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In the congregation of multiple adventurous outdoor ventures, Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the prominent assortment to be admired by each tyro as well as a veteran climber. 

Bristled with more than thousands of Peaks, Nepal is broadly adored for its Himalayan grandeur. Peaks in Nepal tend to be the imperious motifs of this mystical land. Peaks are like the identity of this Himalayan nation. Probably more than anything else, Nepal's high peaks and the Himalayan range are what haul travelers to this country by making it popular worldwide.

As already mentioned, the Himalayas or the peaks here not only offer a visual feast but also bestow the plethora of Peak Climbing in Nepal. The existence of 8 out of fourteen Peaks including the universe topped Mt. Everest opens up the climbing trails replenishing the adrenaline thrust of newbies as well as experienced climbing rookies.

Amidst the list of thousands of peaks, only 326 peaks are officially available for climbing or mountaineering purpose. When explored deeply you will notice another result related to the Nepal Mountaineering Association. As per the NMA, a total of 33 peaks between 5000-6600m are regarded as the Trekking Peaks in Nepal and are under their authority of themself. 

To conquer peaks other than the NMA-listed Himalayan Trekking peaks, you need to collect the permit and other documentation directly from the Ministery of Tourism, Nepal. Nepal Peak Climbing proves beneficial for not just the avid peak climber. Even for the experienced peak climbers, peak climbing in Nepal sets the strong background for a new venture toward Mountaineering and adventure peaks Expeditions.

Is Peak Climbing in Nepal difficult?

There is a misconception in many people’s minds regarding Peak Climbing. Many people take peak climbing as an audacious sport. They think that climbing peaks in Nepal are meant only for experienced trekkers or climbers. However, that is not all the truth. Of Course, normal fitness is mandatory for this jaunt. To climb the peaks of Nepal, another major thing everyone should have is determination and willingness. As long as you have these aspects, no matter what obstacles hit your way, your steps will eventually stop only after conquering the peak summit. Thus, never ever bewail for not having prior trekking experience or training. 

The skill of using technical climbing equipment such as ice axes, crampons, and so on will be a real blessing for you. But, don’t worry if you have no idea. Our climbing guide will train you and galvanize you to reach the apex of the trekking peaks. 

Those experienced climbers or trekkers can opt for challenging best Nepal peak climbing like Lobuche Peak Climbing, and Island Peak Climbing. Island Peak Climbing is challenging for the novice or inexperienced trekkers. Visit our blog, "Top 10 Tips for Island Peak Climbing," if you're really interested in going to Island Peak. Likewise, those who are venturing into the world of Peak climbing for the first time can go for easy to moderate climbing Nepal peaks namely, Yala Peak Climbing, Mera Peak Climbing etcetera.

Whenever you have the feasible time to spend in the Himalayas, remember the peak climbing in Nepal. It is available every single month of the year. But, the gamut of trekking peaks, in Nepal, seems beneficiary during the peak Himalayan climbing seasons. And those peak seasons are Autumn and Spring. In the off-season time of Summer and Winter, the Himalayan climbing costs reach low but have got a high risk while climbing.

Peak Climbing with Mission Himalaya

Peak Climbing in Nepal Costs your life if you just randomly head with an inexperienced guide. Therefore, to provide you with full wilderness without any insecurities, Mission Himalaya Treks and Expeditions have come up to the trekking and climbing field. Taking you to the paradisical climbing destinations with our experienced climbing guides we will let you best observe both sunset tints and lingered cloud tendrils. Similarly, we are always pleased to help you if you have plans to travel to other places in Nepal. The best option for the solo package is Mission Himalaya if you wish to climb Peak alone. Please visit our blog on Mera Peak solo climbing for suggestions.

We never cease to arrange climbing permits as well as other necessary formalities procedures essential for the Himalaya climbing purpose. We even don't force our beloved guests with our pre-planned itinerary. With us, you can share your views regarding the change in the itinerary plan also. We will do every possible thing to make your climbing experience redolent.

If there are still some queries rendering in your mind regarding Peak Climbing in Nepal, do contact us. Without letting you wait for long, we will help you clear all your doubts.

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