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You are welcome to join our professional team to explore the beauties and uniqueness of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Our guides are well-trained and licensed, experienced, and English-speaking. Our porters are strong and truthful and our chief organizer, Mr. Birendra Duwadi, has more than 15 years of experience in tourism. We have organized many tours from Asia Europe and all over the world. We have different types of tours – tours with pre-set itineraries or tailor-made itineraries for you, tours with your own group, or tours with mixed groups. Let’s go into the magnificent mountains of Nepal to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, immerse in the purified atmosphere, and have a touch with the nice people there, AND visit the amazing world heritages and cultural-religious sites in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan to admire their unique and wonderful cultures. Come and join us, at the Mission Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd, for a happy, reasonable, and amazing trip!

Team Member


Birendra Duwadi

Managing Director

Birendra Duwadi by profession a trekking and tourist guide and an enterpreur whose passion is trekking in the himalayas start Mission Himalaya Treks in 2015 with a new vision to introduce Nepal Himlayas to the world. his vision is explore and documentation new trekking routes . Birendra leads Mission Himalaya, a small company that change the qualities of trekking in Nepal.


Jyoti Aryal

Senior IT

Jyoti Aryal is a tech enthusiast with a specialisation in the SEO field and holds BSc.CSIT degree. Having more than 4 years of working experience in the SEO field she has been indulged with Mission Himalaya Treks since the past few years. With a cheerful personality, Jyoti is also a passionate travel writer. She also believes that exploration of new places and study of rustic villages and people gives anyone eternal satisfaction and happiness. Her passion for It field and admiration for nature makes her one of the dedicated and benevolent member of Mission Himalaya Treks.


Pratikshya Adhikari

Article Writer

Pratikshya Adhikari is a travel enthusiast who adores nature and hospitality more than anything. This affection of her toward tourism and travel makes her the finest travel writer of Mission Himalaya Treks.

Trekking Guide Gopal Thapa Magar

Gopal Thapa Magar

Expert Trek Leader

One of the pillars of Mission Himalaya Treks is Gopal Dai, who has been consistently successful in putting smiles on his faces of his customers for more than 30 years. he is able to move up the success ladder because of his unwavering conviction and dedication propelled him from being a porter to senior trek guide.

Gopal started his work as a porter since 1992, flaunting his interest in the tourism business at the time. his perseverance, commitment, and unwavering admiration over the decades have helped him overcome many obstacles and now become an unstoppable expert guide today.