Nepal’s central region.

The adventure trek at the best altitude is Bandipur, as it is the combination of many Himalayas views, the beautiful street village, and the best accommodation to spend the beautiful night. Also, if you love doing night camp or fire camp at night, the location is best for it.

Sitting under the sky at the height, near the star is such a beautiful view. Streetwalk with sightseeing the beautiful countryside, this all beauties attracts everyone to visit the place once in a holiday. Enjoy a family trek with your loved ones once in this beautiful village.


Nagarkot is a hill town known for having the best mountain vistas, with expansive views of the Annapurnas in clear weather. This place is best for trekking if you have a little more time to travel or trek.

Nagarkot is a rugged vacation town on the Kathmandu Valley’s northern outskirts. It gives magnificent views of the Himalayas, lovely mountain scenery, and impressive sights of those mountains at sunrise and sunset because it is ‌on a ridge near the Valley’s edge.

For a taste of Nagarkot culture, wander through the lovely rural town and strike up a conversation with the residents.

Early in the morning, watch the sun slowly rise over the surrounding mountain peaks. The town has a fascinating history as an ancient Kathmandu castle that guarded opposing kingdoms. This is the short-trip destination, which is always the best family trek destination for vacations. Hotels and motels are best for accommodation. So the trek is worth your vacation travel with your family.

Learning and the carving capacity get developed in children if we can spend time with children and family in such a captivating place.


It is always a beneficial idea for children vacations to travel to historical places and teach them about the history of our brave ancestors. Exploring the new ideas and thoughts of the young generation and teaching them history is always the best combination.

Nuwakot is a historic palace that was built in the region of Prithvi Narayan Shah. Schools and educational fields never forget this destination in their educational tour packages.

Museums and historic places are the best sights for the tour to know where our ancestors stayed and conquered to unite Nepal. The visit is also a short and beautiful trip for the family tour packages. Along the path, the beautiful panorama of the village is an attraction for the journey.

Gosaikunda – The purest holy lake:

Gosaikunda offers beautiful lakes, forests, hills, and majestic land to the traveler. It is also a majestic place to visit once on your vacation trip. It is the holy lake that offers the panorama and epitome of the mountain views in a combo package to the tour. Family virtues to travel to the holy lake is best in Gosainkunda.

This is also a short and easy trip to travel with family. A journey from seeking adventure and quenching one’s spiritual thirst to walking to the history of the land leads us to the land of expectation.

Before visiting this place ‌firstly be mentally and physically prepared for the trek. Although it is the holy lake that every family member wishes to trek to Gosaikunda. The height of altitude from sea level is high so, people may suffer from altitude sickness. It’s all about whether you can trek to the lake or not.

Safari in Chitwan:

The Chitwan National Park is famous for wildlife safaris. Wildlife safari is the most practiced vacation tour in Nepal. If you are planning your summer vacation with a family, then make your affordable time for a safari in Chitwan. Chitwan National Park is a large area with natural resources like a forest, rivers, and wildlife. In Chitwan Jungle Safari, the walk is ideal for a visit but if you want to ride an elephant or jeep for a safari, then the ride is much more fun.

Elephant safari:

Sitting on the back of a large animal to view the ground floored fauna and flowers is the best version of the trek. You can view the close view of other different animals. Though visiting the wildlife species in the jungle is not safe, you should know about the rules and guidelines to follow provided by the guide.

Jeep safari:

Another option to see the wildlife in the Chitwan National Park is a jeep safari. Other than Bardia jungle safari is also the most highlighted destination for the wildlife tour. If you enjoy the wildlife safari make your next short trek vacation in Bardia. Visiting the jungle by jeep is also one of the best ways to explore the park. Because you have superior seats and a private car, the Jeep is comfier. The vehicle safari allows us to get up and personalize the park’s wildlife richness. The Bengal tiger, one-horned rhino, gharial crocodile, and other endemic and popular animals of this national park.


Traveling with a different age group is full of adventure and excitement. Carrying the precaution before starting a trek is essential. These are the best-researched and experienced places to trek, ‌travel, and explore Nepal with what you can and afford.

If you have more inquiries about the 5 best family treks in Nepal, then you can directly contact us. Have a break and make time for your family.

Measure precautions on family trekking holidays:

In every trek, the first thing to take in mind is to research the place you are going for a trek or travel. Do know about the climate, infrastructure, and road map of your destination. Since the geographical structure of Nepal is mountainous hills wear comfortable dresses and hiking shoes for the trek.

Things to remember:

  • Do your backpack with all the ‌clothes, shoes, water bottles, and most importantly the trekking pole.
  • As you are traveling with your family, taking care of children and granny, take the medicines and the remedies if any of you are using them daily.
  •  A first aid kit and medicine like paracetamol, aspirin, De cold, and anti-allergy tablets are necessities
  • Taking the emergency shelter with you, after all the precaution is always better than cure.
  • While trekking to hills, mountains, and geographical regions like Nepal you cannot use the digital map in every region. So always take the navigation: map, compass, GPS.
  • The weather might flick within a certain time making you warm up to adopt the atmospheric temperature.
  • Trace your trekking record.
  • Include energy drinks, chocolates, and dry food in your snack item.
  • Be concerned about fraud and misguidance during the trek.
  • Provide information to someone out from your trek about your destination.
  • Get insurance for trekking.