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Nepal Cultural Tours is crafted especially to soothe the wanderlust of each cultural aficionado’. Nepal isn't just for trekkers and mountaineers, it's also a destination for culture lovers. Similar to the way Nepal is famed for the mountains, this land-barred country is equally eminent for the harmonious living of different ethnic groups under the same roof.

Our professionally curated Nepal Cultural Tour packages promise to boost your mood with spiritual happiness and satisfaction. Depending upon your time availability you can opt for a day to week-long cultural tour experience in Nepal.

The establishment of the International Airport near Lumbini has made it possible to have the best one-day Lumbini cultural tour. For a half or full-day cultural tour, the monuments of Pashupatinath temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath and various other sites in Kathmandu tender the best cultural delights. Be it Hindu or Buddhist culture, Kathmandu Valley astonishes every cultural enthusiast. In addition, the feast of the Newari tribe which is held every single day in a different corner of the valley is not to be missed.

Escaping outside of the Kathmandu valley for cultural exploration, an array of places are waiting to cater to the travellers for an extended time period. Whether you go to the cities of Pokhara or Kathmandu or venture to the trekking regions of Nepal, cultural delights in Nepal always accompany you.

Well preserved from the ancient day each of the settlements of the Nepalese society has garnered itself with its unique tradition, custom and religion. The culture that you experience in one region of the country might vary while probing to another part of the country. In addition, the long and great history formed by the ancient saints and kings of this territory has collected a pile of monumental and religious gems for the exploration of each passing generation. Either for peace of mind or for the study purpose Cultural Tour in Nepal is worth it in every aspect.

Roaming around the heritages or religious sites of Nepal, the elegantly dressed pilgrims showcase their religious beauty with their traditional attire. If you manage to make your way to the nomadic settlements of Nepal, their astonishing lifestyle engraves a different picture of Nepalese culture in your mind. Though each Nepalese ethnic group is scattered over the country the Himalayan region is mainly occupied by the legendary Sherpas following Tibetan Buddhism, the mid-hills and lower hills are dominated by Limbu, Tamang, Brahmin, Chhetri, Magar Gurung and many others. Likewise, the Terai belt is ruled mostly by the Tharu and Madhesi cultures and practices.

You just give a hint of what you want to explore and for how many days, we take no time to customize Nepal Cultural Tours as per your interest. With our experienced cultural guides, be ready for wonderful communication with the locals of Nepal’s ethnic settlements. And get in the mood to indulge in their feast and celebrations.

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