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Learn more about the experts in their respective feild who write beautiful articles, trek leaders and tour guides, of our company.

Team Members

Birendra Duwadi

Managing Director
Birendra Duwadi by profession a trekking and tourist guide and an enterpreur whose passion is trekking in the himalayas start Mission Himalaya Treks in 2015 with a new vision to introduce Nepal Himlayas to the world. his vision is explore and documentation new trekking routes . Birendra leads Mission Himalaya, a small company that change the qualities of trekking in Nepal.

Jyoti Aryal

Senier It
Jyoti Aryal is a tech enthusiast with a specialisation in the SEO field and holds BSc.CSIT degree. Having more than 4 years of working experience in the SEO field she has been indulged with Mission Himalaya Treks since the past few years. With a cheerful personality, Jyoti is also a passionate travel writer. She also believes that exploration of new places and study of rustic villages and people gives anyone eternal satisfaction and happiness. Her passion for It field and admiration for nature makes her one of the dedicated and benevolent member of Mission Himalaya Treks.

Pratikshya Adhikari

Article Writer
Pratikshya Adhikari is a travel enthusiast who adores nature and hospitality more than anything. This affection of her toward tourism and travel makes her the finest travel writer of Mission Himalaya Treks.
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